This gift is for you. Take it.

I have a gift for you! 


It starts with a gift I was given.


Two years ago, there was a chance I had terminal cancer.


You may not all know this, but at the age of 27, I faced the realization that I might only have a year or two left to live. Since then, my life has entirely changed.


I remember coming home and laying in bed with my husband Troy that night and talking about what we would do if I only had one year left to live.


The first thing that came to my mind was "move to Vancouver."


I was lucky. I didn’t have cancer. 


BUT I'm so glad I had this wake-up call.  This experience was a gift to me.


Because I realized this:


I was waiting for someone to tell me that I was going to die before I started doing the things I really wanted to do. 


And that needed to stop.  Stat.


I made a commitment to start living todayBefore my time is up and it’s too late for my dreams. 


I finally took that trip to Thailand I'd wanted to do for years. (I literally had a guidebook from 2007 collecting dust).

I quit my six-figure job.

I sold my house, cars and moved to my dream city, Vancouver.

And I decided I would start the business I always wanted - helping people like you live success on your terms NOW!


One of the things I’ve learned is that we put off our biggest dreams in life, often until it’s too late. 


I know why you aren’t achieving your goals. 


You’re too busy. 

You don’t have the money

You’re still too young

You’re too old. 

You don’t have time.

You might fail.  

You have responsibilities.  Student Loans.  Kids. Mortgages. “Real life.”

You don’t know how.

Now isn’t the right time.

It will be easier to do later.  

It’s not possible. 

It’s too much effort.

It’s not even worth it.


I understand.


I’ve set some goals and haven’t achieved them.


I’ve achieved some goals and it turned out, they didn’t actually make me that happy.


I’m human.  And I’ve made the same mistakes and excuses too. 


Before my health scare, I was happy enough.  I had a pretty good job that allowed me to learn, work with interesting people, and paid me really well!  


I had an awesome husband who wanted nothing more than for me to be happy. We had a gorgeous home, several cars, toys, and a hot tub. 


We travelled – a lot.  We had been to 24 countries together and we were always jetting off to incredible places like Iceland, Fiji, Vancouver, New York and Las Vegas. 


I was surrounded by an awesome circle of friends, the kind that became family.


Life was pretty damn good.



But it wasn’t what I truly, deeply wanted.  



I thought my excuses were real.


Why give up everything I have?  

Life’s pretty good, I would tell myself.

Is the grass actually greenerProbably not.

It’s not even possible for me to live in Vancouver.

I would tell myself I could never make as much money as I am now or create my own business to match my income. And I definitely couldn’t live on less, even if I wanted to.

I am luckier than 95% of the world. Why am I still not happy?!  There must be something wrong with me.


And yet, after my health scare, I knew I needed to make a change.


I let go of my excuses.  I took a good, deep, hard look at myself and my life.  I spent time to understand what it was that I truly wanted in my life.


See… I DO know how to set goals.  And achieve them.


I have accomplished goals with a lot of grit.   And strategy.


I’ve studied and learned how to set incredible goals.  I’ve refined my process over the years. 


And now I want to share those secrets with you.


When I started my business, I committed to creating surprises and tools to help women and men create success on their terms.  And I will deliver on that, always.


If you’re frustrated with where you are in life...

frustrated because you can’t seem to get traction on your goals,

or you’re satisfied but not TRULY elated about your life


- This special gift is just for you!



I’ve created a brand-new, exclusive 3-part video training series, as a completely free resource for you.  In it, I reveal the top 3 powerful steps you must take before you set another goal.


These steps have helped me:

  • Earn six figures (and then give that up for the best reason - to create my own high income!)
  • Travel to more than 30 countries before I turned 30 (32 countries and counting…)
  • Run five half marathons.
  • Marry the love of my life.
  • Quit my 9-5
  • Start my dream business (yes, this is seriously a dream!!)
  • Hit the “usual” steps – degree, job, house, husband, car, and joy!
  • Become a self-made millionaire before I turned 30
  • Move to and create an incredible penthouse home in my favourite city in the world, Vancouver
  • Understand what my purpose is in my business
  • Build an unbelievable group of friends and huge network to work with, play with and laugh with!
  • Become a keynote speaker, motivating audiences of all ages and backgrounds
  • Work with incredible, inspiring entrepreneurs and clients every day!



I’ve put together what I’ve learned and the tools to get you started today!


Don’t make the same mistake I made. Don’t wait for someone to tell you you’re going to die to start doing what you really want in life.


In this free video and workbook series, you will:

  • Learn why you get the nagging feeling there’s something missing
  • Finally prioritize so you can get the RIGHT sh*t done
  • Set goals that you’re actually motivated to accomplish!


You'll uncover:

  • Why you haven't gotten your goals yet
  • What's most important in your life
  • What goals you should be setting
  • What you need to say "no" to
  • What you need to say "yes" to get your dream life!


So far, I have only shared this information with my handpicked group of Goal-Den Girls right here in Vancouver, and my highly invested 1x1 private clients.


And I’m BEYOND excited to share this with you today!




As always, let me know how it goes. You know I love hearing from you, so get in touch!


Open this gift if you’re ready to start achieving the dreams you’ve been putting off and living your life.  


Set goals to achieve the life you want.  


Start living life your life today!



This is just the beginning. 




Success Coach


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