It's August 1st. Get FIRED up!

August 1st is here!!  

You’re officially 7 months down, with 5 months to go in 2019. 

If you’re looking at the date wondering how (no, really, HOW) is it August 1st, you’re not the only one. 

Before you panic and either a) give up on your goals and hope for better luck in 2020 or b) cancel your vacation and use caffeine as a substitute for sleep, read this email, and watch this video to pump you up. 

Looking for some inspiration that doesn’t make you feel a) hopeless or b) exhausted? 

This is for you. 

Over the last few days, I’ve been listening to you, and hearing what you’re wondering. 

You still have goals and dreams. 

You still want to grow your business. 

You still want to get consistent about exercise. 

You still want to land your dream job. 

You still want to start your book/blog/art class/learning Italian.


If you’re being honest, you’re not sure if you have time to add ONE more thing to your already jammed to-do list.  

You are curious about whether you should pay for goal-setting and personal development. I mean, isn’t it on the internet, right now, for free?!  

You’re not sure if now is the right time. 

You’re still in summer mode… and maybe you haven’t even taken vacation yet.  Is this REALLY the right time to be signing up for something that will take you away from pools, patios parks and happy hours? 

Maybe you should just wait for the next time the doors open. 

You’ve seen the results from our Goalden Girls Community, and what’s possible for you. 

But you’ve got a few last questions.

And you want to know if this will work for you, and what’s involved. 

I want you to make the right decision for you. 

And to help you do that, if you’re thinking about joining Goalden Girls Community, here are a few stories from our Community members that will inspire you, whether you decide to join or not. 

Inspiring Story #1: “But Lisa, my dreams aren’t big. Will I even fit in with a group like this?”

Big or small, your dreams are your own. And whether you have big dreams or not, Goalden Girls Community is about honouring what’s in your heart and helping you achieve it. 

Like Laura. Who had quietly started her business but was afraid to really talk about it with anyone. She wasn’t sure what her family would think - what if she failed?  Who did she think she was to start a business? 

She was having fun, and even getting successful, but was terrified to share with her family and friends what she was up to. 

For two months she put it off. Procrastinated. Was afraid. Made excuses. 

Until she got inspired in Goalden Girls Community, set the intention, and got the accountability she needed. 

And finally, she went live on Facebook to talk about her business.  She was nervous, but soon, she got in a groove, and her video was a HIT! 

She was blown away by the support of her family and friends, and felt awesome being able to be open about what she was up to and share her exciting new business. 

Is doing a Facebook Live a “big dream”?  Maybe.  Or Maybe not.  It doesn’t matter. 

What matters is that you set the intention and get the accountability it takes to really, truly take action towards what you want. 

That’s the power of Goalden Girls Community. 

Inspiring Story #2:  “Goal-setting is supposed to be easy. I’m sure I can figure it out on my own.” 

Have you ever thought this before?

Yes, we all learned about SMART goals in high school. 

But let’s be honest. How well is that working for you?

If it worked, we’d all be millionaires with six-packs living on a beach in Mexico, am I right?!

Let me tell you about Danielle, who knew she didn’t love her job but wasn’t sure what was next. 

She started dabbling in personal development two years ago. 

For two years, she tried to figure it out. 

She read books. Watched videos. Journaled. And got frustrated. 

She thought there was something wrong with her.  Why couldn’t she figure it out?

Her inner critic was roaring and ready to go.  “You’re not smart enough.”  

“You can’t figure it out.” 

“What’s wrong with you?!”

After two years of being stuck, and frustrated, she decided to join Goalden Girls. 

Within one week, she had major breakthroughs.  In one month, she had a plan.  

In two months, she landed a new job that she LOVED and got her excited about going to work, just like she wanted.

Since then, she has gained confidence, clarity and is even closer to her dream career than ever before.

But if Danielle hadn’t decided that she needed some support, she would still be stuck. 

She would still be dreading her Mondays. She would still be frustrated, and blaming herself, thinking there was something wrong with her because she couldn’t set goals herself. 

Don’t get stuck in this trap:  no-one does it alone.  

