Being Broke is NEVER in Style

This is a story about two women. The first woman has 3 Louis Vuitton purses. She wears $300 jeans and drives two cars. She always has the latest accessories and takes extravagant shopping trips.



She’s also $40,000 in debt. 



The second woman gets her shoes resoled instead of buying new ones. She takes transit instead of cabs and drives a 16-year old car.



Though you might never know it, this girl is worth a few million dollars. 



These two women? 



I’ve been both of them. 



When I was a student, I thought being rich was about looking rich. I was like Carrie Bradshaw and had my money where I liked to see it - hanging in my closet. It wasn’t until I graduated with too much debt to justify that I realized, no matter how rich and stylish I looked, I was broke. 



Since hitting my financial rock bottom, I transformed my financial situation. Here are some tips to get empowered so your bank account is as rich as your dreams.



1) Set financial intentions. Why do you want to be rich? For me, I want freedom: freedom to travel, do work I enjoy, and spend time with people I love. I also want to donate money, and support causes/companies that make the world a better place.


2) Figure out what you’re currently earning and spending - and what the difference is. You can do it ol’ school with pen + paper or an Excel spreadsheet. Personally, I use the apps Mint or You Need A Budget (YNAB) as they look at the last few months of spending and tell you where your money is going. 


3) Get some financial knowledge. Read a few books. Listen to some podcasts. I recommend “Millionaire Teacher” by Andrew Hallam because it proves you don’t need a high income to become a millionaire. Robert Kyosaki’s “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” is brilliant for transforming your perspective on wealth.


4) Make a plan to reach your financial goals. Automate savings. Start a side hustle. Invest your money wisely (I’m a fan of ETFs). If you don’t want to do this on your own, look for a fee-only investment planner. You pay them up front and they’ll give you the best-unbiased investment advice for your situation.


5) Decide where you spend your happiest money. Don’t give up that $4 latte if it makes you ecstatic and start cleaning your house because you don’t mind. Look at your past purchases and keep the ones brought you joy. The ones you hardly remember spending or didn’t LOVE? Cut them.


6) Work your money mindset. Money is an emotionally charged subject and many of us (myself included!) have “stories” about money. Pay attention to how you think about money and listen to how you talk about money. Get Jen Sincero’s “You Are A Badass At Making Money” and don’t just read it - do the work and your wallet will thank you. 



When I stopped worrying about looking rich, I started focusing on becoming rich. I started saving, watched where my money went and spent on things that truly made me happy. You can do the same. Because a fat bank account and confidence from being truly wealthy? That never goes out of style. 


*Originally published in Fall 2018 edition of I Like Her Style Vancouver, available here: (page 42-43 -…/…/ilhsv_fall_fashion_web) OR grab the latest issue at one of the racks (rack locations here: ⠀

DIY Coaching

Let's be honest: the whole "Life Coaching" concept can be cringe-worthy sometimes, and the coaching industry has a bad reputation in some people's minds. 


Truthfully, there are a lot of misconceptions about what a "Life Coach" is, does and how they help (even among coaches!). In fact, I even call myself a "Success Coach" to differentiate because I believe it's necessary to take a stand.


Recently, I was featured on the Remodel Your Life podcast with the amazing Camille Finan. Camille is a female carpenter with an MBA who loves to remodel kitchens - and help women remodel their lives!


Her podcast is full of information on remodelling your kitchen - and your life. 


On this podcast episode, Camille and I chatted about a LOT. Camille asked me the tough questions about "Life Coaching" -- and I shared my honest opinions, even though they will probably make some people angry. 


This podcast episode has two important parts: 


1)  Sharing the truth about the coaching world and industry, including what I don't like about it




2) DIY Coaching Amazing coaching exercises, strategies and mindset shifts you can do without hiring a coach


Give the podcast a listen and check out these highlights (specific times shared below):


What a life/success coach is (2:20)

What does a coach do (16:20) and how a coach actually helps you and examples of it (19:50)

What makes someone a "life coach" and what you do at "life coach school" (22:45)

What makes a coach different than a therapist or a consultant (33:45)

What I don't like about the coaching industry (42:30)

The best expert you should listen to (2:50) and examples of how you may be sabotaging your own success (29:20)

What to do if your spouse doesn't support you (12:30)

How to get over your fear of taking action (38:30) and whether you should take small steps or giant leaps (41:30)

What I do - and YOU can do - when you get stuck, frustrated and need to get re-motivated (44:45)


When you're done, check out Remodel Your Life's other episodes. I know you'll love Camille's fantastic questions (she's not afraid to ask the tough ones!) and enjoy her podcast as much as I do. 


Enjoy the podcast - and give my DIY coaching tips a try!


And of course, if you decide you'd prefer to work with a real coach and you think we would be a great fitget your name on the waitlist for when I re-open spots for One-on-One coaching here. 


Gratefully yours, 

Lisa Michaud

Success Coach, Speaker & Essential Oil Lover


PS. If you're a skimmer like me, I'll get to the point. 


