How to stop feeling overwhelmed and get motivated again

You’re confused. 

Life is pretty good. There’s nothing obviously wrong. 

And yet you’re exhausted. You feel a little lost. 

You’re working so hard… but you’re not sure what you’re working towards and why it’s not paying off. 

Girl, I get it. Something is off. Something is missing. 

You have big dreams and you know you’re destined for more.  

You know the answers are out there, somewhere.  

I mean, everything you want to know is on Google or Youtube these days, right?

It can’t be that hard. 

Or can it? 

Let’s paint a picture here and you tell me if I’m the only one that’s been there.

It’s the end of the day. 

You just sent off that last piece of work to your client. The dishes are done.  

The kids finally fall asleep and you commit to find the answers and get the clarity and motivation you’re looking for.

So, you decide to follow a few people on social media for inspiration.  

Suddenly, your inbox is packed with options. 

Memberships, podcasts, journals, conferences, webinars, courses, and workshops. 

All this, and your bookshelf filled with bestsellers is still collecting dust. 

Where do you even begin? 

Overwhelmed with options and unsure of what direction you should take, you decide to hop back on Instagram and proceed to dive into the scroll hole, only to come out an hour later and no further ahead. 

Can you relate? 

In the days to follow, your to-do and to-research list gets even longer. 

You subscribe to more podcasts. 

You sign up for another freebie and receive ten more emails. 

You’re watching inspiring videos and TedTalks, and yet you’re still not making progress. 

Now, you’re even more confused, and wondering how everyone else seems to be doing it and start comparing yourself (even though you know you shouldn’t). 

Soon, you start to ignore the emails, the videos, the podcast notifications just like the books on your shelf since they remind you that you don’t have enough time or money and you aren’t even sure what it is that you want. 

And yet, every time you open Instagram and see others’ success, you wonder why that’s not you.  And deep down, you know that you TOO are smart, capable and oh-so-worthy of success.

I mean, what do they have that you don’t?  

(Besides an obviously better camera, Instagram husband and thousands of followers). 

Well, I don’t know the answer to that, but I do know this:  


It’s time to do things differently and wake up to get the success you want, on your terms. 


If you can relate to feeling overwhelmed, confused, and like everyone is ahead of you, you’re not the only one. 


I can help.


Women like you are why I created Goalden Girls Community.


Goalden Girls Community has been designed for you so you can stop feeling confused and overwhelmed, and START getting clarity, inspiration and strategies that work for you. 


It’s a safe-haven to block out the noise from social media, your nosy coworkers, and your judgy cousin Tracey. (Amen to that!)


You’re ready. 


You’ve had enough of trying to do it on your own. 


It’s time to get the support, inspiration, and training to turn your dreams into reality.  And get a community that connects you with other goal-driven, like-minded women. 


Instead of comparing yourself to others and being stuck in overwhelm and inaction, join a space that lifts you up and simplifies the goal-getting process by giving you only what you need most. 


Goalden Girls Community is a group of women ready to level up, connect and support you as you go for your big dreams.


Led by me, Success Coach Lisa Michaud, this goal-getting community provides the space to stay focused, reduce distractions, and shift your mindset so you create success and go after your dreams.


Are you ready to feel confident?  Get clarity? And find connection?

Are you ready to step into the best version of yourself?  

If the answer is a “heck yes”, it’s your time. 

In Goalden Girls Community, we focus on ONE thing a month. 

That’s it.  One thing.  

Not time management, and positive thinking, and health, and values, and goals, and focus, and and and…… 

One. Thing. At. A. Time. 

And that’s how we eliminate the noise, the overwhelm and the confusion. 

This is how you get clarity and start getting results, immediately. 

Because taking action and being focused gets results

And nothing is more motivating (or exciting!) than actually making progress. 

Imagine finally prioritizing your health and getting consistent with your workouts like you keep saying you will.

Imagine finally signing yourself up for a 5km run or triathlon after all these years, and the pride you feel as you cross the finish line. 

