F*ck your excuses

The other day, someone asked me what made me start my business. Here’s the short version.

Almost 5 years ago,  I had health scare.

Before that moment, my life was going good. 

But while I’d achieved a lot of success, and ticked all the usual “boxes” you “should”, I wasn’t living my potential - and I had a lot of dreams and goals I was taking to the grave with me. 

Maybe you can relate. 

Life is pretty good. It’s comfortable. You’ve been successful. 

But there’s more within you, a desire, a dream, a goal you want. You’ve got potential that you haven’t fully explored yet and you know you’re made for more.

And it’s a little scary. 

So it’s easier to put it on hold just for “right now” for when things settle down in life. 

You know, wait for a “better time” when life is less busy.  

Here’s the thing: I’ve been there too.

I’ve waited for “one day” and told myself that “someday” I would start a business. 

It took me 8 years to let go of the excuse that I needed the “perfect business idea” to start. 

I dreamed about living in Vancouver, and flat-out believed it would NEVER happen.

It took two round-trips between BC and Alberta, and more boxes, bottles of wine and friends than I can count to find a way to make it happen. 

I imagined visiting Thailand, bought the guidebook and let it get dusty on my shelf for 8 years. 

It took a cancer scare, the reality that I might only have a year or two left to live, for me to just book the damn trip and finally eat authentic khao soi and meet a real Thai monk, like I’d dreamed of for so long. 

This is what I’ve learned - through my own journey in life and through the honour (yes, HONOUR) of coaching incredible women:

The excuses will ALWAYS be there. 

Your excuse “I’m too young” will turn into the excuse “I’m too old”.

Your excuse of “it’s not the right timewill turn into the excuse “I don’t have enough time left”.

Your excuse of “I don’t know enoughwill turn into the excuseit's too late to go back”.

Your excuse of “I can’t afford it” will turn into “I have too many other expenses to ever invest.”

Your excuse of “they won’t like it/me” will turn into “I don’t even know what I want anymore.”  

Or worse, “I don’t even know who I am anymore.” 

Your excuse “I’ll invest when I have more money” will turn into the excuse “I have too many other expenses to ever invest.”  

Your excuse of “I don’t know how” will turn into “I can’t do it.”

Let go of your excuses. 

Because if you don’t, it will only turn into yet another excuse.

For me, it took a health scare.  For others, it takes the death of a close family member. 

But why does it have to?!

The truth is, it doesn’t. 

Setting the intention, investing in yourself to do the hard work, and a really damn good coach (ahem, hello friend) can work wonders on those excuses. 

Girl, I’ve got two spots available for one-on-one coaching this month, and then that’s it: there will be no more opportunities to work together privately for several months.

These spots are rare, and I know they will go fast. In fact, the first one went last week within hours of announcing it. 

If you’re ready to drop the excuses, let’s do this. 

Your life is precious. 

And you’re WAY more freakin’ capable than you give yourself credit for.

Book a coaching discovery call and let’s connect to see what “someday” dream you are going to make reality. 

It’s time to get excited about your life. 

It’s time to get clear about what you want - without the excuses. 

It’s time to step into the woman you’re meant to become. 

And create the life you’re meant to live. 

Book your complimentary call today and let’s get you fired up to drop the excuses and make ANYTHING possible

6 months to go. What are you doing with them?

Is it just me or does it feel like the first 6 months of the year FLEW by?!

I can hardly believe it’s already July. 

You might hate me for saying this but before you know it, December will be here and you’ll be looking at your year wondering where the year went… and why you didn’t achieve your goals.

Unless you do this: 

Take 30 minutes today, or tomorrow, and check in. 

For those of us in North America, summer hits, and motivation melts away as quickly as the ice in your drink. 

The next 6 months are what separate you from feeling disappointed at yet another year that’s gone by without you feeling the way you wanted to this year and NOT achieving what you set out to….. 


 Ending 2019 on an incredible high, feeling proud, strong, and capable of anything. 

Which one do you want to be?

Oh come on. We all know the answer. 

You want to finish the year feeling strong, energized, alive and proud!

So how do you do that?

Take 30 minutes today, or tomorrow, and check in. 

Yes, you:  MAKE the time.

Don’t tell me you don’t have 30 minutes in the next two days. 

Shut off social media if you have to. Don’t check Instagram every 8 minutes.  (Ya, I see you!). 

Take 30 minutes and go through this process. 

Here's where you're going to start:

  1.  Reflect on the last 6 months:

  • Look at your goals and where you're at are. 

Are you ahead of your goal? Great. Keep the gas pedal on. Don't give up now.

Are you behind where you expected to be? That's okay. Have an honest conversation with yourself about what you can actually achieve in the next 6 months.

Now, it's up to you to balance this.  Balance what you can realistically achieve with what you know you could do if you pushed yourself.

  • How are you feeling about your progress?  How did you show up? 

How you feel and how you showed up says a lot about the progress you’re making and if you’re in alignment with what you’re truly meant to do in life. 

Don’t skip this step. Don’t ignore if something doesn’t feel right. 

Tap into your self-awareness and do what you need for you to feel incredible in your life. 

  • Ready to go all in? This will take you more than 30 minutes but do a Calendar Audit, as John Maxwell recommends.  

Look at how you spent your time - literally open up your calendar (digital or physical) and ask yourself:

  • Was that a good use of my time?

  • What’s missing that should have been there?

  • What’s there that should have been deleted?

  • What will I do differently in the next 6 months?

Learn all about John’s process here. 

2)   Get clear about what the one thing you're going to focus on for this rest of 2019 is.

I know, we all hate focusing. Especially as overachievers. 

But if what you’re doing hasn't worked for you so far in 2019 then you need to try something different for the rest of 2019.

Choose one thing to focus on, one thing is going to move the needle in your life from where you are today to who you want to be.

3)   Plan the next 6 months. 

