Success Coaching

My coaching sessions with Lisa are nothing short of amazing. She makes me feel so open and so comfortable, which allows me to truly open up and determine what I want, and how I can utilize my capabilities to get it. Thank you Lisa for being so supportive, for helping me discover what my path is, and for helping me create a plan that will allow me to achieve my goals and all of my wildest dreams! You rock! Can’t wait for our next session!
— Ashley Kay - Owner - White Willow Event Management

You're ready for a change. 


Maybe you don't know what that change is or why you need it. 

But you know you deserve to be happier, more in control and personally rewarded in your career. 

So let's get you there.

It's time to start living for you. All this time, you've been doing the right thing. You graduated high school with good grades. You went to University and picked the smart program. The one that all the adults nodded impressively at you when you told them what you were studying. 

You got your diploma, your degree and off to the real world you went.

You got a good job, you worked hard, and you moved up. 

You are a good person. You've volunteered, you work out, you learned to cook and maybe even speak another language.

You started earning some money, bought a car and maybe even a house. (Bonus points if it has a white picket fence!)


But all of this hasn't made you happy or as valued as you know you want to be.

You did the right thing but it's not the right thing for you.

And it's your turn to go back into the world and get what YOU want.


You're probably feeling a little scared (change is scary!) Maybe a little unsure of what's next. You might not have the confidence you think you need to create the life you want. 

But here's the truth:


There's no-one who should care more or invest more in your career and life than you.




So you need to stop waiting for someone to promote you, to give you permission to change jobs, or to start your business for you. 

If your career and your happiness is important to you (and I KNOW it is), make a commitment to create change for yourself.


This is where I come in. I know you can do it. Let's do it together!

I'm here to be your biggest cheerleader, the truth goddess and accountability champion.

We work together to figure out what IS next for you. What does your heart want? What's important to you?

Together, we figure out what the steps are you need to get you started in the direction of TRUE career JOY and life LOVE. 

We put together a plan.

And then, you take action. Because that's what awesome, earth-shaking women like you do. You make it happen.


Along the way, I'll be there to guide you through the process. Imagine me running beside you as you learn to ride a bike.  That's me!  Encouraging you, keeping you grounded and focused, and jumping up and down with excitement when you ride down the block with no training wheels for the first, fifth, and hundredth time.

I can't wait to see you fly!




When you're ready, apply below.  I would love to learn more about what you want and how I can support you.

It's not always easy. But I promise it will be worth it. Everything that's worth it always starts with a step - or a giant leap - in the direction of happiness.