If you can't do this, you'll never get what you want

"Everything you want is on the other side of fear." 

No doubt, you've heard George Addair's famous quote.

But are you living it?

When's the last time you got uncomfortable?

When's the last time you took a leap into the unknown?

I hope the answer is "daily." 

But if it's not, let's talk.

Because I know that getting uncomfortable is... well, scary, and uncomfortable.

You know that in order to get something you've never gotten, you have to dive into the unknown.

You have to be willing to get uncomfortable.

You have to go for your first run and probably suck at it if you ever want to do a 10km run.

You have to change your work hours, and set a new boundary with your clients if you want work-life balance.

You have to face the numbers and look at your actual monthly expenses, and debt, if you ever want to be financially free. But it feels terrifying to do it, doesn't it?

You know that you have to do the scary thing if you want the best life.

But every week, I get messages from you asking "ya but HOW?!"

Great question.

That's why I wanted to talk to one of the most brilliant women I know: Kaitlin Armstrong from In Balance Body Intelligence Yoga.

Because when you actually take the leap, and step out of your comfort zone, that's when it gets hard.

Overwhelm kicks in.

Anxiety creeps up.

You wonder "what if" or "who do I think I am" or "maybe I'll do it when I'm 'ready' because I'm certainly not ready now".

Last week, I interviewed Kaitlin for her wisdom on How to get COMFORTABLE with DISCOMFORT.

Initially, I was recording it for a future podcast episode, but then we decided to do a Facebook Live and I have a special replay link just for you.

So, are you listening to ALL the podcasts, reading all the books, making ALL the plans... and still not seeing the change you want?⠀

You need to watch this video.

Kaitlin brings her Exercise Physiology and 1000 hour Yoga Teacher wisdom and her passion for FUNctional movements and helps us shake things up and gain expertise from a WHOLE new perspective. ⠀

If there's something in your heart that you keep procrastinating on, or just can't seem to get the courage to do, this is for you. 

If you have a dream, or a goal and you know it's going to require you getting out of your comfort zone, this video is full of wisdom and real life exercises you can do RIGHT NOW to expand what's comfortable and prepare yourself for any level of challenge.

Because the truth is, your courage has to be greater than your fear.

Your dream has to call you louder than your nerves.

You need to lean into the discomfort and learn to thrive in it so you can thrive in life.

That's exactly what Kaitlin will help you do.

I hope you enjoy this video and sneak peak of a future podcast episode as much as I enjoyed learning from Kaitlin. 

With love,


PS. Reading the books, listening to the podcasts and making all the plans is a good start.

But at some point, you have to DO to achieve your goals.

I know that what stops you is the overwhelm and anxiety that comes up when you navigate change.

Here's the truth:

Change WILL happen.

Change is inevitable.

To thrive as your best self, you have to be able to navigate uncertainty.

In this special interview, Kaitlin shares incredible tips and exercises you can do RIGHT NOW to get comfortable outside your comfort zone. ⠀

What I love about Kaitlin is that she brings learning through body movement, body intelligence and yoga - in an incredibly powerful way.

If you're looking for yoga and learning that goes WAY beyond the classroom, definitely check out Kaitlin's retreat.

This summer, Kaitlin is hosting a 2-week Yoga Immersion and Leadership Training in beautiful Nelson, BC.

Hosted at Mountain Waters Retreat, you'll spend 2 weeks drinking water from the spring, swimming in the pristine lake, practicing amongst the quiet of the woods and eating local organic food from the garden.

This is NOT your traditional regurgitation of yoga teachings.⠀

Expect to move outside the boundaries of what you knowfeel into new places in your body, and uproot narratives and beliefs that you're accustomed to.

Want to learn more about Kaitlin and her incredible retreat? Check out the link here for more info. As a proud partner, Kaitlin has shared a special code so you save $200 with the code "Lisa-YTT". (Thank you!!)

PPS. BIG congratulations and love to Kaitlin who gave birth less than 3 days after recording this, and welcome to beautiful baby Rosie!!