  • Identify the action steps and milestones it will take for you to get there.

What will it take for you to achieve your goal?

If you have a less tangible or structured goal, what will it take for you to become that woman and feel the way you want to feel?

Make a plan. Decide what you’ll say “no” to, and commit to the real “yes’s”. 

  • Make time for fun

Sadly, I know it’s not just me that struggles to make time for fun.  When life is zooming along, and you’re hustling, you can forget to make time for a vacation. A day at the beach. Date nights with your partner. 

The truth is that this life isn’t just about achieving: it’s about living, each day.

Plan for fun. 

Right now, put your vacations in your calendar if you haven’t already done it.

Do you want to see your friends or family more? Send a message today and make a date. 

Book your ticket for a concert, make the dinner reservation for the restaurant you’ve been dying to make and reserve the babysitter.  Make. It. Happen.

  • Create time and space for learning

Ask yourself:   what skill or knowledge would help me get to the next level?

Then, learn it.

It can be as easy as dedicating 30 minutes a week to go on YouTube and watch videos about this topic.

Maybe you need to look for an online course or course at your local College to learn more about public speaking or bookkeeping.

One of my personal favourites? Going to conferences. If there's somebody you love to follow online, look and see if they have an event or if they are speaking at an event that you can go to.

 Make time for learning in whatever capacity that means for you.

  • Block that time for your goals, learning AND fun

Yep, get into your calendar (physical or digital) and block the time.

 Set a recurring event for your workouts.

 Block out one night a month or two or four for date night.

 Block out a weekend for a conference.

If you have a big goal, block out the time to achieve: 5 hours a week, 10 hours a week, 20 hours a week - as much as you can.

Does that sound like a lot?


But your goals and your dreams are worth it.

  • Identify and get the support you need.

No one does it alone. That's just the truth.

 Who will you need to get help from and support along the way?

 Your boss? A colleague? Do you need an accountability partner? Coach? Mentor?

Do you need your partner to do more work around the house so you can focus on your goals?

Can you save for a cleaner twice a month and put that time aside for your goal?

Will you join a community like Goalden Girls Community to get you the right tools, support, motivation and learning?  Obviously I’m biased, but I hope you do! 

(PS. Make sure you’re on the waitlist for Goalden Girls Community when registration opens again!  

Get clear about what kind of support you will need and then ask for it. 


That was a lot. I know. 

The worst thing you could do?

Give up. 

Assume that because you haven’t done it yet, you won’t ever be able to. 

Trust me: I know that temptation. I had a day last week where I felt down on myself and wondered “can I really do this?”  

If you’ve wondered “am I good enough?” 

“Is this really meant for me?”

You’re not alone.

What I had to do - and what you have to do - is dig deep.

Dig deep and tap into why you set those goals you did.

How do you want to feel? Who do you want to become? What life do you want to be living?

And if you still want that? 

Then you can NOT give up.

My friend, if you’re ready to step into your power, pump up the gas on your goals, and make ANYTHING possible, listen up.

If you’ve read this far, you get me - and I get you.

For a SUPER limited time, there are currently two one-on-one coaching spots available right now for us to work together. 

If you are ready to invest in yourself, shift your mindset and most importantly, what’s possible for YOU, it’s your time. 

Get in touch and book a Discovery Call with me, Lisa Michaud, and we’ll find out where you’re at, and if I can genuinely help you.  

(Trust me, I’ll always tell the truth - and if I’m not the right coach for you, I’ll refer you to someone in my incredible network). 

Listen to me - you can NOT give up now.

Keep the intention strong. Keep your foot on the gas, and keep moving forward. 

Make 2019 your BEST year ever!

The easiest way to get anything you want

This is the easiest way to get anything you want. Anything. 

Tell me: what's something you want? 

Do you want to start a business? Have financial freedom? Get a promotion? 

In today's blog, I share how to have whatever it is you want - today.

Ok, so you might not become a billionaire overnight.

But I can tell you that you're a lot closer to what you want than you think.

Here’s a story for you…. and picture of me crossing my first half marathon finish line, where this story starts.

running lisa .jpg

I still remember crossing the finish line. ⁣

I laughed. ⁣

I cried.⁣

I partied until 4am after (it was in Vegas, after-all).⁣


Crossing that finish line is something I never believed I could do and I'm sure it would surprise every gym teacher I ever had.

Growing up, I was not a runner.

I dreaded running.  At school, we did 6-lap runs twice a year and my dad had to help psych me up, every time.

I walked most of our milk "runs" and used the excuse of "that time of the month" to get out of more runs than I should admit to.

But then I started to get this idea to run a half marathon.

Something about the challenge excited me.

I wasn't sure I could do it and it seemed so far from what was possible for me that it made me curious - could I do it?

The first time I started training, I was in a serious car accident and it stopped my “running career” for the next few years.

Years later, I decided to give it another go.

I learned about training, carbo-loading, found a friend to run with (thanks Mariko!) and started running.

I thought I had it all figured out.

And as life would have it, I got in my own way.

I was scared to do the runs because I knew I wasn't a runner.

I would say to myself “there’s no way I can run for two minutes straight” before every run that required me to try a new pace, distance or time.

I wanted to travel and knew I wouldn't run while we were on vacation.

I could see my half marathon dreams fade before I'd ever achieve them.

But then, I started telling myself I was a runner.

I BELIEVED I was a runner and everything changed.

When you BELIEVE what you want to become and you believe you already ARE and can achieve anything, YOU CAN.

Tony Robbins says "we live who we believe we are" and I can't imagine truer words.

When I believed I was a runner, I showed up to my runs (and survived them!).

When I believed I was a runner, I knew I could get through the challenges of faster pacing, longer distances and times.

And I won’t lie, sometimes I only got through runs by holding hands with a friend, and eating gummy bears along the way.


When I was a runner, I brought my shoes on vacation and did my training runs.

