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I love what I do and I work hard to change the lives of my audiences and my clients. 

I'm fortunate to coach and present to some of the WORLD'S best and most engaged people. 


But don't believe me. 


Hear it from the clients I love!


I wasn’t enjoying my job and I was getting really frustrated not knowing how to find my way to something or somewhere better. I didn’t know how to figure out what my passion was or what direction to take my career in.

Coaching with Lisa was amazing and it opened my eyes to the fact I was working against myself - and how simple it was to start going in the right direction.

Through our coaching, Lisa’s strategies helped me figure out what I wanted. Her visualization exercises were eye-opening and I identified some of my self-sabotaging ways. Lisa really helped me vocalize what was going on and take note of what I was doing to potentially sabotage myself – and how to stop it!

With Lisa’s support, I created a plan and clear goals to find a job I enjoy and be successful. To this day, I’m more cognizant of how I talk to myself and what steps I need to take to go the direction I want.

Lisa’s style isn’t to lead you. Instead, she encouraged me to lead myself and I’m proud to say I’m in a job and great career now!
— Kipling Cancade, Civil Engineer, Canada

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My coaching sessions with Lisa are nothing short of amazing. She makes me feel so open and so comfortable, which allows me to truly open up and determine what I want, and how I can utilize my capabilities to get it. Thank you Lisa for being so supportive, for helping me discover what my path is, and for helping me create a plan that will allow me to achieve my goals and all of my wildest dreams! You rock! Can’t wait for our next session!
— Ashley Kay - Owner - White Willow Event Management

I met Lisa for coffee and within the first 20 minutes, I knew I wanted her to speak at one of my events. You can tell just by chatting with her that she is so genuine and really is passionate about what she does.

I had Lisa speak to my audience at one of our very first Morning Mingle events for @vancitybusinessbabes and she was amazing! Such incredible energy and the way she communicated was incredibly helpful in breaking down the barriers between her and the audience. She speaks very authentically about her story and challenges she has had in the past and how she has overcome them.

The feedback I got from the crowd was that they loved how honest she was and she had so many quotes and takeaways that really resonated with them.

I will absolutely recommend her to anyone looking for an engaging, inspiring speaker for their group or organization!
— Danielle Wiebe, CEO of Vancity Business Babes
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I was shocked when I got laid-off from my Safety Advisor position I’d been in for 5 years. I didn’t know what to do next but I knew it didn’t feel right to go back to the same job at another company.

I searched to narrow down my next career step. I was overwhelmed by all the choices and ended up even more confused. I struggled for months, not knowing whether to complete my degree, be a stay-at-home mom, or just go back to being a Safety Advisor with a new company. That’s when I knew I needed something different and I got in touch with Lisa.

Lisa gave me guidance and discipline. My direction became clear because she asked me the right questions. Her coaching created many revolutions for me, and once knew what I wanted, we figured out what I needed to do next. I took action, and she held me accountable by following up on my homework. I’m now pursuing my degree and keeping my baby on the sleep schedule (so important as any mommy will hands-down agree) to get me to my dream life. I have my education & career back on track!

I absolutely recommend Lisa as a coach – she has a gift of connecting with all people and leading them through breakthroughs and discoveries in their careers, and life.
— Nas Kouznetsova

Lisa delivered an inspirational keynote on “Multidimensional Success” at the 2015 Vancouver Island Leadership Conference. She drew from her own life experiences to help delegates expand their terms of success and encourage them to understand what success really meant to them. Lisa is incredibly interactive and even brings take-aways for the delegates.

As the creator of the Malaspina-University Leadership Conference (eventually becoming Vancouver Island Leadership Conference), it was only natural for our executive team to include Lisa in a major part of the conference. Not only did she help to inspire, connect and evolve with the delegates through her keynote session, she also mentored our board of directors on how to make this conference as SUCCESSFUL as possible.

Her keynote on “Multidimensional Success” could be described as an emotional rollercoaster. She shared her very early stages of success, and overcoming personal tragedy to rise above it. She had the audience shocked when she said she left her high-paying corporate job to pursue her love – Vancouver. Lisa concluded with the main message that success is really about happiness. One thing I took away from Lisa’s keynote is that if you are willing to put in the time and effort, a door will open for you. Hard work pays off.