There’s a reason most of the world’s most incredible CEOs, leaders, athletes, salespeople, non-profit executives, actors, and musicians have coaches. 

It’s because we all need support, outside perspective, and to learn from an expert. And as a coach, I teach YOU to become your own best expert.

In Goalden Girls Community, you get expertise, training, and support, each and every month, to move you closer to your goals and get you excited about what you’re working on.  

Don’t wait two years, or six months or two days.  

Don’t stay in a job you hate longer than you have to. 

Don’t dread Mondays.

Don’t let your inner critic take over and let you think there’s something wrong with you.

Join Goalden Girls and get inspired to take action on goal-setting strategies that REALLY work! 

Inspiring Story #3:  “I’m already overwhelmed with all the things.”

Ok, I tackled a lot of this yesterday and you can read about it here

But just to sum it up for you:

Goalden Girls Community is NOT about “more”.  It’s about the RIGHT things. It’s about FOCUS.

Inspiring Story #4:  “I’ll join next time.”

Look, I’d LOVE to have you, anytime, but this is why you should join now. 

First of all, the price will increase the next time registration opens (and why not start the savings now?!). 

More importantly: Why wait to get results until later? 

Meet Lucy. 

Lucy was still in the hospital after a traumatic surgery when the registration to Goalden Girls opened in May. 

Lucy knew she wouldn’t be able to participate actively for a short period of time in the beginning because she would be in recovery. 

She considered putting it off and waiting to join “at a better time”. 

But she decided to take advantage of the opportunity and join today. 

Lucy used the fact that she had just gone through a tough time, and was about to start a challenging recovery as the REASON to invest in Goalden Girls

She used the fact that there was no time she needed support, encouragement and tools more than right now and decided to jump in. 

What could have been an excuse became her reason for joining. 

Lucy decided to start the next chapter in her life feeling elevated, excited and empowered. 

In the last two months, she has gone from feeling alone, to feeling strong and confident. 

She was in a low place, and turned that into a high point in her life where she can succeed now. 

Her message to me this week was simple:  “I appreciate you and the group so so so much, and it’s already made SUCH a dramatic change in my attitude and energy.” 

*Cue the tears, right over here*

Your EXCUSE for why now isn’t the right time, is also your reason for why NOW is the PERFECT time. 

Why wait to feel more empowered?

Why wait to gain confidence?

What’s the price you put on feeling less overwhelmed… today? 

How amazing will it feel to look back in two months when registration opens again, and have already launched your side-hustle?

When registration opens again, you’ll be SO glad you didn’t wait because you’ll already be on the path to your success, no matter what your definition is. 

“But does it really work?”

Don’t just believe me.  Read the words of our Goalden Girls Community members here. 

Inspiring Story #5:   My budget is tight right now. I don’t think I can afford this.   And can’t I find this on the internet for free right now?

Yes, you 100% can.  And if you cannot pay your mortgage, and are truly struggling to get by, you should NOT invest in this program. 

If you are truly struggling to pay for food or rent, this program is not for you, right now.  

But in this video I recorded yesterday, at the 13-minute mark, I share the inspiring story of Vania, an incredible and inspiring powerhouse who was in that position and got herself out of it.

You start where you are, with what you have. 

But if you’ve ever thought “I can’t afford it” or “it’s too expensive”... but deep down you know you COULD find a way, watch the video from the beginning. 

I can relate, 100%.  

Yes, me, Success Coach and self-made millionaire:  I still get caught in telling myself “I can’t afford it” when the truth is, I absolutely can. 

Millionaire or not, 99% of you reading this CAN afford it. 

It’s $37/month - less than what you’re paying for your iPhone, less than your cell phone plan, your daily coffees, diapers, kids’ activities and just one happy hour a month. 

And it’s time to shift your mindset, your priorities, and find a way so you CAN afford it. 

Trying to do it alone is overwhelming.  

And yes, it’s all on the internet but if you’ve ever gotten lost and simply paralyzed because there is TOO much stuff on the internet, you’re not the only one. In fact, I wrote this for you yesterday and you can read about it here

Start by doing something different.

Join Goalden Girls Community for only $37/month before the price increases. 