When I believed I was a runner, I signed up for another race and another race. And I now have 7 half marathons under my belt (and I have dreams of a marathon in a later season of life).

What started as a dream to run a half marathon, became a goal to run a half marathon.

What became a goal to run a half marathon became who I am: a runner.

And the same is true for you.

What starts as a dream, becomes a goal.

What becomes a goal, becomes who you are today.

"We live who we believe we are". ⁣

It's time for you to claim your dreams and goals.

It's time for you to LIVE who YOU believe you are.

Believe you're the most incredible version of yourself… and you will be!

Tell yourself you already are the person you want to become, and then start doing the things that person would do.

If you want to become an author, tell yourself you’re an author.

And then do what an author does, and write.

If you want to be the CEO of your company one day, tell yourself you are and start doing the things.

Start thinking strategically, dress and show up like the CEO and network like you’re a CEO looking to expand your business.

If you want to build wealth, do what wealthy people do.

Pay attention to your money. Invest in yourself and your learning.  Learn about how to invest it right and dedicate the time and energy to your wealth, and you will become wealthy.

Your goals are about more than crossing a finish line or hitting a target.

Your goals are about you BECOMING the woman you're meant to be.

Your goals are about BEING who you believe you are.

So you better damn well believe you're as awesome as I already know you are.

This, my friend, is how you become anything you want.

By believing you can. By believing you are. And then doing what it is the woman who has it and IS it, does.

This week, and each week, I want you to take on the belief that you already are the person who has achieved your goals.

This is hands down the easiest way to get anything you want.

Take action, daily, like you’ve already got it in the bag (because mindset is seriously 90% of the game, so you pretty much do).

Adopt the mindset of the person who has achieved what you want.

And do the work.

Grab this FREE weekly goal planner here (only available for a limited time) and get clear about what it is you will do THIS WEEK to move you closer on your goals.

Print a few out, and do this weekly. Imagine you have already achieved your goal when you write it out, and then write out what someone who has what you want would do. Then, do it.

And join me LIVE tonight on Facebook and Instagram to dive deeper into belief, and how to get and become anything you want. I’ll be hoping on around 8:30 pm PST and there will be a replay of course, too.

Stop waiting UNTIL you’ve achieved your goals to be happy, or feel strong, or feel wealthy.

Get into it, today.

You, my friend, can become anything you want.

How do you REALLY feel about money?

First of all, you're AWESOME!

Thank you for reading my blog and welcoming me into your life. I adore you and am truly grateful for you. 

Second, I have a question:

Do you love money?

Keep reading, because whether it's a "yes" or "no", I have something to help you.

Third, thank you for your patience. 

We're mixing things up over here and doing things a little different for a few weeks as we prepare for the creation and launch of a BRAND new podcast just for you!

In case you're a planner (like me!), here are a few updates and resources so you stay rockin' your goals and know what to expect.

1) You might not get a new blog or email every single week, on a Tuesday, until we have the podcast up and rockin'. #Qualityovercomplication #goodbyeperfectionism

2) I'm collaborating with some amazing friends and leaders in the personal development world to share their knowledge with you. 

Last week, Kaitlin Armstrong shared her wisdom around discomfort and body intelligence. This week, Genicca Whitney has magic for you about manifestation and money. (Keep reading below). 

3) SO much love and attention is going to Goalden Girls Community and the women in the program are truly blowing my mind. The community is buzzing with enthusiasm, support, collaborations, and getting sh*t done!

If you missed the last registration window, make sure you get your name on the waitlist now for the next time it opens. Trust me: you do NOT want to miss out!

Ok now, let's talk MONEY.

Do you have enough money?

How do you feel when you pay a bill? Nervous? Excited? Anxious?

Have you ever thought about your relationship with money?

Well, chances are, if you don't have enough of it, or cringe when you open your online banking appthere's a money story in you to rewrite. 

Yesterday, I interviewed Genicca WhitneyMoney Manifestation Coach, ALL about money. 

I have to be honest: I went into the conversation thinking I had it all figured out. 

I mean, I went from being $40,000 in debt to being a multi-millionaire in just a few years. Plus, I have a finance degree (ha, ha). 

"I have this figured out", I thought. 

I was dead wrong.

Genicca pinpointed exactly where I'm still vulnerable and have to shift my mindset: including the beliefs that talking about money is "spammy" and that I "don't have enough."  (You can watch this honest epiphany here). 

Genicca proved to me that it's not about the money in your bank account - our money stories and behaviours run MUCH deeper. 

Now, whether you're into the "Woo" or not, there's a LOT to learn from about money mindset and manifestation.

The way you talk about money, is the way you treat your money. 

The way you treat your money, is the way you earn/manifest/save/resist/spend/waste money.

Your ideas about money are impacting your current money reality.

As Genicca soulfully shared yesterday "the more you feel like you need more, the more you live in lack." Lack of money, that is.

So if there's something about your money life that you aren't lovingthis video is for you.

Money can be a sticky topic but it's my job and my commitment to YOU to help you live out your big dreams. 

And money is a tool - an important one - that can help you reach your dreams.

Even more important? 

Having the right mindset around money will allow you to create the life you want.

It's not about how much money you have, but your attitude towards it and what you can do with it that will transform your life.

Genicca and I are so passionate about this topic - soak up Genicca's wisdom (like I did!) and watch the video today.

With love and best wishes for a wonderful week!

xo Lisa

PS. Do you have enough money?

Are you satisfied with your money situation?

Would you love to be financially free? (Uhhh, who doesn't?!)

Well, have I got the interview for you.

Yesterday, I sat down with Genicca Whitney, Money Manifestation Coach and talked about just this: MONEY. 

You can catch the interview here.

If you're like me and think you "have it all figured out", you'll be surprised to hear I had several aha moments about money, and am absolutely working on my own money mindset. (In fact, I started this morning). 