Let's be honest: the whole "Life Coaching" concept can be cringe-worthy sometimes, and the coaching industry has a bad reputation in some people's minds. 


Recently, I was featured on the Remodel Your Life podcast with the amazing Camille Finan. Camille is a female carpenter with an MBA who loves to remodel kitchens - and help women remodel their lives!


Check out the podcast here and find out (among other things) what a coach does, what makes someone a "coach", what I don't like about the industry (here's where I'll definitely anger people), and how YOU can incororate coaching tools in your life every day.


What's this costing you?

Let's talk about the cost of things. I know, life is expensive.


So often, we think about the cost of something. 


The cost of joining a gym. 


The cost of a babysitter for the night.


The cost of going back to school.


The cost of a dream vacation.


The cost of a coach.


The cost of a yoga retreat. 


The cost of an assistant.


The cost of meal delivery services.



But how often do you ask yourself "what's it costing me to NOT do it?"



Is it costing you your health?


Is it costing you your relationship or marriage?


Is it costing you a good night of sleep?


Is it costing your friendships?


Is NOT doing it costing you your sanity?


Is NOT doing it costing your dreams?


Is NOT spending the money costing you massive business growth?


If you said "yes" to any of the above, I encourage you to find a way to make it happen. 


The next time you say (or think) "I can't afford it" or "it's too expensive"ask yourself "what's the cost if I don't do it?"


Your health, your marriage, your sanity and your dreams are worth so much more than a few hundred, or even thousands of dollars. 


I'm willing to bet that while you may have never thought about it, there's something in your life right now where the cost of not doing it is higher than you're truly willing to pay.


Before you give up because of what something will cost you to DO, ask yourself "how can I afford it?" 


Then, find a way to make it happen.


I guarantee by doing this, your life will start looking a whole lot different. 



And those costs? 



Well, there's nothing more valuable than a happy, healthy, fulfilled YOU!





Lisa Michaud

Success Coach, Speaker & Essential Oil Lover

Meet my new boss

I’m so excited to share that on February 2nd, at 2:41 am, my husband Troy and I welcomed our baby girl Sonoma Genevieve Ivona Michaud into the world. She arrived like her mother - fashionably late and has long legs like her dad. We are all happy, growing together, and unbelievably in love. 


Screen Shot 2018-02-08 at 5.13.17 PM.png



Troy and I are excited to get to know her and have been enjoying every moment of newborn snuggles, sounds and love. 


I’m a proud mama so of course, I have some pictures to share (of course). 


I’ve been meaning to send this message for literally weeks (pretty much since she was born) but having a baby has rocked my world in more ways than I could have ever fathomed. 


Now, there have been so many shifts and transformations I’ve gone through in the past 4 weeks that I couldn’t possibly share them all here but I wanted to share this one with you. 



Something can be simultaneously ordinary and incredibly profound. 



Pregnancy, labour, delivery, and parenthood all fall into this category. 



The first time you feel your baby kick or hiccup in your belly, your heart sings and it feels like absolute magic.


It’s totally cliché but there is nothing like the moment when you first meet and hold your baby.



And the amount of work you put in as a parent, day in, day out – and mostly night in and night out – is actually insane. Already, I recognize how much effort parenting is and I’m still an absolute newbie. 


But it’s all worth it when you see your child thrive, smile, grow and develop.


In all these moments, it’s hard to imagine anything any more profound or incredible.


Now - here's the mind-blowing part:



These moments happen every day, all the time, all around the world.



Women have given birth for millions of years. 


Every daymothers feel their babies wiggle and kick inside. 


Every moment, babies are being welcomed into the world. 


Every night, exhausted parents tap into every ounce of strength and love to persevere to morning… or the next nap time. 


In a lot of ways, pregnancy, labour, delivery, and parenting is totally mundane. Routine. Everyday.


And at the same time, each of us have our own experience that is deeply personal, soulful and powerful. 



I love this perspective because it is a beautiful reminder for each of us that all that matters is our own experience in life. 


It doesn’t matter how many people have gotten a certain level of education before you. What matters is the effort you put in, what you learned, and the feeling of achievement you have


It makes no difference how often businesses hit the 5-figure (or 6-figure) monthly mark. What matters is the moment you do and realize you’ve created a successful business. 


Who cares how much faster someone else ran a marathon, was promoted to a Director, or won an “Entrepreneur of the Year” award?! 


It doesn’t take away from the hard work and dedication you put in. 



By remembering this, your champagne will be every bit as bubbly. 


Your sense of self and confidence will grow.


And your life will be filled with powerful, profound experiences that are meaningful for YOU. (Because honestly, no-one else matters). 


The truth is, I have transformed. I feel like a different person. 


No matter how many women have come before me, I have shifted. 



I genuinely want to be present and enjoy my baby so my to-do list just doesn’t matterlike it used to. In time this will change. Or maybe it won’t.