I want you to make the best decision for you and I truly hope these stories inspire you to take action in your life today. 

If you’re ready, join Goalden Girls Community today before the doors close at midnight tonight PST. 

And if you still have questions, shoot me an email or message on Social Media and I’m happy to reply to you.  I will answer any and all questions so you make the right decision for YOU!

Thanks for reading. Thanks for letting me and our Goalden Girls inspire you.

Go turn those dreams into reality!



F*ck your excuses

The other day, someone asked me what made me start my business. Here’s the short version.

Almost 5 years ago,  I had health scare.

Before that moment, my life was going good. 

But while I’d achieved a lot of success, and ticked all the usual “boxes” you “should”, I wasn’t living my potential - and I had a lot of dreams and goals I was taking to the grave with me. 

Maybe you can relate. 

Life is pretty good. It’s comfortable. You’ve been successful. 

But there’s more within you, a desire, a dream, a goal you want. You’ve got potential that you haven’t fully explored yet and you know you’re made for more.

And it’s a little scary. 

So it’s easier to put it on hold just for “right now” for when things settle down in life. 

You know, wait for a “better time” when life is less busy.  

Here’s the thing: I’ve been there too.

I’ve waited for “one day” and told myself that “someday” I would start a business. 

It took me 8 years to let go of the excuse that I needed the “perfect business idea” to start. 

I dreamed about living in Vancouver, and flat-out believed it would NEVER happen.

It took two round-trips between BC and Alberta, and more boxes, bottles of wine and friends than I can count to find a way to make it happen. 

I imagined visiting Thailand, bought the guidebook and let it get dusty on my shelf for 8 years. 

It took a cancer scare, the reality that I might only have a year or two left to live, for me to just book the damn trip and finally eat authentic khao soi and meet a real Thai monk, like I’d dreamed of for so long. 

This is what I’ve learned - through my own journey in life and through the honour (yes, HONOUR) of coaching incredible women:

The excuses will ALWAYS be there. 

Your excuse “I’m too young” will turn into the excuse “I’m too old”.

Your excuse of “it’s not the right timewill turn into the excuse “I don’t have enough time left”.

Your excuse of “I don’t know enoughwill turn into the excuseit's too late to go back”.

Your excuse of “I can’t afford it” will turn into “I have too many other expenses to ever invest.”

Your excuse of “they won’t like it/me” will turn into “I don’t even know what I want anymore.”  

Or worse, “I don’t even know who I am anymore.” 

Your excuse “I’ll invest when I have more money” will turn into the excuse “I have too many other expenses to ever invest.”  

Your excuse of “I don’t know how” will turn into “I can’t do it.”

Let go of your excuses. 

Because if you don’t, it will only turn into yet another excuse.

For me, it took a health scare.  For others, it takes the death of a close family member. 

But why does it have to?!

The truth is, it doesn’t. 

Setting the intention, investing in yourself to do the hard work, and a really damn good coach (ahem, hello friend) can work wonders on those excuses. 

Girl, I’ve got two spots available for one-on-one coaching this month, and then that’s it: there will be no more opportunities to work together privately for several months.

These spots are rare, and I know they will go fast. In fact, the first one went last week within hours of announcing it. 

If you’re ready to drop the excuses, let’s do this. 

Your life is precious. 

And you’re WAY more freakin’ capable than you give yourself credit for.

Book a coaching discovery call and let’s connect to see what “someday” dream you are going to make reality. 

It’s time to get excited about your life. 

It’s time to get clear about what you want - without the excuses. 

It’s time to step into the woman you’re meant to become. 

And create the life you’re meant to live. 

Book your complimentary call today and let’s get you fired up to drop the excuses and make ANYTHING possible

Why you shouldn't get cozy this fall

November is upon us and as the fall leaves change color, I’m feeling the transition into the autumn spirit. 


With colder weather settling in, the desire to get cozy has overcome me.  I’m finding myself wanting to be comfortable.  And cruise into the Christmas season and New Year. 


Can you relate?


Now, there are times when feeling cozy and comfortable are essential. We can’t always be grinding, hustling, and exhausting ourselves. 