Watch and discover your own money stories - so you can manifest the cash and life you want!

If you can't do this, you'll never get what you want

"Everything you want is on the other side of fear." 

No doubt, you've heard George Addair's famous quote.

But are you living it?

When's the last time you got uncomfortable?

When's the last time you took a leap into the unknown?

I hope the answer is "daily." 

But if it's not, let's talk.

Because I know that getting uncomfortable is... well, scary, and uncomfortable.

You know that in order to get something you've never gotten, you have to dive into the unknown.

You have to be willing to get uncomfortable.

You have to go for your first run and probably suck at it if you ever want to do a 10km run.

You have to change your work hours, and set a new boundary with your clients if you want work-life balance.

You have to face the numbers and look at your actual monthly expenses, and debt, if you ever want to be financially free. But it feels terrifying to do it, doesn't it?

You know that you have to do the scary thing if you want the best life.

But every week, I get messages from you asking "ya but HOW?!"

Great question.

That's why I wanted to talk to one of the most brilliant women I know: Kaitlin Armstrong from In Balance Body Intelligence Yoga.

Because when you actually take the leap, and step out of your comfort zone, that's when it gets hard.

Overwhelm kicks in.

Anxiety creeps up.

You wonder "what if" or "who do I think I am" or "maybe I'll do it when I'm 'ready' because I'm certainly not ready now".

Last week, I interviewed Kaitlin for her wisdom on How to get COMFORTABLE with DISCOMFORT.

Initially, I was recording it for a future podcast episode, but then we decided to do a Facebook Live and I have a special replay link just for you.

So, are you listening to ALL the podcasts, reading all the books, making ALL the plans... and still not seeing the change you want?⠀

You need to watch this video.

Kaitlin brings her Exercise Physiology and 1000 hour Yoga Teacher wisdom and her passion for FUNctional movements and helps us shake things up and gain expertise from a WHOLE new perspective. ⠀

If there's something in your heart that you keep procrastinating on, or just can't seem to get the courage to do, this is for you. 

If you have a dream, or a goal and you know it's going to require you getting out of your comfort zone, this video is full of wisdom and real life exercises you can do RIGHT NOW to expand what's comfortable and prepare yourself for any level of challenge.

Because the truth is, your courage has to be greater than your fear.

Your dream has to call you louder than your nerves.

You need to lean into the discomfort and learn to thrive in it so you can thrive in life.

That's exactly what Kaitlin will help you do.

I hope you enjoy this video and sneak peak of a future podcast episode as much as I enjoyed learning from Kaitlin. 

With love,


PS. Reading the books, listening to the podcasts and making all the plans is a good start.

But at some point, you have to DO to achieve your goals.

I know that what stops you is the overwhelm and anxiety that comes up when you navigate change.

Here's the truth:

Change WILL happen.

Change is inevitable.

To thrive as your best self, you have to be able to navigate uncertainty.

In this special interview, Kaitlin shares incredible tips and exercises you can do RIGHT NOW to get comfortable outside your comfort zone. ⠀

What I love about Kaitlin is that she brings learning through body movement, body intelligence and yoga - in an incredibly powerful way.

If you're looking for yoga and learning that goes WAY beyond the classroom, definitely check out Kaitlin's retreat.

This summer, Kaitlin is hosting a 2-week Yoga Immersion and Leadership Training in beautiful Nelson, BC.

Hosted at Mountain Waters Retreat, you'll spend 2 weeks drinking water from the spring, swimming in the pristine lake, practicing amongst the quiet of the woods and eating local organic food from the garden.

This is NOT your traditional regurgitation of yoga teachings.⠀

Expect to move outside the boundaries of what you knowfeel into new places in your body, and uproot narratives and beliefs that you're accustomed to.

Want to learn more about Kaitlin and her incredible retreat? Check out the link here for more info. As a proud partner, Kaitlin has shared a special code so you save $200 with the code "Lisa-YTT". (Thank you!!)

PPS. BIG congratulations and love to Kaitlin who gave birth less than 3 days after recording this, and welcome to beautiful baby Rosie!!

What to do if you can't keep a promise to yourself

Have you ever told yourself you were going to do something… and then NOT done it?

Maybe it was deciding not to drink for Sober October. Or going to the gym at 5 am.  Or reading 20 pages a day.

Heck, you may not even remember what you promised yourself to since you were so far off from ever following through!

If you’ve ever broken a promise to yourself, you have to read this.

You guys probably know two of the hottest books in the personal development world right now are by Rachel Hollis:  Girl, Wash Your Face and Girl, Stop Apologizing.  

If you’re like me, you probably love and agree with SO MUCH of what Rachel shares.

But there’s one thing. One BIG thing I don’t love about what Rachel says.

I believe she's 100% incorrect about this:

In Girl, Wash Your Face she says that it's wrong to break a promise to yourself.

And that if you're someone who breaks a promise to yourself, it means you won't accomplish what you set out to.

Maybe you’ve heard this and felt discouraged.

Or maybe you’ve never heard this and you just hate that you can’t seem to do what you say you will do.

If you’ve ever beat yourself up about it, or wondered WHY, why, WHY you can’t seem to, you’re not alone.

And here’s the good news: I believe that even if you break a promise to yourself, it doesn’t mean success isn’t in the cards for you.

The better news?  From the research I've done on habits and what I've seen to be true with my dozens of students, you are definitely still capable of achieving your goals.

Still not convinced?  

Here’s Exhibit A:  Me.

I was a prime candidate for breaking promises to myself… and then guilting myself for it. Over and over again.

I’d always heard that exercise "should" be easy and I should do it for myself.

But truthfully, when I put a "reminder" in my calendar to go for a run, I rarely do it.

If I tell myself I'll go to the gym a few times this week, it doesn't happen.

I know this about myself. And instead of beating myself up, I work with it.