All I know is that right now, I want to spend every moment enjoying Sonoma. Between feeding and sleeping (her and me), I also want to snuggle her, play with her, read to her,sing, and do tummy time together. 


So I’m taking the next few months to spend as much time with baby girl as I can. I’ll still be popping into your inbox periodically to share wisdom and tips to create meaningful work AND a fun-filled life


I’ll be on social media and I’d love to connect with you there. Find me on Instagram here and Facebook here.


Because I just want to be with my baby and my new expanded family as much as possible, I won’t be replying to non-urgent emails and I’m not currently accepting any new clients.


I will absolutely be back and am excited to work with more amazing clients like you starting this summer.  If you’re interested in coachingtogether in the future, be the first to know by hopping on the waitlist here


I appreciate your patience and support so much <3


Ordinarily – and profoundly yours –


Lisa Michaud



PS. Here’s a few pics of my sweetheart, Sonoma


Screen Shot 2018-03-05 at 9.48.51 PM.png




Why I took naked photos at my heaviest

I’m diving right into this juicy topic – naked photos. 


Having professional nude photos taken is something I wanted to do for years. It’s something I wanted to do for me, and my future self.


I told myself I’d do it when I was at my most fit, to have a keepsake and reminder of my strength, beauty and confidence forever. I figured it’d be fun, liberating and a positive experience.


And yet, last week, I found myself having nude photos taken at the heaviest weight I’ve ever been.


Full disclosure – I’m 38 weeks pregnant, so it’s perhaps not a surprise that the number on my scale is tipping higher than ever before.


But if you’d told me a year ago that I would be doing naked photos next year, I would have guessed that in January 2018, I must be at my most fit. 


(Side note: I can’t even imagine the negative self-talk that would have ensued if you’d toldme a year ago that I had professional nude photos taken at my heaviest weight ever). 


Yet, when the day came to take the photos, I felt beautifulregardless of the number on the scale.


I felt confident even though I hadn’t been training, dieting or fasting for the photos. 


I felt strong, even though I haven’t run the full marathon yet.


But, this isn’t a story about nudity. Instead, it’s about the limits we place on ourselvesoften arbitrarily.


Have you ever said any of these things?


  • I’ll buy those gorgeous jeans when I can fit into a size “X”
  • I’ll quit and find a job I enjoy when I have enough money saved up
  • When I get the promotion, then I’ll stop working so hard and go back to the gym
  • I’ll retire when I have “X” dollars in my account
  • I’ll go on a trip when I get a raise that lets me afford it
  • I’ll be happy when I fall in love
  • We’ll have date night again when the kids go to school
  • I’ll start my business when I’m ready
  • When I have my MBA, I’ll ask for a raise.



I’m guilty of saying and believing a lot of these things, too. 


With all of these beliefs, the problem is this:  the power is placed into the future


And often built on false assumptions. 


Sure, maybe having an MBA might convince your boss to give you a raise. But maybe it won’t. And instead, it’s possible that having the raise first makes it easier for you to get your MBA because you can hire extra help around the house or splurge for a monthly spa date in the middle of your crazy work/school schedule. 


Absolutely, if you’re falling in love, you’ll be happy. But have you ever been happy without being in love? Of course you have. It’s not something you have to wait for


Should you have a certain amount of money saved up before you quit your job, or start a business?  Maybe. But I know plenty of successful people who didn’t “have enough” saved up but took the leap anyway. 


And not knowing exactly how you’re going to pay for next month’s expenses could just be the motivator you need to get the dream job, or start the dream business. 


The truth is, the limits, boundaries, parameters within which you thought you needed to have in place before {insert dream here} happens, probably don’t actually exist. 



So take the boudoir photosSign up for the triathlon. Have a baby. Start the businessAsk for the raise. 


Because today is the best day you have to start. 


So today, look at your life and find the place where you’re “waiting for the right time” to do something. And just do it.  This week. 


The check-box you think you have to tick off first, probably isn’t real. 


The milestone you’re waiting to hit first can probably be crushed sooner than you think. OR it might not even exist. 


When you take real, powerful action, the doors open for you. Opportunities are created.


You realize you never needed to be “ready” or “worthy” – you always were.  And truly are.


Proudly clothed again, 




PS. I recently took maternity photos and decided to take some photos where I bare it all and get naked (on so many levels…). 


Nude photos had been on my list of things I’d love to do one day. And I figured I’d do it when I was at my most fit, toned and gorgeous. 


Turns out, I did it at my heaviest – 9 months pregnant. 


And you know what I realized?


The experience was as beautiful and empowering as I could have ever imagined it, no matter what number was on the scale, how many kilometers I could run, or how many squats I could do. 


Sometimes in life, we think we need to be “ready” for something. We wait for the perfect moment. 


But we’ve all heard stories of waiting too long, and opportunities missed.


I want you to start – and do - before you’re readyRelease expectations.


And live the life you want today. 