There are times when the desire and need to be cozy, comfortable and nest are very real. They allow us to recharge, reassess and reconnect with ourselves. 


AND there are times when we decide to get cozy because we’re scared.


We’re afraid to take the leap.  It’s easier to just keep the status quo because it doesn’t rock any boats or make us uncomfortable.


Your truth might be either one


And only you know whether your desire to get cozy is essential and necessary… or whether it’s keeping you stuck and living in fear. 


Here’s my truth:


I’ve got some big goals to achieve. I have an impact to makeand I’m on a mission


But my goals are terrifying. It’s going to mean doing things I’ve never done before. It means doing things I don’t even know how to do.


It’s going to mean owning up to my full potential.


There’s a very real chance that I could fail. And I’m probably going to piss some people off.



For me, my desire to get cozy is because I’m afraid.




But I’m deciding to NOT stay stuck in my fear.




I’ve got (awesome) work to do. I want to make a difference. And I can’t Netflix + tea all day, every day if I want to make a difference.


How about you?



Have you also got something you want to do with the 55 days left in 2017?



Are you willing to step into the uncomfortable, face your fears, and go after what you want in your life?



If yes, this message is for you.



Last weekend, I spent 4 days in Silicon Valley, California with Brendon Burchard at his Experts Academy Conference. 


For those of you who have heard of Brendon, you know he’s phenomenal. And if you haven’t, he’s a New York Times bestselling authorcoach extraordinaire (works with people like Usher!), and one of Oprah’s Super Soul 100. (Soak that in… this guy brunches with Oprah! Talk about #highvibe!)


Needless to say, I’ve come back from the event feeling re-inspired and ignited in my purpose and work.


This weekend, my fears came to light – and so did my reason for getting over the fear.


Now, there are always conferences you can go to as well to get energized. And I recommend going to at least two a year. 


But the reality isnot all of us can go to conferences or masterminds as often as we want between schedules, flights, costs and other commitments. 


The good news? According to Brendon, there are two things that change your life:


1) Something new comes in


2) Something new comes from within



Option 1 is to get changed from something that comes into your life (and this could be positive or negative).  Most people wait for this. 


But Option 2 is better – something new coming from within yourself.


The truth is, you have everything you need within you.




No matter how big your fears. 


So here are some ideas and suggestions that might work for you to create change in your life and get over the fears that are holding you back.


Commit to trying at least two in the next week and see how it helps re-invigorate you:



1. Choose a quote the uplifts you and put it somewhere you’ll see it AND pay attention to it for the next 30 days.

Perhaps it’s a new screensaver on your phone you need, or quote to add to the bottom of your email signature

Maybe you can draw it on your mirror at home or even put it up in your office. Find somewhere you’ll see it and reconnect to each and every day.


2. Create a playlist of songs that uplift and motivate you. You can easily do this in iTunes or Spotify. 

No time? Borrow my November motivation playlist here. It’s a random mix of everyone from Katy Perry to India Arie to the Glee Cast– and I hope it gets you as pumped up as it does me!


3. Record a quick 1 or 2-minute mantra for the month.  Choose a few sentences that represent who you are and where you’re going.


Use statements that are powerful and are in the present tense, like “I’m putting healthy, nutritious food in my body”,  “I’m building an empire that impacts millions of people”, or “I’m an incredible, loving mother.”


Record yourself repeating your mantra 8 times and listen to it each morning for the next 30 days.


4. Write down your commitments to yourself for the next 30 days.


How did it feel to do this? Did it excite you?  If yes, great!


If not, that’s ok – it happens. BUT it means your commitments have turned into “should’s”, instead of “want to”. And you need to reconnect to your goals & to-do’s.

  • To reconnect to your commitments, explore what it’s going to take to reconnect to the emotion of why you’re doing the work you’re doing.
    • Take a walk and reconnect to your vision and your “why
    • Journal or mediate on these questions:
      • What makes me excited?
      • What impact do I want to have?
      • Who do I want to be?
      • How am I going to make the world a better place?
    • Review your vision board or a previous journal you’ve made to explore this topic


*This is important: Do and explore until it EXCITES you to write your commitments. If you aren’ emotionally engaged with what you want to do, it won’t get done.