When DO I work out?

When it's a workout I really enjoy and I'm with fabulous friends.

And when I've signed up for a class and have to pay to cancel (I'm a cheapo for these kinds of things).

So what do I do?

I USE this to make sure I get the exercise my body craves.

I started a running club.  

I book classes online the week before - and then go to them!

I meet friends for a swim or a walk.

I find someone to babysit and come over while I work out.  

I USE the fact that I'm really good at being accountable to others TO my advantage.

The end result? I exercise, consistently. I just do it in a way that works for me.

What is the problem I DO see?!

SO many people are beating themselves up for having different motivators, strengths and ways they work best.  

Here are two things you need to know:

1)  Some people do better when they promise or make commitments to others. That's ok: just work with what works for you.

2) You've GOT to know yourself. There is no expert in the world (not me, not Rachel), that can tell you what will work well for you.  

YOU need to learn about yourself. Look back at what's worked & what hasn't. Recreate the good and stop the bad.  

If you already know how you work best, great. Keep doing that. Do more of it to make sure you stay on course towards your goals.

If you don’t know how you work best, look at what’s worked for you in the past.

At the end of the week, what are the things that you did accomplish?  

And why did you do THOSE things over other things on your “to-do” list?

STILL not sure? That’s ok.

I’ve created a quick and easy quiz to find out YOUR GOAL-GETTING STYLE so you can learn how YOU work best.

Once you know HOW you work, HOW you best succeed and accomplish goals... well, THEN you're unstoppable!

So, my friend, stop beating yourself up over the promises you break to yourself.

And work with what works for you.

Get accountability if you need it. Take the GOAL-GETTING STYLE quiz and learn specific strategies and tips to help YOU get the goals you want!

And of course, I’ll see you on Facebook and Instagram LIVE tonight around 8:30 pm PST, to dive deeper into this topic and share more strategies so you can STOP breaking promises to yourself.

I woke up in a Penthouse

6 years ago, I came to Vancouver to run my first BMO Half Marathon and I was in awe of the city.

I loved every moment I spent here and realized I would never live here.

"Vancouver is too expensive. My husband is a small town boy. We have houses, mortgages and real jobs", I told myself.

No matter how alive I felt as I walked the streets, and how joyful my soul was here, I told myself it would never happen.

4 years ago, I came to run the Half Marathon for a second time, after a health scare that woke me the f*ck up.

At that point, Troy and I knew we would be moving to Vancouver.

We were so excited for a new adventure, and still totally intimidated by the size of the city and the cost of housing.

We didn’t have a place to live, or jobs, but we had an idea and enough courage to risk having to move into our parent’s basement if our business ventures (in real estate and beyond), failed.

This morning, I woke up in my beautiful, downtown Vancouver penthouse.

Last week, one of my best friends all these years later visited, and I got to cheer for her and all the runners for the same BMO Half Marathon where this story begins.

I got to bring my daughter Sonoma along and teach her about hard work, dedication and cheering on your community through the runners around us.

This week, I’m one of the city’s top bloggers and run my dream coaching + speaking business.

In the last few days, I have literally pinched myself several times, and woken up wondering, “is this seriously my life?”

I can’t believe how much has changed in those years.

I’m sharing this not to brag.

I’m sharing this because no matter what seems impossible, or intimidating today, it’s possible for YOU.

6 years ago, living in Vancouver was not possible for me, because I didn’t allow myself to imagine it.

But as soon as I shifted my mindset, believed I could do it and committed to finding a way, magic happened.

Whatever it is that you want, I can guarantee you that if you DON’T let yourself want it, desire it, and believe it’s possible for you, you won’t ever get it.

Simply giving yourself permission to want it and call it for yourself will open up more opportunities than you can imagine.

In fact, it’s the only way you’ll ever have what you want in life.

Today, as you read this, I want you to allow yourself permission to dream big, and dream out loud.

When I ask “what do you want in your life?”, shout it out, unfiltered.

Truthfully, I don’t care if you scream it from the rooftop or put it in your journal, but give yourself the permission to state it, and hold it in your heart and your mind.

In 1 year, a lot can change. In 5 years, you can live a radically different life.

But if you don’t do something different, and believe that you and your life can change, then you will be in the exact same place in 1 year, 5 years and 20 years.

If there’s nothing more or different you want in your life, this is not for you.

But if there’s something in your heart that is calling you - a farm, a trip to Paris, selling your first piece of art, or singing in a choir - it’s up to you to take the first step.

The first step is owning your dream. The second step is asking “How is it possible?”

After that, it’s just putting one foot in front of the other.

If I’d had a crystal ball 6 years ago, I wouldn’t have believed it.

Today, I believe anything is possible, and my dreams are bigger than ever.

The difference is that now I have the courage to say them out loud, the tenacity to keep going for them and the belief that they are all going to come true.

As you read this, I want you to have the courage to share your dream, out loud. Claim it as yours. Sure, you are not guaranteed to get it, but I promise you that if you never truly declare it as a dream of yours, you will never achieve it.

The odds are stacked infinitely in the favour of those brave enough to have a big dream. In the words of Steve Jobs, “those who are crazy enough to think they can change the world usually do.”

Here’s my version: “those crazy enough to think they can change their life are the ones who usually do.”

Be the one that’s crazy enough to dream big and get what you want - and you’ll be the one who does.

This belief, this mindset, is how you start to make the impossible, possible.

Now, go shout out your dreams, believe they are possible…. And do the work to make all your crystal ball desires reality!

Still pinching myself over here…

Lisa Michaud

PS. It's Tuesday & I'm going LIVE on Instagram and Facebook tonight around 8:30 pm PST.

Catch me live or the replay and get ready to make the impossible, possible!  

See you tonight!

Screen Shot 2019-05-08 at 11.59.13 AM.png

Will you achieve your goals? Answer this question

Here’s a bold question for you:

How many people do you piss off on a daily, weekly or monthly basis?