Imagine feeling confident in your decision to go back to work, or back to school, and leaving behind all the excuses or lies you’re telling yourself about being too old or not a good mom.

Girl, this is all possible for you. And it’s available for only $37/month (no, that’s not a mistake, and yes, it’s less than you’re spending on coffee or diapers, or even avocado and toast in a month). 

Success starts with you but doing it alone just plain sucks. 

Join Goalden Girls Community today to say goodbye to wondering IF you can achieve your dreams and say HELLO to the confident woman who faces her fears!

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Join us before the doors close Thursday, August 1st at 11:59pm PST.

I can’t wait to welcome you into our Community!

See you soon  <3

Xo Lisa 

PS. Here’s a video I recorded last night with 4 steps to get you motivated again and get you unstuck no matter how long you’ve been stuck for.

If you like this type of training, you’ll LOVE Goalden Girls Community.

F*ck your excuses

The other day, someone asked me what made me start my business. Here’s the short version.

Almost 5 years ago,  I had health scare.

Before that moment, my life was going good. 

But while I’d achieved a lot of success, and ticked all the usual “boxes” you “should”, I wasn’t living my potential - and I had a lot of dreams and goals I was taking to the grave with me. 

Maybe you can relate. 

Life is pretty good. It’s comfortable. You’ve been successful. 

But there’s more within you, a desire, a dream, a goal you want. You’ve got potential that you haven’t fully explored yet and you know you’re made for more.

And it’s a little scary. 

So it’s easier to put it on hold just for “right now” for when things settle down in life. 

You know, wait for a “better time” when life is less busy.  

Here’s the thing: I’ve been there too.

I’ve waited for “one day” and told myself that “someday” I would start a business. 

It took me 8 years to let go of the excuse that I needed the “perfect business idea” to start. 

I dreamed about living in Vancouver, and flat-out believed it would NEVER happen.

It took two round-trips between BC and Alberta, and more boxes, bottles of wine and friends than I can count to find a way to make it happen. 

I imagined visiting Thailand, bought the guidebook and let it get dusty on my shelf for 8 years. 

It took a cancer scare, the reality that I might only have a year or two left to live, for me to just book the damn trip and finally eat authentic khao soi and meet a real Thai monk, like I’d dreamed of for so long. 

This is what I’ve learned - through my own journey in life and through the honour (yes, HONOUR) of coaching incredible women:

The excuses will ALWAYS be there. 

Your excuse “I’m too young” will turn into the excuse “I’m too old”.

Your excuse of “it’s not the right timewill turn into the excuse “I don’t have enough time left”.

Your excuse of “I don’t know enoughwill turn into the excuseit's too late to go back”.

Your excuse of “I can’t afford it” will turn into “I have too many other expenses to ever invest.”

Your excuse of “they won’t like it/me” will turn into “I don’t even know what I want anymore.”  

Or worse, “I don’t even know who I am anymore.” 

Your excuse “I’ll invest when I have more money” will turn into the excuse “I have too many other expenses to ever invest.”  

Your excuse of “I don’t know how” will turn into “I can’t do it.”

Let go of your excuses. 

Because if you don’t, it will only turn into yet another excuse.

For me, it took a health scare.  For others, it takes the death of a close family member. 

But why does it have to?!

The truth is, it doesn’t. 

Setting the intention, investing in yourself to do the hard work, and a really damn good coach (ahem, hello friend) can work wonders on those excuses. 

Girl, I’ve got two spots available for one-on-one coaching this month, and then that’s it: there will be no more opportunities to work together privately for several months.

These spots are rare, and I know they will go fast. In fact, the first one went last week within hours of announcing it. 

If you’re ready to drop the excuses, let’s do this. 

Your life is precious. 

And you’re WAY more freakin’ capable than you give yourself credit for.

Book a coaching discovery call and let’s connect to see what “someday” dream you are going to make reality. 

It’s time to get excited about your life. 

It’s time to get clear about what you want - without the excuses. 

It’s time to step into the woman you’re meant to become. 