5. Get support. You can’t do it all alone (and in fact, you’re less effective if you haven’t told anyone what you’re planning on doing). 



I’m not saying to rely on someone else for your success. But having someone to check in with, someone who’s also looking to get over their fears and step into their power is an incredible privilege.


Find a friend, coach, mentor, boss, or create an accountability groupCheck in daily or weekly to move forward on your goals and accelerate your progress faster than you thought possible! 


Also, if you’re looking for more support, I’ve recorded this video just for you with a special surprise.



Feeling fall-cozy isn’t always a bad thing. But it’s not always a good thing either. 



And getting over your fearsfacing them and living up to your true potential doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy time with family during the holidays, sip your pumpkin-spiced latte/beer, or catch up on your favourite Netflix shows


(Yup, all those things are just common fears dressed up in fancy “rational”, or even “gentle” excuses). 


Finding your courage means that when you do get cozy, and comfortable, it will recharge you. It will reconnect you. Because you are clear on who you arewhat you want in your life - and you’re going for it, despite the fear.



And like those leaves around us, you’re a-changin’ too, into a more powerful, beautiful, impactful and courageous version of yourself. 


If coziness is what you need this season, I wish you every ounce of it.


And if getting uncomfortable, reaching higher, and crushing your goals is what you need this season, I send you powerful “go get it” vibes! 


Lisa Michaud

Success Coach, Speaker, & HuffPost Contributor


PS. Just skimmin’? I get it, you’re busy (and probably overloaded with emails).


If you’re feeling the desire to get cozy this fall, it could be because it’s time for you to recharge and restore before the new year. 


OR, if you’re like methe desire to bundle up and get comfortable can be because you’re afraid. (I share what I’m afraid of above…)


If you just read this and thought “oh crap, you’ve got me”, there’s a few things you can do to push through the fear and get what you really want this year. 


One of the best ways to do this is to get support. You can’t do it all alone (and in fact, you’re less effective if you haven’t told anyone what you’re planning on doing). 



Don't rely on someone else for your success. But having someone to check in with, someone who’s also looking to get over their fears and step into their power is an incredible privilege.



Find a friend, coach, mentor, boss, or create an accountability groupCheck in daily or weekly to move forward on your goals and accelerate your progress faster than you thought possible! 


And, if you’re looking for more support, I’ve recorded this video just for you with a special surprise.


Whether you’re looking to get cozy, or break free and crush it for the next 60 days, I hope your fall is full of glorious walks in the changing leaves, time with family, and holiday cheer. 


This gift is for you. Take it.

I have a gift for you! 


It starts with a gift I was given.


Two years ago, there was a chance I had terminal cancer.


You may not all know this, but at the age of 27, I faced the realization that I might only have a year or two left to live. Since then, my life has entirely changed.


I remember coming home and laying in bed with my husband Troy that night and talking about what we would do if I only had one year left to live.


The first thing that came to my mind was "move to Vancouver."


I was lucky. I didn’t have cancer. 


BUT I'm so glad I had this wake-up call.  This experience was a gift to me.


Because I realized this:


I was waiting for someone to tell me that I was going to die before I started doing the things I really wanted to do. 


And that needed to stop.  Stat.


I made a commitment to start living todayBefore my time is up and it’s too late for my dreams. 


I finally took that trip to Thailand I'd wanted to do for years. (I literally had a guidebook from 2007 collecting dust).

I quit my six-figure job.

I sold my house, cars and moved to my dream city, Vancouver.

And I decided I would start the business I always wanted - helping people like you live success on your terms NOW!


One of the things I’ve learned is that we put off our biggest dreams in life, often until it’s too late. 


I know why you aren’t achieving your goals. 


You’re too busy. 

You don’t have the money

You’re still too young

You’re too old. 

You don’t have time.

You might fail.  

You have responsibilities.  Student Loans.  Kids. Mortgages. “Real life.”

You don’t know how.

Now isn’t the right time.

It will be easier to do later.  

It’s not possible. 

It’s too much effort.

It’s not even worth it.


I understand.


I’ve set some goals and haven’t achieved them.