How often do you have people disagreeing with you?

Do you ruffle feathers and challenge those around you?

If you can say “all the time”, “too many to count” and “heck yes”, this post isn’t for you.

But if your answers involved “no-one”, “never”, “not me”, you need to read this.

If you aren’t pissing anyone off, you aren’t doing anything interesting.

And yes – this post might trigger you and piss you off, but at least I’m doing something interesting.

Here are some more bold questions for you:

Are you as successful as you want to be?

Have you achieved your goals and dreams, consistently?

Does it ever feel like no matter how hard you try, or what you try, that you can’t break to the next level?

Does it seem like there’s something stopping you from really achieving your goals… but you can’t figure out what it is?

I feel you. I hear you.

I was there a few short months ago.

I just turned 32 and had hit a lot of great milestones in my life.

But it felt like I’d hit my limit of success. And no matter what I did, I couldn’t break through.

I spent a few days, reflecting, trying to figure out what was holding me back.

I realized I was:

·      Always wanting/needing to be the “smartest person in the room”

·      Never asking for help, or wanting to inconvenience people who were more successful than me

·      Holding back on tools, ideas, quotes, truths that would help my clients and my community.

What I realized as I started digging into these things was an ugly, hideous truth:

These were all based on my need to be liked.

My deep, deep desire to be liked.  My insatiable need to please others, to be nice, to be a good girl.

I just sighed reading this out loud because it’s so ugly to admit.

But it is the truth.

And since then, I’ve uncovered SO many more areas in my life where I’ve held back because I just want to be nice, and I want to be liked.

Can you relate to this?

Recently, I’ve started sharing on this topic and I’ve been overwhelmed by the response from women like you.

Overwhelmedand saddened – that it’s not just me who struggles with this.

Do you ever find yourself going along to get along?

Maybe you’re in a group of people and someone asks what everyone feels like for dinner.

Do you say what you want? Or do you quietly wait for everyone else to chime in?

Do you shy away from sharing a great new book you’re reading because you don’t want your friends to make fun of you for reading “self-help”?

Do you avoid talking about your success because you know your family is just going to roll their eyes and make some comment about how “money isn’t everything” or “success doesn’t last”?

Be honest: do you tip-toe around what you really need, or really think, or really want to say?

You are not alone.

And you DO have a choice:

1)  Continue to stay where you are and stay safe, making everyone else happy.

2)  Or decide to do what’s going to make YOU happy.

Think about what you want in your life – and know that YOU, ONLY YOU, have to live with your regret if you don’t make this the life you want.

Hear that again:

No-one else has to live with your regret.

Not your mom. Not your partner. Not your “bff”.

Only you will carry your own regret.

NOW, are you on board now to get rid of that people pleasing sh*t?


If this is you, you know the first step is just admitting it. Understanding it. And being ok with it.

The second step is to start building that truth muscle. To start speaking up, sharing what you believe and owning it.

You can do this in small and big ways.

When your colleague does a coffee run, give them your ridiculous full-page Starbucks order.  (Because it’s delicious and you know you’d do it for them).

When your friend asks what you want to do this weekend, tell them you want to go nerd out on your favourite movie.  Or that you feel like dressing up and dancing your heart out.

When your family talks about how what you do is a “pyramid scheme” for the 80th time during dinner, step in and let them know how it makes you feel and what it’s been able to do for your life and community.

And if you have to, let them know you will stop showing up to dinner if this is how every meal is going to go down. (GASP! I know… this is big).

Oh, and remember if you aren’t pissing off at least a few people in your life, you aren’t doing anything interesting enough. So start pissing people off!

The third step is to go deeper and uncover what it is that makes you want so deeply to please people.

Is it because you want to fit in? Were you bullied as a child and now that manifests as you always wanting to be included?  (This is a big one for me!).

Is it because you want to be easy-going? Maybe your parents separated when you were young and by being the good girl, you still go to spend time with your mom on weekends.

I know. Sh*t just got real here.

But you’ve got to get to the root.

Journal on it. Talk it out with a friend, mentor, coach or therapist.

Meditate on it.

Challenge yourself to bust through your limiting beliefs and shine your bright light and your truths!

Know that this isn’t a quick fix. You may not let go of all your people-pleasing tendencies by the end of this post.

But you can start today by opening your eyes to the fact that if you’re stuck in life, it might be because you’re letting other people’s opinions be more important than what you want.

You start today.

You start by being honest about how hard it is to not be liked. To not always be the nice girl.

You start by being honest about what it is you want.

You start by being bold enough to GO for what you want, even if it’s not going to make everyone happy.

But you’re going for it because it’s going to make YOU happy.

You show up authentically, and show up for your goals and dreams.

Start pissing some people off.

Do interesting things.

Break out of your limits.

Go for that dream life. And get your goals.

Because you get to live with the life you created. Live the life you dream of, the one you know is meant for you.

Trust me, they’re a heck of a lot sweeter than living with your regrets.

You need to know this:

Despite your deepest fears, most people will NOT come after you with pitch forks (like I imagined they would).

Most people won’t even blink an eye with you being honest.

Other people might.

And if you lose a few people along the way?

Know they will be replaced by people who will support you as you speak your truth.

You will be surrounded by other people who encourage you to read the “self help”.

You’ll be encouraged by friends and family who are excited to see you succeed.

And you’ll be doing it on YOUR terms.

Go piss a few people off, today.

As always, join me LIVE tonight, on Facebook and Instagram around 8:30 pm PST and let's talk about all things people-pleasing.

Bring your question and fears: let's bust them and piss people off together!

Feel like you can't get ahead? This is for you

Does it ever feel like you're stuck?

Can you relate to feeling like you just can't get ahead?

Uhh... who HASN'T felt that way at some point?!

