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If you're here, I'm guessing you're smart, driven and fascinating.  You're a high-achiever who wants to have it all.  But you're still feeing disengaged and overwhelmed in your career.   You want more. 

You want to travel. You want to have fun. You want to make a difference in the world.  

You want to have friends and family you love.

You want an incredible career. 

You deserve to have it all.


Whether you're an entrepreneur or a professional climbing the corporate jungle gym, you're in the right place.

Step inside and I'll show you how to create a life that brings you purpose, fulfillment and happiness so you LOVE your work and your life!


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I was overwhelmed, starting up my Health & Nutrition Coaching business and moving cities. With so many changes, I found myself unmotivated and didn’t know how to move my business forward. I was drowning in “to-dos” and ideas and just wasn’t doing anything. I knew I needed to change and I wanted to work with Lisa’s magnetic personality to get confidence and clarity in starting my business.

I was blown away working with Lisa! She was so intuitive and aware of what I needed, even when I wasn’t. She forced me to do some serious searching inside myself to figure out what was actually important to me. She helped me realize what’s been holding me back and helped me come up with ways to break down these walls and get moving. She encouraged me and reminded me that I am going to be amazing at whatever I put my mind to and that I just need to dive in. I am so glad I did - I finally have momentum and confidence in starting to speak to my own clients. Thanks to Lisa’s encouragement, I even got my first sale! I wouldn’t have been able to do that so quickly without working with Lisa and her push to get started!

I would ABSOLUTELY recommend Lisa! She is so kind, genuine, thoughtful and most of all, an amazing listener. I am amazed at how Lisa knows exactly what questions need to be asked. She is a natural! I know that anyone who is thinking about working with Lisa will have their lives changed by taking the leap. Thank you Lisa!!!!
— Danielle Daem, Nutrition & Wellness Coach

You deserve to LOVE your job, feel in control of your career and be valued for the (amazing!) work you do.  You CAN wake up energized for the day ahead and know you're on the best path to your dream life.

It's possible for you.

Let's make it happen!

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Are you looking for an energetic, exciting, engaging keynote speaker? Do you want your guests inspired and BUZZING with energy from the life-changing, mind-blowing stuff they just learned? Of course you do!

I’m your girl.

Let's rock your event!

Sometimes you just need to get away.   Recharging, refocusing and making a change is so important for your life. A focused day, weekend or week retreat might be just what the (career) doctor ordered!  That, and a cocktail.

You know you deserve it.

Come for the adventure!

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