If you don’t seize the opportunity - someday, one day, that day “when” - may never come. 


I challenge you to look at your life and find where you’re “waiting for the right time” to do something. 


And just do it this week. 



It might not be perfect. 


It might not be exactly what you expected. 


But who knows? It could be magically more amazing than you could have predicted. 


And you’ll probably be surprised that the limits you placed on yourself weren’t as real as you once believed.



PPS.  Here's a (slightly clothed) photo from our photo shoot with the lovely Sugarlily PhotographyI'm proudly sharing because I do feel beautiful and hope it inspires you to just GO for it this week! 


Screen Shot 2018-01-18 at 7.48.18 PM.png

Ever been told you're "too emotional"? This is for you

Have you ever been told you’re too emotional? I know I have been. 


If it makes you feel any betterI just cried over a stroller. 



Here's my story... and how you can get over feeling "too emotional."  



Recently, Troy and I have been looking for a stroller. We’d done some research and knew what the one we wanted would cost to buy new (over $2,000… yikes!). 


Then, a used one came up in a Mom’s Facebook group online. It was a smokin’ deal. 


It wasn’t quite my dream stroller but it was a great value. (Side note: I never thought I’d have a “dream stroller” but parenthood is surprising already!)


The stroller came with all the bells and whistles, was in good condition, and would save us more than $1500. 



So we bought it. 


On the way home, all of a sudden, I burst into tears. 


I was devastated and disappointed over the stroller.


It didn’t feel logical. 


Or rational.


Before the words even came out, I started saying to my husband Troy, “I’m so sorry, I know this sounds crazy but…”


And then I shared my initial reasons for why I was crying.  (Or why I thought I was crying…)


“Maybe we should have bought new.” 


“I feel like a bad mom.” (Mom guilt is SO real and she’s not even here yet!)


“She’s our first baby.”


“She deserves better.”


I found myself instantly in this emotional state of guilt, fear. I felt like I wasn’t good enough as a mother. That I’d made the wrong decision.


And, right away, I found myself making excuses for my emotions.  Apologizing for crying.


Then, I tried to laugh it off. 


“I’m just emotional”, I told Troy.


“It’s my first and only big pregnancy breakdown,” I said.  As if only having one pregnancy breakdown was a badge of honor I should be proud to wear. 


“I’m just tired.”


“I’m just hormonal.”


But what I realized shortly after is this:



So many times, I try to make excuses for my emotions, and apologize. Or laugh it off. 


Do you ever do this?


Have you ever apologized for your emotions? (Especially if you’ve ever been told you’re “too emotional”).


Have you ever made excuses… or tried to laugh off your emotions?


Maybe it was with a partnerFamilyBoss or colleague


Have you ever gotten emotional… and then tried to rationalize it?


“I’m just tired.”


“I must be hungry.


“Sorry, I’m just having a bad day.”


Now, don’t get me wrongthere ARE days when these “excuses” are real. 


Some days, you should get more sleep before having the tough conversation. 


Sometimes, your blood sugar has dropped and it does make you crankier. And you should eat the snack.


There are days when you are tired, and everything seems to upset you, and you need self-care before you can make a good decision. 


BUT there’s a difference between recognizing what’s going on for us – whether it’s a real emotion or physical state like sadness, loneliness, anger, hunger, tired…. AND just discarding it. 


See, emotions are neither good or bad.


They are neutral.


They are energy in motion. E-motion… cool, right?!


And when we don’t listen to our emotions… and instead, make excuses for them, or suppress them… and push them down….


We end up not learning from them. 


We end up wasting what our emotions are trying to show us. 


We never get the message the emotion is trying to share.


We don’t learn from what the emotion is telling us.


Logically, I couldn’t believe I was crying. And for that reason, I tried to rationalize it. 



“I’m being stupid because….”



“The baby won’t know new from old.”


We can use the money we saved towards a family trip together.”


“Buying material goods don’t show love.”


All these thoughts were logical. And I could have… and often have in the past, stopped here. 


But this time, I realized, that perhaps I was losing the lesson.



I reflected and had to ask “what was that emotion teaching me?”


I asked “why am I crying?”  “What’s going on for me?”


My lesson? It’s the realization that becoming a mother is going to change me. 


It’s going to come with ups and downs. 


I realized that I’m shifting, and that’s ok. 


I have this mama bear instinct that’s here – and it might defy logic sometimes. 


(Logically, I know that “new” isn’t how we show love and that our baby won’t know the difference between new and used.)


That’s the lesson I can gain from this. 


But if I hadn’t stopped to ask myself, “what is this emotion showing me?”,


I would never have gained this lesson. 


In our culture and world, emotions are so undervalued and underrated. 


It’s seen as such a great trait to be “emotionless”, calm-headed. 


It’s considered to be a compliment to be very logical. 


These can be wonderful things, but it’s not necessarily how you should live your life all the time.


Being logical, calm, rational, and emotionless is NOT the only way to live life. 