Well, today I'm taking a coaching lesson from my 1 year old daughter, Sonoma.

Because in this picture, she's literally stuck.

Screen Shot 2019-05-01 at 12.41.25 PM.png

Stuck in a foam pit.

It would be so easy for her to get discouraged.

Think things like:

"I'm stuck here."

"I've never gotten out before."

"No-one's ever done it."

"I'll never be able to do it."

"It's too hard."

"I'm not good enough/strong enough/old enough."

"Why won't anyone help me?"

Ok, now be honest: have you EVER thought any of those thoughts above?

Have you ever thought:

“I’ve never done it before so I don’t know if I can.”

“I’m not good enough.”

“I don’t know how I’d ever do it.”

You’re not alone.

BUT those thoughts will NOT serve you as you work towards your goals.

You set your goals because there is something you want.

You want to create financial stability and freedom.

You want to live in your dream city.

You want to feel strong and healthy.

You set goals because there’s something in your life you want more of.

You want more date nights with your sexy partner.

You want more sunset patio drinks with great friends.

You want more time to explore the world.

You set goals because there’s something you want to change, or create to make your life even more amazing.

You’re so over cleaning your house instead of playing with your kids.

You’re done playing small and ready to be a leader in your community.

You’re ready to take the promotion, and your business to the next level.

And to get those goals, you’re going to have to get unstuck.

Alright, back to Sonoma for just a second and check out that cute face again for maximum effect.

Screen Shot 2019-05-01 at 12.41.25 PM.png

Instead of getting frustrated, or staying stuck, here's what her face tells me:

"Woah, this is fun!"

"I just fell and it didn't even hurt."

"I can't hurt myself or fall in here."

"I wonder what will happen if I try......"

"Look, mom, I’ve got this figured out!"

"What a fun challenge!"

"I'm doing it!"

"I'm awesome!"

Ok, I definitely took some liberties with some of those, but you can tell from her face that I'm not far off.

So.... what happens between childhood when possibility is endless.... and adulthood where it feels like the struggle is real?

I don't know the answer to that, but I do know this:

In childhood, you conquer new things, ALL the time.

You learn to crawl. Touch your face.

Walk. Talk.

Sing the alphabet.

Do math. Read. Apologize.

Dance. Run. Play basketball.

And you can do all those things in just a few short years.

So tell me again... WHY can't you do what YOU want?

Why can't you write your book?

Why can't you learn Italian?

Why can't you find a way to hire a cleaner?

Why can't you create beautiful art?

Why can’t you retire your husband and travel the world?

…. That’s what I thought.

There's NO reason why not.

Here's what I know for sure:  

We can ALL learn from a child's mindset and world of possibility.

Today, I want you to take on a new mindset.... and keep it.

That place you're stuck?

Say it with me:

"OOh, this is a fun challenge."

"I can totally do this."

"I learned math - THIS is way more fun!"

Even if you're stuck in a foam pit like Sonoma, look at the world like she does:

Full of infinite possibility and the ability for you to get whatever it is your heart desires!

Today - RIGHT NOW - choose ONE new empowering phrase to describe your situation.

And adopt it.

Write it on a sticky note and put it on your desktop, or your mirror to see every day.

Find a song with those lyrics in it and play it.

Remember a reason why YOU’RE AWESOME and put a picture that reminds you of that as your phone background.

Hang out with kids and watch how they see EVERYTHING as possible and take on that attitude.

Go ahead.

Get yourself out of that foam pit, get yourself unstuck and go get those dreams!

PS. I'll see you LIVE tonight on Facebook and Instagram to dive deeper into the mindset shift required to get YOU UNSTUCK.⁣⁣⁣

See, my friend, there's no reason why you can't move forward with whatever it is you want.⁣⁣⁣ Tonight, around 8:30pm PST, I'll be going live and I want to see you.⁣⁣⁣

Let me know where you're stuck and I'll be there to support you and help you take two steps forward (and maybe only one step back, because it's life!). ⁣⁣⁣

See you tonight! ⁣⁣⁣

How to piss off everyone you know in one blog post

Today’s post has the potential to piss off everyone I know.

So why bother writing it?

Because everyone needs to read, and understand this.

Even if it means triggering or upsetting a few people along the way.

So, let’s go. Let’s shake things up friend!

We all know the clichés about baby boomers and millennials.  



Baby boomers can’t use technology.



They’re set in their ways.



Baby boomers worked in the same job for 30 years, got benefits and are now living cushy retirements (if they’ll retire, that is).



And like every generation before them, they think the younger generation is screwed up.



This is nothing new, by the way. Going all the way back to Ancient Greece, there’s been a belief that “young people today are nothing like we were”.



Enter millennials.



Millennials are lazy, entitled, narcissistic snowflakes.



They don’t want to work hard and expect things to just happen for them.



I am a millennial.



But what I’m going to say is not in defence of millennials.



Or baby boomers.



In fact, there’s one critical thing both generations have dead wrong.




And I believe it’s impacting everything from our perceptions of each other, to the ability of many people in both of these generations to find true happiness.



The problem is that neither generation understands the difference between short- and long-term struggle.



And there is a KEY difference.



Now, I’m using the different generations to oversimplify these beliefs so let’s remove the stereotypes and just talk about people.



Let’s call these two types of people the forever-strugglers and the struggle avoiders.



Let’s start with the forever-strugglers.



We all know the people.



You know the co-worker who hates their job and says “it’s work. You’re not supposed to enjoy it.”



Maybe you’ve got the friend in a relationship who says “marriage is just hard but there’s nothing I can do now.”



Maybe you’ve heard some of these words coming out of your own mouth.



This is a mindset that doesn’t serve anyone.



There is nothing about life that should be inherently difficult, consistently; especially not in the country most of you are reading this from.



And yet, somewhere, somehow, you’ve been conditioned to believe that in order to be “successful” or to have a steady job/buy a house/retire, you need to suffer. And struggle.



