Scare Yourself

Why you shouldn't get cozy this fall

November is upon us and as the fall leaves change color, I’m feeling the transition into the autumn spirit. 


With colder weather settling in, the desire to get cozy has overcome me.  I’m finding myself wanting to be comfortable.  And cruise into the Christmas season and New Year. 


Can you relate?


Now, there are times when feeling cozy and comfortable are essential. We can’t always be grinding, hustling, and exhausting ourselves. 


There are times when the desire and need to be cozy, comfortable and nest are very real. They allow us to recharge, reassess and reconnect with ourselves. 


AND there are times when we decide to get cozy because we’re scared.


We’re afraid to take the leap.  It’s easier to just keep the status quo because it doesn’t rock any boats or make us uncomfortable.


Your truth might be either one


And only you know whether your desire to get cozy is essential and necessary… or whether it’s keeping you stuck and living in fear. 


Here’s my truth:


I’ve got some big goals to achieve. I have an impact to makeand I’m on a mission


But my goals are terrifying. It’s going to mean doing things I’ve never done before. It means doing things I don’t even know how to do.


It’s going to mean owning up to my full potential.


There’s a very real chance that I could fail. And I’m probably going to piss some people off.



For me, my desire to get cozy is because I’m afraid.




But I’m deciding to NOT stay stuck in my fear.




I’ve got (awesome) work to do. I want to make a difference. And I can’t Netflix + tea all day, every day if I want to make a difference.


How about you?



Have you also got something you want to do with the 55 days left in 2017?



Are you willing to step into the uncomfortable, face your fears, and go after what you want in your life?



If yes, this message is for you.



Last weekend, I spent 4 days in Silicon Valley, California with Brendon Burchard at his Experts Academy Conference. 


For those of you who have heard of Brendon, you know he’s phenomenal. And if you haven’t, he’s a New York Times bestselling authorcoach extraordinaire (works with people like Usher!), and one of Oprah’s Super Soul 100. (Soak that in… this guy brunches with Oprah! Talk about #highvibe!)


Needless to say, I’ve come back from the event feeling re-inspired and ignited in my purpose and work.


This weekend, my fears came to light – and so did my reason for getting over the fear.


Now, there are always conferences you can go to as well to get energized. And I recommend going to at least two a year. 


But the reality isnot all of us can go to conferences or masterminds as often as we want between schedules, flights, costs and other commitments. 


The good news? According to Brendon, there are two things that change your life:


1) Something new comes in


2) Something new comes from within



Option 1 is to get changed from something that comes into your life (and this could be positive or negative).  Most people wait for this. 


But Option 2 is better – something new coming from within yourself.


The truth is, you have everything you need within you.




No matter how big your fears. 


So here are some ideas and suggestions that might work for you to create change in your life and get over the fears that are holding you back.


Commit to trying at least two in the next week and see how it helps re-invigorate you:



1. Choose a quote the uplifts you and put it somewhere you’ll see it AND pay attention to it for the next 30 days.

Perhaps it’s a new screensaver on your phone you need, or quote to add to the bottom of your email signature

Maybe you can draw it on your mirror at home or even put it up in your office. Find somewhere you’ll see it and reconnect to each and every day.


2. Create a playlist of songs that uplift and motivate you. You can easily do this in iTunes or Spotify. 

No time? Borrow my November motivation playlist here. It’s a random mix of everyone from Katy Perry to India Arie to the Glee Cast– and I hope it gets you as pumped up as it does me!


3. Record a quick 1 or 2-minute mantra for the month.  Choose a few sentences that represent who you are and where you’re going.


Use statements that are powerful and are in the present tense, like “I’m putting healthy, nutritious food in my body”,  “I’m building an empire that impacts millions of people”, or “I’m an incredible, loving mother.”


Record yourself repeating your mantra 8 times and listen to it each morning for the next 30 days.


4. Write down your commitments to yourself for the next 30 days.


How did it feel to do this? Did it excite you?  If yes, great!


If not, that’s ok – it happens. BUT it means your commitments have turned into “should’s”, instead of “want to”. And you need to reconnect to your goals & to-do’s.

  • To reconnect to your commitments, explore what it’s going to take to reconnect to the emotion of why you’re doing the work you’re doing.
    • Take a walk and reconnect to your vision and your “why
    • Journal or mediate on these questions:
      • What makes me excited?
      • What impact do I want to have?
      • Who do I want to be?
      • How am I going to make the world a better place?
    • Review your vision board or a previous journal you’ve made to explore this topic


*This is important: Do and explore until it EXCITES you to write your commitments. If you aren’ emotionally engaged with what you want to do, it won’t get done.


5. Get support. You can’t do it all alone (and in fact, you’re less effective if you haven’t told anyone what you’re planning on doing). 



I’m not saying to rely on someone else for your success. But having someone to check in with, someone who’s also looking to get over their fears and step into their power is an incredible privilege.


Find a friend, coach, mentor, boss, or create an accountability groupCheck in daily or weekly to move forward on your goals and accelerate your progress faster than you thought possible! 


Also, if you’re looking for more support, I’ve recorded this video just for you with a special surprise.



Feeling fall-cozy isn’t always a bad thing. But it’s not always a good thing either. 



And getting over your fearsfacing them and living up to your true potential doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy time with family during the holidays, sip your pumpkin-spiced latte/beer, or catch up on your favourite Netflix shows


(Yup, all those things are just common fears dressed up in fancy “rational”, or even “gentle” excuses). 