So the next time you start laughing away emotions, or making excuses for them….




Own your emotion. 


Reflect on them.


Ask yourself…

  • Am I emotional because I’m tired (or insert hungry, lonely, angry) or is there something here?
  • What’s the lesson here?
  • What is my body trying to tell me?
  • Is there a trigger here for me?
  • What is my heart telling me?


And explore what you discover.


If all you do is make excuses and ignore your emotions, you do yourself a disservice. 

Because if all you do is discard your emotions, you won’t ever learn from them. You won’t ever discover more about yourself. 


You won’t have the beautiful realizations that come out of emotion. 


You might not have the meaningful conversation with a loved one when you realize you truly miss them more than you realized. 


Or recognize that your boss’s “jokes” are absolutely A-Not-OK. 



You might not notice that you’re going through a massive change in your life… and you need to open up to it.



Most of all, don’t ever feel like you are “too emotional.” Instead, use your emotions as a tool to explore, learn and grow.


Because you are worthy. You are human. 


In all your humanness. In all your human mess (especially in the mess!). 


Tap into your emotions instead of excusing them, and you’ll find depths, lessons, meaning, and fulfillment like never before. 


Messily yours,


Lisa Michaud

Success Coach, Speaker & Mama-to-Be


PS. Have you ever been told you’re too emotional? If it makes you feel any betterI just cried over a stroller.



Recently, Troy and I bought a stroller.  On the way home, all of a sudden, I burst into tears.


I was devastated and disappointed over the stroller.


It didn’t feel logical. 


Or rational.


And instantly, I found myself rationalizing, apologizing and trying to laugh off my tears.


Have you ever done this?


Have you ever apologized for your emotions? (Especially if you’ve ever been told you’re “too emotional”).


It’s time to stop supressing your emotions and instead, 


Own your emotion. 


Reflect on them.


Ask yourself…


And explore what you discover.

Should you (or shouldn't you) set New Year's Resolutions?

2018 is here! A fresh start. New beginnings.


I don’t know about you, but normally, I start the year with big goals. Giant intentions. And I always have tracking sheets and milestones laid out. 


But this year, that's just not where I'm at.


I'm due with our first baby in 4 weeks and I know life is going to changeBig time.


And for that reason, I've decided not to set traditional goals for myself for 2018.


In the past, I would have seen not setting goals as quitter talk. Or I would not have understood it... period.


But my intentions are coming from a pure, joyful place.


My intention for the next few months and perhaps year are to be present.


To enjoy our new baby. 


To learn. To be challenged. To grow in the challenge and to be the best me every day.


And not guilting myself or beating myself up about this is a challenge in itself.



Maybe you can relate. 


For me, accepting that dancing in the flow of life is ok and beautiful IS stretching and growing! 


And at the end of the day, isn't that what goals and resolutions are about anyway?


I'll reconsider setting goals a little later this year (hello, #quarterlyreview) but for now, I'm giving myself permission to rock into the new year without the big expectations.


And instead, I feel like I'm dancing into the year with a bounce in my step.


I'm flowing into the New Year with curiosity.


I'm stepping out, a little nervous for what is to come but with a faith deep inside that, it will be exactly as it is meant to me.


How about you?


Are you wondering whether you should set New Year’s Resolutions or not?


Only you can answer this.


Ask yourself:

  • How does the idea of New Year’s Resolutions make me feel?
  • What am I excited about in 2018?
  • Who do I want to be in 2018? 
  • How will I become who I want to be?
  • Am I honouring my heart and my values? 
  • Am I being guided by fear?


These answers will give you an indication in how you should approach the new year and how to make the most of it, in a way that serves YOU purely and beautifully (because otherwise, WTF is the point?!)


Whether or not you set (or believe in setting) new goals for 2018, I know if you’re reading thisyou want to make 2018 amazing.


You want to grow, change, evolve and make your life better. 


If you want to make the most of this one, incredible life you have to live, here are some alternatives to setting big goals you can try:


  • Choose a word or theme to be YOURS for 2018. It can be anything. Joy. Laugh. Give. Receive. Present. Open. Move. Green. Simplify. Use this word or theme to guide your year.
  • Set a monthly goal or try a new 30-day challenge, playing with each one monthly.
  • Create a mantra, personal mission statement or intention for the year. This is what I consider my “be present" statement. Reconnect to this on a regular basis and commit to living this mantra, mission statement and intention.
  • Make a 2018 bucket list and set to check one thing off a week.
  • Record/Journal something daily. You can pick a specific part of life – your spending, your eating, your mood – and just write it down daily. Or you can just generally journal whatever comes up for the day. Patterns will come up and you will emerge with a better sense of self and evolution.
  • Try one new thing a week. Some ideas? Try a new recipe, go for lunch with a colleague you don’t get along with, or work from home one day. Go in with the spirit of play and curiosity and you’ll be shocked at what you discover!
  • Write yourself a letter to your future self to open January 1st, 2019. Share what your highlights, lessons and best memories from 2018 are. Then, hide the letter, set a reminder in your calendar and don’t open it until next year!
  • Live your core values every day. If you don’t already know your core values, take some time to clearly define them. Post them somewhere you’ll see them (on your phone, desktop, mirror), and connect to them daily. Find a way to live them each day and allow them to guide you to a fulfilling and happy year.