This simply isn’t true.



If this resonates in any way, I challenge you to question your assumption and STOP SETTLING.  More on this in a minute.




Now, let’s talk about the other end of the spectrum.



The struggle avoiders.



This is the person who wants a change, or has a goal, but won’t take one step closer because it will mean discomfort.



Struggle avoiders are the people who won’t take the night class because for 3 months, or even 3 years, it’s going to be hard.



Even if that’s exactly what it will take to finally speak Spanish fluently, or start their own public relations business.



You know this friend.



The one that says they want to buy a car or start an RRSP but won’t stop having boozy brunches, or get a side hustle to save money quicker.



Or the one who quits their new job 3 months in because they’re not the CEO yet and are sick of fetching coffee.



So why did I write this knowing it has the potential to offend literally everyone in my life?



Because I hope it will shed a different light on struggle: for everyone.



The truth is, we all need to struggle, sometimes. In the short-term.



But we cannot build a life based on constant struggle. Or constant compromise, unhappiness or discomfort.



You should never plan to be in a career you dislike for 30 years. Or even 5 years.




But you can’t avoid some challenges and some struggle if you ever want to change your circumstance and your life.



When Troy and I wanted to buy our first house together, we set a goal of saving 20% down so we wouldn’t have to pay for mortgage insurance.



And we only had 4 months to save about $80,000.



This meant that even though I was in a professional career, I stayed in my serving job that whole time, and took extra shifts.



This meant Troy worked extra shifts in his job, often on weekends.



We both took every penny from our bonuses and put it towards our down payment.



For those 4 months, we stopped all unnecessary spending.



We went out for dinner once in those 4 months, to celebrate a friend’s birthday.



That was it. And if you know me, you know I LOVE a fabulous dinner. Often.



But we had a goal and it meant we would need to make some sacrifices in the short-term.



We worked damn hard. We put in every effort.



And we crushed our goal.



But it was completely unsustainable.



It was necessary and I have zero regrets.



It was short-term pain, for long-term gain.




There are many times in my life where I’ve had to push myself, and be challenged, and struggle. I look back now, and smile.



Training for half-marathons.


Creating and leading a national Leadership Conference for 3 years.


Working on multi-million-dollar initiatives in my corporate life.


Completing an 8-month community leadership program while also planning a wedding.


Having a newborn baby.



All these times were challenging and I put in an unsustainable amount of effort to make them happen (and keep my baby alive).



It makes me proud that I’m hard-working and able to focus on what’s important to me.



And it also makes me hyper-aware that those are seasons in life that are busier, and they require different sacrifices that I’m not always willing to make.



I am not willing to work two jobs for the rest of my life.


I am not willing to never see my husband.


I’m not willing to wake up every 2 hours forever.


I am not willing to go without delicious food (#sorrynotsorry).



But for the short term, for the bigger picture of what I want in my life, I can do anything.



What has helped make me successful is knowing the difference short-term and long-term struggle.



What makes me successful is my ability to get clear and focused around a specific goal and do the work to get there.



I understand that I do not want long-term struggle and I will not put myself in a situation that I don’t like, that doesn’t work for me, when there’s no clear goal and no end in sight.



Here’s what I want you to know:



If you’re in a tough season of life, or not fulfilled and there’s no end in sight, don’t just accept “that’s the way life is.”  Or that life is inherently hard.



Ask yourself what it will take to break out of this cycle of struggle, and start taking action.



Here’s the other thing I want you to know.



To create something meaningful, or to achieve something great, there will be challenging times in your life.



And to get what you really want, sometimes, you have to jump feet first into a time of short-term struggle and challenge.



The forever strugglers are those people who set up and ACCEPT their lives to be unsustainably difficult or unhappy. All the time. And there’s no end goal. It’s just struggle.



The struggle avoiders are those who refuse to step into discomfort or settle for anything less than perfect, meanwhile sacrificing true meaning and not making any progress at all.  



Here’s what I want you to do:



Understand the difference between short- term and long- term struggle.



Ask yourself where, in your life, you are settling.



Where you have accepted that it’s “just hard.” 



Or it’s “just the way it is”.



And challenge yourself to change your status quo.



Whether this means not accepting you have to work a job you hate, or that you are going to “just get by”, stop assuming that your life means settling for less than what you want.



It’s also time for you to get uncomfortable.



Ask yourself where, in your life, you are avoiding challenge, discomfort or struggle, even though you know there’s something more out there for you.



If there’s a place in your life you’re unsatisfied and have a goal or bigger dream, it’s time to get uncomfortable.



It’s time to take the job that’s 3 steps “down” from the dream job and get started.



Or start your side hustle, even if it means saying goodbye to a few weeknights and weekends in the next 6 months.



If what you really want is to go on a dream trip, or put a down payment on a house, start saving.



And make it hurt.



Don’t always live in hurt.



Don’t always live in struggle.



But avoiding it is a sure-fire recipe for disappointment in life, just as much as assuming you need to struggle in order to “live a life” is.



What I want for you is two-fold, my friend.



I want you to live a life full of joy, that is fulfilling to you and what you want.



I want you to be happy and to be living your dreams.



I also want you to put in the work it takes to achieve your goals and big dreams.



Stop waiting for some day for the challenge to be easier, or for it to magically disappear.



Don’t wish it was easier; get stronger.



Don’t hope it will go away; make it go away.



Do the uncomfortable things. Challenge yourself and do the things you don’t want to do.



Do it so that in the big picture of your life, you have and most importantly, become everything you desire.









PS.  I hope my message was worth pissing you all off. Thank you for reading this far.



PPS.  Join me LIVE tonight as I expand my message and continue to piss people off.



You’ll find me on Facebook and Instagram Live around 8:30 pm (ish) PST – or catch the replay.


Join me live and let’s do this!



See you tonight!