If I could describe Lisa in one word it would be ‘inspiration.’ Asides from the VILC, I have had the opportunity to sit down with Lisa and discuss my roles which were similar to hers at one time. Lisa’s resume is quite incredible and for some, could be intimidating. But when Lisa walks into a keynote session and interacts with the delegates, she makes everyone feel equal and worthy enough to have any type of success. I believe that is what makes Lisa an inspiration and successful.
— Kathleen Byrne, BSA President & VP Internal Relations VILC

Through coaching, Lisa was able to help me identify my core values in life, my health and helping others. She kept me accountable to making my work and personal goals achievable while maintaining my values and recognizing if the tasks at hand were valuable to me or my business. Lisa is personable, and uses her leadership and coaching skills to help you grow and find purpose. I strongly recommend meeting Lisa and see your life change.
— Phil Birrer, CPA, CA - Partner - Birrer Sangret LLP

To be honest, I didn’t know what to expect from coaching but Lisa put me at ease right away by setting the stage. Through the session, I was able to identify next steps for me to move forward towards my career goals and it provided me with a clarity that I don’t think I would have been able to achieve without coaching.
— Mariko Kerr

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Lisa was a keynote speaker in the 2015 Vancouver Island Leadership Conference (VILC). Her presentation was fantastic, motivating and high-energy. Lisa’s presentation stood out from others that I’ve listened to because she was enthusiastic and genuine; it would be impossible for anyone to be bored listening to her. She motivated me to believe in myself; that I didn’t have to limit myself or take the easy way out due to fear of failure. Thanks to her, I’m confident going forward in getting a double major and I’ve joined the VILC and the Business Students’ Association. She also provided the audience with a booklet with questions to answer for ourselves and a list of quotes that still hang on my wall today with my favourite one highlighted:
”He who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.”
Lisa was a fantastic keynote because she encouraged audience participation and listened carefully to the speaker before responding. Finally, she was warm and receptive when I went up to her after the presentation and even welcomed me to sit at her table at the dinner that followed. I’ve invited her to the 2016 VILC as a keynote speaker again and would highly recommend her as a motivational speaker at any other event.
Thank you, Lisa. You and the VILC made a huge impact on my first year at university and in turn, my career.
— Marie Little

I was overwhelmed, starting up my Health & Nutrition Coaching business and moving cities. With so many changes, I found myself unmotivated and didn’t know how to move my business forward. I was drowning in “to-dos” and ideas and just wasn’t doing anything. I knew I needed to change and I wanted to work with Lisa’s magnetic personality to get confidence and clarity in starting my business.

I was blown away working with Lisa! She was so intuitive and aware of what I needed, even when I wasn’t. She forced me to do some serious searching inside myself to figure out what was actually important to me. She helped me realize what’s been holding me back and helped me come up with ways to break down these walls and get moving. She encouraged me and reminded me that I am going to be amazing at whatever I put my mind to and that I just need to dive in. I am so glad I did - I finally have momentum and confidence in starting to speak to my own clients. Thanks to Lisa’s encouragement, I even got my first sale! I wouldn’t have been able to do that so quickly without working with Lisa and her push to get started!

I would ABSOLUTELY recommend Lisa! She is so kind, genuine, thoughtful and most of all, an amazing listener. I am amazed at how Lisa knows exactly what questions need to be asked. She is a natural! I know that anyone who is thinking about working with Lisa will have their lives changed by taking the leap. Thank you Lisa!!!!
— Danielle Daem, Nutrition & Wellness Coach

Lisa creates an honest and comfortable environment to work in which makes it easy to open up. She helped me overcome several hurdles in both my personal life and my career. I would definitely recommend Lisa and will be working with her again in the future as a tool to efficiently solve obstacles that come up.
— Joshua Murdoch, Actor

Lisa is an awesome coach. She gives her heart to everything she does. Lisa is great at helping me identifying my goals and challenges and breaking big goals into small achievable tasks. I would not hesitate to recommend her services to anyone.
— Rosa He

The GoalDen Girls Program helped me realize the TRUE REASONS why I wanted to reach my goals. This was the motivation I was missing - thanks Lisa!
— Tia Miller, CA

Lisa’s GoalDen Girls are empowering, healing, uplifting, soul-rejuvenating, inspiring, and overall, life-changing!
— Gretchen Cruz, Canada




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