Finding your courage means that when you do get cozy, and comfortable, it will recharge you. It will reconnect you. Because you are clear on who you arewhat you want in your life - and you’re going for it, despite the fear.



And like those leaves around us, you’re a-changin’ too, into a more powerful, beautiful, impactful and courageous version of yourself. 


If coziness is what you need this season, I wish you every ounce of it.


And if getting uncomfortable, reaching higher, and crushing your goals is what you need this season, I send you powerful “go get it” vibes! 


Lisa Michaud

Success Coach, Speaker, & HuffPost Contributor


PS. Just skimmin’? I get it, you’re busy (and probably overloaded with emails).


If you’re feeling the desire to get cozy this fall, it could be because it’s time for you to recharge and restore before the new year. 


OR, if you’re like methe desire to bundle up and get comfortable can be because you’re afraid. (I share what I’m afraid of above…)


If you just read this and thought “oh crap, you’ve got me”, there’s a few things you can do to push through the fear and get what you really want this year. 


One of the best ways to do this is to get support. You can’t do it all alone (and in fact, you’re less effective if you haven’t told anyone what you’re planning on doing). 



Don't rely on someone else for your success. But having someone to check in with, someone who’s also looking to get over their fears and step into their power is an incredible privilege.



Find a friend, coach, mentor, boss, or create an accountability groupCheck in daily or weekly to move forward on your goals and accelerate your progress faster than you thought possible! 


And, if you’re looking for more support, I’ve recorded this video just for you with a special surprise.


Whether you’re looking to get cozy, or break free and crush it for the next 60 days, I hope your fall is full of glorious walks in the changing leaves, time with family, and holiday cheer. 


Be Happier In Your Job By Friday!

You don’t need to quit your job, and run away “Eat, Pray, Love”-style to be happy. You can make some changes THIS WEEK to start loving your job more.  Keep reading and start waking up EXCITED every day!

Ok, so it’s only Tuesday but maybe the blah’s have already kicked in.  I don’t know if you are looking for a small change or huge change (like quitting your job, moving to Bali, starting a business and getting a PhD).  And maybe you don’t know what you need either. That’s ok!


If all you know is that you want to be happier, that’s great. 


The even better news is



Any change you want starts with you doing something about it.  So here’s 5 things you can do THIS WEEK to have happier work and a happier life.

1) Plan 3 Fun Breaks.

Having something to look forward to brings you joy before, during and after. It’s like triple the happiness!  This fun break can be a lunch break or a shorter mid-morning one.  Do something that’s fun for YOU.  Go for lunch with a friend or a coworker.  Close your office door and take a 10-minute stretch break (or have a dance party!).  Go for a walk. Book that massage you’ve been meaning to.  Watch a TedTalk you’ve been dying to see. Pull out your colouring book and make a masterpiece. Whatever it is, give your brain and body a chance to hit “refresh”.  It will make you more productive AND also give you a giant boost of happy!

2) Jot down what you love. 

Put a piece of paper next to your keyboard or start a note in your phone. Any time you find yourself enjoying what you’re doinglooking forward to doing something at work, or if you just lost track of time because you were so into what you were doing, write it down! This will help you learn about yourself and what you love to do. Once you understand this, it makes knowing what to do to love your career a lot easier. Start by tracking what you love. Then look for ways to do more of it in your life.



 3) Help and appreciate someone else. Share the happy with others! You can:

  • Help a colleague. Sure, you’re busy. We’re all busy. But you see a coworker drowning in work, or struggling with something you’re good at. Lend a hand. Giving encourages others to help and we all know what goes around comes around.
  • Recognize someone who’s made a difference to you. Consider how they would want to be thanked and do it that way. Say thank you to them at your team meeting, send a personalized thank you card, or email them and their boss, thanking them for something they did for you! It makes you feel good and creates a positive work environment. Create healthy relationships today. They will last for the rest of your career.   

4) Do that scary thing.

Take a risk. Do that thing that's been nagging you but you haven't had the balls to do.  Volunteer for that new project.  Speak up and bring a new perspective to the table.  Lead something you've never done. Share your opinion even though it's different than everyone else's.  Go to that networking event alone. You want an awesome career?  Of course you do!  Go get it.   Be courageous today and try new things. Don’t forget that you are unique. Whatever you choose to say, join or create will be better because of your ideas, leadership, and perspective.  So be bold and just do it!

5) Start an "I Rock” folder.  

Mine’s called “Lisa Rocks” but I recommend using your own name.  I have an email folder that I’ll put positive feedback in when someone sends me a flattering or appreciative email. Not only is it an awesome way to perk up when you’re having a bad day, but it’s also extremely helpful for your career. Stock it now and your performance reviews will be a piece of cake.  Run your own business? Share your “I Rock” folder as raving testimonials to new clients (don’t forget to ask permission first).  No-one else will take ownership of your career for you. You have to own your career. Take pride and keep track because it’s up to you to be confident about and share the incredible work you’re doing!

Challenge yourself to do all 5 of these things.  Try them this week.  Do them again next week.  I guarantee you will find yourself smiling more and feeling confident in what you are doing.


Do it this week because action is what it’s ALL about!


Let me know how it goes. I know you can do it!  And I love hearing from you. Reach out and share your thoughts. 


Here’s to choosing happiness!