I’ve achieved some goals and it turned out, they didn’t actually make me that happy.


I’m human.  And I’ve made the same mistakes and excuses too. 


Before my health scare, I was happy enough.  I had a pretty good job that allowed me to learn, work with interesting people, and paid me really well!  


I had an awesome husband who wanted nothing more than for me to be happy. We had a gorgeous home, several cars, toys, and a hot tub. 


We travelled – a lot.  We had been to 24 countries together and we were always jetting off to incredible places like Iceland, Fiji, Vancouver, New York and Las Vegas. 


I was surrounded by an awesome circle of friends, the kind that became family.


Life was pretty damn good.



But it wasn’t what I truly, deeply wanted.  



I thought my excuses were real.


Why give up everything I have?  

Life’s pretty good, I would tell myself.

Is the grass actually greenerProbably not.

It’s not even possible for me to live in Vancouver.

I would tell myself I could never make as much money as I am now or create my own business to match my income. And I definitely couldn’t live on less, even if I wanted to.

I am luckier than 95% of the world. Why am I still not happy?!  There must be something wrong with me.


And yet, after my health scare, I knew I needed to make a change.


I let go of my excuses.  I took a good, deep, hard look at myself and my life.  I spent time to understand what it was that I truly wanted in my life.


See… I DO know how to set goals.  And achieve them.


I have accomplished goals with a lot of grit.   And strategy.


I’ve studied and learned how to set incredible goals.  I’ve refined my process over the years. 


And now I want to share those secrets with you.


When I started my business, I committed to creating surprises and tools to help women and men create success on their terms.  And I will deliver on that, always.


If you’re frustrated with where you are in life...

frustrated because you can’t seem to get traction on your goals,

or you’re satisfied but not TRULY elated about your life


- This special gift is just for you!



I’ve created a brand-new, exclusive 3-part video training series, as a completely free resource for you.  In it, I reveal the top 3 powerful steps you must take before you set another goal.


These steps have helped me:

  • Earn six figures (and then give that up for the best reason - to create my own high income!)
  • Travel to more than 30 countries before I turned 30 (32 countries and counting…)
  • Run five half marathons.
  • Marry the love of my life.
  • Quit my 9-5
  • Start my dream business (yes, this is seriously a dream!!)
  • Hit the “usual” steps – degree, job, house, husband, car, and joy!
  • Become a self-made millionaire before I turned 30
  • Move to and create an incredible penthouse home in my favourite city in the world, Vancouver
  • Understand what my purpose is in my business
  • Build an unbelievable group of friends and huge network to work with, play with and laugh with!
  • Become a keynote speaker, motivating audiences of all ages and backgrounds
  • Work with incredible, inspiring entrepreneurs and clients every day!



I’ve put together what I’ve learned and the tools to get you started today!


Don’t make the same mistake I made. Don’t wait for someone to tell you you’re going to die to start doing what you really want in life.


In this free video and workbook series, you will:

  • Learn why you get the nagging feeling there’s something missing
  • Finally prioritize so you can get the RIGHT sh*t done
  • Set goals that you’re actually motivated to accomplish!


You'll uncover:

  • Why you haven't gotten your goals yet
  • What's most important in your life
  • What goals you should be setting
  • What you need to say "no" to
  • What you need to say "yes" to get your dream life!


So far, I have only shared this information with my handpicked group of Goal-Den Girls right here in Vancouver, and my highly invested 1x1 private clients.


And I’m BEYOND excited to share this with you today!




As always, let me know how it goes. You know I love hearing from you, so get in touch!


Open this gift if you’re ready to start achieving the dreams you’ve been putting off and living your life.  


Set goals to achieve the life you want.  


Start living life your life today!



This is just the beginning. 




Success Coach



PS.   Before you leave, don’t forget to grab the top 3 BEST secrets and steps to stop procrastinating and finally get your dream life in this Free Video & Workbook Series gift.  You’re going to want to click on the link today because it is only available for a limited time. 


Stop wasting time and go get your goals! Take this powerful first step towards what you really, really want in your life.


If you have a soul sister or brother-from-another-mother that you know could use this free gift, feel free to send him or her the link to this influential training series

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