I know you want to grow, change, evolve and make your life better. And even without big goals, you can do this.


Here are a few tips to making sure that you are moving forward (even without the spreadsheets, data, checklists, and milestones):


  • Build a community. Invite a friend, lover, family member or colleague to join. Or start a meet-up group to find other people with similar intentions and motivations for 2018. Make it fun and you’ll not only be more successful and joyful, you’ll also spread the love!
  • Keep planning your weeks with your intention in mind. (Weekly is the best time-frame for creating evolution and change in your life so I do recommend this practice). Ensure you are honouring the commitment you set out for yourself, each and every week (no matter how big or small!)
  • Get accountability by sharing your intentions with a friend, boss, colleague, lover or coach. Invite them to have a conversation every few months about how that intention – and your year – is going. 
  • Set visual and environmental reminders.  Put your journal somewhere you will touch every day (maybe next to your alarm clock or on top of your pillow to write before bed). Post your bucket list on the fridge – or on your Facebook wall if you really want accountability. Put your mantra in your office, or get it tattooed on somewhere public (half-kidding…). But I am serious about making your intentions visible, whatever that means to you.



Do you still want to set more traditional goals for 2018? I hear you – there is nothing wrong with traditional goals and they are so powerful if set the RIGHT way.


I’d love to support you so if you are looking to set traditional New Year’s Resolutions, grab my FREE goal-setting workbook and video training here. It will help you set the right goals for yourself and make sure 2018 is your best year yet!


As always, I love hearing from you. So if you’re open to sharing, I’d love to know – what are your intentions for 2018?  Comment below and fill me in!


I wish you ALL the best for 2018. I wish you an incredible year – one that brings you joy, love, laughter, purpose, abundance, and anything else your heart desires.


Happy 2018,


Lisa Michaud

Success Coach, Speaker, doTERRA lover and Soon-to-Be Mama



PS.  New Year’s Resolutions don’t have to be a big thing (and in fact, if the thought is stressing you out, it’s totally ok to pass on them for this year - or at least the first few months). 


There are other ways to create a meaningful shift this year including choosing a word or theme for the year, setting a monthly goal, and making a 2018 bucket list. (Scroll up and read for more great ideas!). 


And if you DO want to set traditional goals and New Year’s Resolutions for 2018?  Grab my FREE goal setting workbook and video training here. It will help you set the right goals for yourself - and set you up to make 2018 your BEST year yet!

A guide to non-material gift-giving (AKA how to make your holidays happier, stress-free and memorable)

You might hate me for saying this.



I want to talk about a sensitive topic around this time of year – gifts.  



Truthfully, gift-giving is not easy for me.  During the holidays, my inner perfectionist comes out and I struggle to find the “perfect” gift for everyone (because anything less would be un-Santa-like?!).



This leads to a lot of anxiety for me around gifts and the holidays in general – and ultimately leads to me procrastinating, overspending and overstressing.



Can you relate to getting anxious to find the perfect gift?



On top of the gift-giving anxiety, I’ve also found myself increasingly drowning in “stuff” at my house.



The fact is, most of us are.



Think about the home you live in compared to the size your grandparents lived in.  Chances are, it’s bigger, with more closets and “organizers” – and yet you still feel lost in your things.



Take a moment and reflect on how much time do you spend searching for things (keys, sunglasses, important papers).



Do you ever feel overwhelmed with how much stuff you have?



You’re not alone.



And the reality is, that study after study shows that we get less joy and satisfaction from material purchases than we do from experiences.




When we create experiences – and memories – we get joy before, during, and even after the event is over (it’s like three for the price of one!)



Bottom line? If you want to spend your money and live happier, spend it on experiences and memories, instead of stuff.



Over the last few years, my husband and I decided we no longer needed “stuff”.  We are financially secure, and tend to buy things that we need throughout the year, when we need it. And really, we don’t need much.



At the risk of eliciting a Mariah Carey classic, all we need is each other (especially for Christmas).



So, instead of gifts, we’ve treated ourselves to a day together, often at the spa, at the holidays.  And we’ve taken this tradition and applied it to birthdays and anniversaries where we focus on spending time together and having an experience together, rather than a piece of jewelry or any of the traditional anniversary gifts like paper, cotton or silk.



For me, the holidays used to be a stressful time of year.



Are the holidays stressful for you?



Maybe the thought of dealing with malls, packages, wrapping paper and bows just takes the fa-la-la-la-la fun out of the season all-together (it does for me!).



Maybe you’re already dreading running around the mall on December 23rd and 24th, frantically looking for the right gifts.  




