The question you must ask before you say "yes" again

As you know, this month, I’m talking about time.  Where your time is going. How to create more of it. And how to make the most of it.


While I love to remind you that anything is possible (and it is!), time has a constraint. We all have 168 hours a week24 hours a day. So far, no-one has been able to create more hours. 


We can’t speed time up (for boring meetings or flight delays). 


And we can’t slow it down (for weekends, children growing up or while we’re on vacation). 


Because of this simple fact, this equation exists:



Saying “Yes” to something = “Saying No” something else



When you say “yes” to something, you inevitably say “no” to something else. 


You have to. 


You cannot say “yes” without saying “no” to something. 


It’s the law of time, and it’s simple math. 


“No” is not inherently a bad word. It’s important to say. And in fact, often we end up saying “no” without even realizing it.


My challenge to you is to get conscious of what you are saying “no” to in order to say “yes”. 


So, what does the law of time look like in the real world?


Your best friend invites you to Happy Hour on Friday night. You want to say “YES” (and make it a double!). 


By saying “yes” to Happy Hour, you’re saying “no” to many other things:

  • You’re saying “no” to working late. 
  • You’re saying “no” to going home right after work.
  • You might be saying “no” to a workout after work.
  • You’re saying “no” to volunteering for your favourite organization.


Some of these “no’s” are reasonable and even responsible. Some might be interpreted as “the wrong choice”.  The reality is, “no’s” exist every time you say “yes”. 


And only you can decide if they are the right “no’s” for you.



Here’s another example:

Your boss/client asks you for extra support on a new project and for you to present the results.

  • You’re saying “yes” to the opportunity to be exposed to a new part of the business.
  • You’re saying “yes” to a new experience.
  • You’re saying “yes” to winning brownie points with the boss/client.
  • You’re saying “no” to coming in at a normal time every morning this week.
  • You’re saying “no” to an hour of sleep each night.
  • You’re saying “no” to a lame meeting you didn’t want to go to anyway.


You’re probably getting the idea by now. 


As you can see, not all “yes’s” are good. AND not all “no’s” are bad. 


If your goals are currently centered on creating new career opportunities, and you’re feeling recharged from a recent vacation, the “yes’s” might be worth the “no’s”. 


If you feel like your boss/client is taking advantage of you, or you’re burned out, those “no’s” might be unacceptable for you this week. 


It’s up to you to be sure you are saying both the right “yes’s” and the right “no’s” for you and the life you want to create.


The bottom line is that you want to shift the equation in your favour:



Saying “Yes” to something > “Saying No” something else



The next time you are about to say “yes”, ask yourself:

  • What am I saying “yes” to?
  • What am I saying “no” to?
  • Is the “yes” advantage greater than what I’m saying “no” to?


Then, act accordingly.


The only right answer about how you spend your time is the answer you know deep inside. 


When you know who you are, and what’s important to you, you can look at time decisions through this lens.  Knowing that will make it way easier to figure out what you should say “yes” to and what you should say “no” to when you know what your “yes” advantage is. 


I’m off to say “yes” to a run (and “no” to getting ahead on my work!),


- Lisa
Success Coach


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