And create the life you’re meant to live. 

Book your complimentary call today and let’s get you fired up to drop the excuses and make ANYTHING possible

The question you must ask before you say "yes" again

As you know, this month, I’m talking about time.  Where your time is going. How to create more of it. And how to make the most of it.


While I love to remind you that anything is possible (and it is!), time has a constraint. We all have 168 hours a week24 hours a day. So far, no-one has been able to create more hours. 


We can’t speed time up (for boring meetings or flight delays). 


And we can’t slow it down (for weekends, children growing up or while we’re on vacation). 


Because of this simple fact, this equation exists:



Saying “Yes” to something = “Saying No” something else



When you say “yes” to something, you inevitably say “no” to something else. 


You have to. 


You cannot say “yes” without saying “no” to something. 


It’s the law of time, and it’s simple math. 


“No” is not inherently a bad word. It’s important to say. And in fact, often we end up saying “no” without even realizing it.


My challenge to you is to get conscious of what you are saying “no” to in order to say “yes”. 


So, what does the law of time look like in the real world?


Your best friend invites you to Happy Hour on Friday night. You want to say “YES” (and make it a double!). 


By saying “yes” to Happy Hour, you’re saying “no” to many other things:

  • You’re saying “no” to working late. 
  • You’re saying “no” to going home right after work.
  • You might be saying “no” to a workout after work.
  • You’re saying “no” to volunteering for your favourite organization.


Some of these “no’s” are reasonable and even responsible. Some might be interpreted as “the wrong choice”.  The reality is, “no’s” exist every time you say “yes”. 


And only you can decide if they are the right “no’s” for you.



Here’s another example:

Your boss/client asks you for extra support on a new project and for you to present the results.

  • You’re saying “yes” to the opportunity to be exposed to a new part of the business.
  • You’re saying “yes” to a new experience.
  • You’re saying “yes” to winning brownie points with the boss/client.
  • You’re saying “no” to coming in at a normal time every morning this week.
  • You’re saying “no” to an hour of sleep each night.
  • You’re saying “no” to a lame meeting you didn’t want to go to anyway.


You’re probably getting the idea by now. 


As you can see, not all “yes’s” are good. AND not all “no’s” are bad. 


If your goals are currently centered on creating new career opportunities, and you’re feeling recharged from a recent vacation, the “yes’s” might be worth the “no’s”. 


If you feel like your boss/client is taking advantage of you, or you’re burned out, those “no’s” might be unacceptable for you this week. 


It’s up to you to be sure you are saying both the right “yes’s” and the right “no’s” for you and the life you want to create.


The bottom line is that you want to shift the equation in your favour:



Saying “Yes” to something > “Saying No” something else



The next time you are about to say “yes”, ask yourself:

  • What am I saying “yes” to?
  • What am I saying “no” to?
  • Is the “yes” advantage greater than what I’m saying “no” to?


Then, act accordingly.


The only right answer about how you spend your time is the answer you know deep inside. 


When you know who you are, and what’s important to you, you can look at time decisions through this lens.  Knowing that will make it way easier to figure out what you should say “yes” to and what you should say “no” to when you know what your “yes” advantage is. 


I’m off to say “yes” to a run (and “no” to getting ahead on my work!),


- Lisa
Success Coach


PS. If you feel like you never have enough timeI can help. I recently led two groups through an exercise on time management and everyone gained at least four or more hours a week back in their life. (Yes, that’s enough time to take a spa dayread a whole book, nap every afternoon, or start a side-business - every week!). 


As a trained coach, this is an example of the kind of work we can do together. We refine your goalsmake time in your life for the things that are important, and learn to say “no” to the right things. 


In just three months together, you’ll see your time expand and you’ll achieve goals you didn’t think were possible!  I have two last spaces at my current price point of $1500 USD + tax. If one of these spots is for you, reach me here and we'll set up a complimentary Discovery Call before prices increase!


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If saving $1500 and getting a life-changing coaching experience isn’t a “hell yes”, I don’t know what is!