The easiest way to get anything you want

This is the easiest way to get anything you want. Anything. 

Tell me: what's something you want? 

Do you want to start a business? Have financial freedom? Get a promotion? 

In today's blog, I share how to have whatever it is you want - today.

Ok, so you might not become a billionaire overnight.

But I can tell you that you're a lot closer to what you want than you think.

Here’s a story for you…. and picture of me crossing my first half marathon finish line, where this story starts.

running lisa .jpg

I still remember crossing the finish line. ⁣

I laughed. ⁣

I cried.⁣

I partied until 4am after (it was in Vegas, after-all).⁣


Crossing that finish line is something I never believed I could do and I'm sure it would surprise every gym teacher I ever had.

Growing up, I was not a runner.

I dreaded running.  At school, we did 6-lap runs twice a year and my dad had to help psych me up, every time.

I walked most of our milk "runs" and used the excuse of "that time of the month" to get out of more runs than I should admit to.

But then I started to get this idea to run a half marathon.

Something about the challenge excited me.

I wasn't sure I could do it and it seemed so far from what was possible for me that it made me curious - could I do it?

The first time I started training, I was in a serious car accident and it stopped my “running career” for the next few years.

Years later, I decided to give it another go.

I learned about training, carbo-loading, found a friend to run with (thanks Mariko!) and started running.

I thought I had it all figured out.

And as life would have it, I got in my own way.

I was scared to do the runs because I knew I wasn't a runner.

I would say to myself “there’s no way I can run for two minutes straight” before every run that required me to try a new pace, distance or time.

I wanted to travel and knew I wouldn't run while we were on vacation.

I could see my half marathon dreams fade before I'd ever achieve them.

But then, I started telling myself I was a runner.

I BELIEVED I was a runner and everything changed.

When you BELIEVE what you want to become and you believe you already ARE and can achieve anything, YOU CAN.

Tony Robbins says "we live who we believe we are" and I can't imagine truer words.

When I believed I was a runner, I showed up to my runs (and survived them!).

When I believed I was a runner, I knew I could get through the challenges of faster pacing, longer distances and times.

And I won’t lie, sometimes I only got through runs by holding hands with a friend, and eating gummy bears along the way.


When I was a runner, I brought my shoes on vacation and did my training runs.

When I believed I was a runner, I signed up for another race and another race. And I now have 7 half marathons under my belt (and I have dreams of a marathon in a later season of life).

What started as a dream to run a half marathon, became a goal to run a half marathon.

What became a goal to run a half marathon became who I am: a runner.

And the same is true for you.

What starts as a dream, becomes a goal.

What becomes a goal, becomes who you are today.

"We live who we believe we are". ⁣

It's time for you to claim your dreams and goals.

It's time for you to LIVE who YOU believe you are.

Believe you're the most incredible version of yourself… and you will be!

Tell yourself you already are the person you want to become, and then start doing the things that person would do.

If you want to become an author, tell yourself you’re an author.

And then do what an author does, and write.

If you want to be the CEO of your company one day, tell yourself you are and start doing the things.

Start thinking strategically, dress and show up like the CEO and network like you’re a CEO looking to expand your business.

If you want to build wealth, do what wealthy people do.

Pay attention to your money. Invest in yourself and your learning.  Learn about how to invest it right and dedicate the time and energy to your wealth, and you will become wealthy.

Your goals are about more than crossing a finish line or hitting a target.

Your goals are about you BECOMING the woman you're meant to be.

Your goals are about BEING who you believe you are.

So you better damn well believe you're as awesome as I already know you are.

This, my friend, is how you become anything you want.

By believing you can. By believing you are. And then doing what it is the woman who has it and IS it, does.

This week, and each week, I want you to take on the belief that you already are the person who has achieved your goals.

This is hands down the easiest way to get anything you want.

Take action, daily, like you’ve already got it in the bag (because mindset is seriously 90% of the game, so you pretty much do).

Adopt the mindset of the person who has achieved what you want.

And do the work.

Grab this FREE weekly goal planner here (only available for a limited time) and get clear about what it is you will do THIS WEEK to move you closer on your goals.

Print a few out, and do this weekly. Imagine you have already achieved your goal when you write it out, and then write out what someone who has what you want would do. Then, do it.

And join me LIVE tonight on Facebook and Instagram to dive deeper into belief, and how to get and become anything you want. I’ll be hoping on around 8:30 pm PST and there will be a replay of course, too.

Stop waiting UNTIL you’ve achieved your goals to be happy, or feel strong, or feel wealthy.

Get into it, today.

You, my friend, can become anything you want.