If this is you, I can help because I’ve found that simplifying gift-giving has lead to truly happy holidays for me and those around me.




The first step?




Have this conversation with those you love.



For most people, gift-giving is anxiety-producing and isn’t as meaningful as we intend it to be.  Simply bringing up that you’d love to spend time with that person or focus on experiences together will likely be received well.



Over the years, I’ve expanded this conversation from just my husband and I, to my immediate family, and even friends.



Don’t be shybe open about why you’d like to focus less on material gifts and want to spend more quality time together instead. (Uh, because they’re awesome, of course!). 



And from there, the two (or three or more!) of you can decide on what would be fun for you to do as a couple, group of friends, or family.  Or choose to surprise each other by planning an evening or day for each other.



Once everyone’s on board to make memories, the fun begins.



So, what will you do with your time together?



Here are some non-material gifts you can give that will allow you to create life-long memories with your loved ones during the holidays and beyond:



·      Tickets to a comedy night


·      A Thai cooking class


·      Museum membership


·      Magazine subscription (bonus points if it’s a digital version that won’t clutter the coffee table)


·      Tickets to a local sports game or season’s tickets for big fans


·      Bartending lessons (bonus if you get to come sample)


·      A gift card and reservations for their favourite restaurant


·      Donation to their favourite charity in their name


·      Yoga studio membership


·      Dance classes/lessons


·      Rock climbing passes


·      Membership to a local science center


·      Language lessons (Spanish anyone?)



I guarantee, no matter where you live, there are other opportunities you could explore to give non-material gifts this season.




What about the situations where you’re too far apart to get together over the holidays? 



Or maybe you are committed to not spending moneyConsider giving this:  your time.



You can give your time in the form of a hand-written (or home-printed) gift certificate or “coupon” to give YOUR time towards:



·      A massage


·      A dinner cooked by yours truly


·      Babysitting hours (as a soon-to-be new parent, this sounds ah-mazing!)


·      Coupon for a favourite cake baked-fresh


·      A foot rub after a long day


·      Volunteer for a charity of their choice


·      A geocaching adventure


·      A day off (especially great for parents) – no cooking, cleaning or errands




At this time of year, it’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle.



I challenge you to ditch the stress and focus on the beautiful, incredible moments this holiday season.



The truth is, if you’re reading this, you’re more fortunate than many others around the world.  Take a moment to be grateful for all that you have – and open up to the idea of non-material gifts.



I have a feeling you will love the joyful memories you create with those you love – and cherish them dearly – for years to come.



Happy Memory Making!


Love Lisa




PS.  While there are lots of incredible benefits associated with choosing to gift experiences over material items, be aware that for some people, giving gifts is a true pleasure and joy (see the 5 Love Languages book here for more on that).  



And if you are – or are in a relationship, friendship or family - with one of those rare people who love giving and receiving gifts, this will be something you’ll need to work on together.  That’s because your loved one may truly give and receive love through meaningful gifts – which may be material.



Be open to communicating and working with your partner, friend or family member to ensure they feel loved – and you feel like you’re giving love in a way that is beautiful and joyful for all of you.




How to have your happiest, stress-free December ever

Can you believe it's already December? And as of today, there are just 27 days left in 2017... and 21 days until Christmas. 


This is the busiest time of year, filled with holiday parties, travel plans, visitors, giving back, and gift giving. And often, this time of year leaves us stressed, overwhelmed, exhausted and overstuffed with delicious food and booze just to get through.


Does this sound like the holidays to you? Or was it just me....


Well, if you can relate, know that it doesn't have to be this way. 


Truthfully, my holiday seasons used to be hectic. But over the last three years, I've been challenged with extra "stressors" on top of an already hectic season. 


Over the last few Christmas seasons, I've found myself moving into a new apartment in the midst of the holidays. I've found myself pitching and launching a business (ta-da, here I am!). And this year, we're preparing to welcome our baby girl into our home in January. 


In the past, having even ONE more thing to do over the holidays would send me over the cranky, not-enough-sleep-or-wine-in-the-world-for-this edge.  But with the lessons I've learned in coaching - about perspective, mindset and positivity - in the last few years I found ways to not only survive these challenges and the holidays, but truly enjoy them.


And here's the thing - you shouldn't just be surviving the holidays (I mean, really, that's NOT what life is about). 


This is an incredible time of year - and with the right mindset and perspective - and some tricks up your sleeve, this will be the most joyful and happiest time of the year! 


So how do you thrive in the chaos? How do you shift from stress to pleasure?



Here are a few tips that have worked for me. And I know they will work for you. 



  • Schedule some downtime. Yup, actually schedule it in your calendar, just like you would any other commitment. Whether it's a yoga class (book it now!), a hot date in the bath with a book, or a morning to sleep in, you need it. And don't wait until December 20th and realize there's no time for it. Do it today. Your future self will thank you.


