What IS Coaching?

To be honest, I didn’t know what to expect from coaching but Lisa put me at ease right away by setting the stage. Through the session, I was able to identify next steps for me to move forward towards my career goals and it provided me with a clarity that I don’t think I would have been able to achieve without coaching.
— Mariko Kerr

Coaching is the perfect blend between that warm hug of encouragement you need, the enthusiastic energy you need to stay motivated, and the accountability ass-kick you need to keep your actions moving and your dreams closer.


Coaching is for the woman who

  • Is ready to live success on her terms

  • Wants to love her career

  • Is willing to do the work to get her dream life

  • Wants to come home with a ton of energy to do the rest of the things she loves

  • Is sick of questioning her path in life


Coaching starts with uncovering what's most important to you.  

Who are you? No... but REALLY, who are you?  Why are you who you are?  

And most importantly - who do you want to be?


But coaching is more than just a deep conversation with a great friend.  It's about action.

You want to love your work. You want to be appreciated. 

You deserve to wake up every day knowing you're living your best life. 

Knowing who you want to be, we take ACTION to get you there.


Coaching is NOT for you if you

  • Are looking for an easy way out

  • Don't want to take responsibility for your career

  • Aren't willing to be open and ask yourself tough questions

  • Are perfectly happy in life and don't want to change anything

  • Don't believe in personal development

  • Are not ready to improve your life


You need a coach to tell you the truth and ask you the tough questions to help you breakthrough.

I will tell you the truth.

I will ask you the tough questions.

I can't wait for you to breakthrough.


You are awesome. You really are.  You probably have admirers at work, in your friends, and in your network. You're a leader in your life. People would trade spots with you in a heartbeat. 

But they won't tell you the truth and yet that's what you need. 


I know what it's like to be unfulfilled.  I was there.  

I can help you because I was there.  

And it took bold action, a giant leap of faith, a health scare, and my very own coach to get me to the happy and amazing place I'm in today!

You need the hard questions.

Because surrounding yourself with the average person (who might admire you) feels good but it will get you average advice, average praise, average goals and will produce an average life. 

And you are much more than average.


You are incredible, whirlwind, world-rocking YOU!