  • Keep your to-do's organized. Between holiday parties, kid's concerts, and guests arriving, there's a lot on your mind. Get it onto paper - or make it digital.  I love making lists in Evernote (bonus - they're shareable with husbands!). Start a new December "to-do list" today and brain dump everything you know you have to do for the month. Add to it as the month goes by, and cross things off as you get it done. This will help keep your mind clear so you can be present when you're with friends and sleep soundly at night.


  • Lower your "normal life" standards. Make your usual chores easier (this is something that can help beyond the holidays). Let the dishes sit in the sink a little longer. Don't run half-full laundry loads just because. Ask for help when you need it from family and friends. Host a pot-luck instead of a dinner where you cook everything. And use technology to help stay on top of it all. For groceries, I use "Out of Milk" so I never have to scour the fridge before running to Costco or Whole Foods - and I share the list with my husband so he's just as able to get groceries as I am!


  • Simplify. No, but really, keep it simpleNot every moment has to be Instagrammable (unless this is your business in which case, you've got this). Get gift bags to save on wrapping time. Or even better, ask family and friends to opt out of gifts and plan to go a concert, dinner or the spa together instead.  Say "no" when you just can't do it. Shop online, and send your Christmas cards late (again). 


  • Focus on the fun. Enjoy the extra time with friends and family. Put a little too much rum in your eggnog. Dance so hard it would embarrass YOUR parents. Belt out your favourite Christmas song. Enjoy this special time of the year because it only comes once a year. And it's precious. 


Those are my suggestions. And I know they will help you enjoy this holiday season, no matter what comes your way. 



Make a commitment today, to yourself, to celebrate and enjoy the precious moments this holiday.



Cheerfully yours, 


Lisa Michaud

Success Coach, Speaker & HuffPost Contributor



PS.  With only 21 days to Christmas and 27 days left in 2017, holiday stress is already in the air. 


But the holidays are meant to be enjoyed, not just survived. So here are some tips to truly LOVE and savor this special time of year:


  • Schedule some downtime. Yup, actually schedule it in your calendar. Do this today.
  • Keep your to-do's organized.  Get it onto paper - or make it digital.  Start a new December "to-do list" today and brain dump everything you know you have to do for the month. 
  • Lower your "normal life" standards. Make your usual chores easierLet the dishes sit, ask for help, host a pot-luck.
  • Simplify. No, but really, keep it simpleSay "no", shop online and send your Christmas cards late (or not at all).
  • Focus on the fun. Enjoy the extra time with friends and family. Have a little too much rum, dance, and belt out your favourite Christmas song. (The order of those is pure coincidence...)



This time of year is precious. With the right mindset and intentions, you can make the most of every moment in this special season. I hope you enjoy all the surprises, songs, visitors and festivities!


I'm a terrible entrepreneur

I’m just getting back from a 10-day vacation in Arizona visiting family and getting some pre-baby sunshine. It was awesome to relax and soak up the rays.


But I’ve come back to real life and had a huge epiphany.


I realized I’m a terrible entrepreneur.


I’ve come back to work… and I realized that I have absolutely nothing to sell.


What kind of entrepreneur is that?!


My one-on-one coaching spots are all filled and with baby girl on the way, I won't be opening spots until the spring. (Interested in being the first to know when spots become available? Get on the waitlist here).


Our GoalDen Girls are rockin' and rollin' and on their way to CRUSHING their goals. And I’m just days away from official flight restrictions which means I’m limited to Keynote & Workshop facilitation locally only.


So, what the heck am I going to do with all my time?


Well, this is where you come in.


I want to serve you. I want to give back and share as much knowledge as I can over the next few months as I can. 


My mission is to show you it's possible - and help you create a life where you have meaningful work AND a fun-filled life. 


So I want to know how I can help you


Let me know where you’re at in your life… and I’ll revolve my content around that! I’ll be sharing Facebook Lives, webinars, and more to help YOU get where you want in your career and life.


To allow me to best serve you, please take this super quick, 3-minute survey and fill me in.


And because I genuinely want to help, I’m going to do a draw for a FREE coaching session (worth over $600 USD!).


If you take this survey by Thursday, November 30th at 5:00pm PST, you'll be entered to win an entire hour coaching strategy session (I charge over $600 USD for this service!).Together, we'll figure out where you're stuck and uncover the blocks to get you moving towards your goals quicker than you ever imagined!


While I may not be much of a business woman right now, I'm certainly a human and one who wants to give back. And I love creating amazing content to help you create the life of your dreams (or even better). 


I know your time is precious and I appreciate you taking it to give me some feedback - it will be used and I will be delivering valuable tools, tricks and strategies to help you get where you want in life. 


Gratefully yours,

Lisa Michaud  -Success Coach, Speaker & At Your Service


PS.  I’m the worst entrepreneur. It turns out, I have nothing to sell right now (#whoops). 


But this is GREAT news for you because it means I have time and I’m so excited to serve you more!


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Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


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