One of the biggest reasons for my success...

No doubt, you've put some thought to the success you want to create in 2017.  Because of that, I wanted to share with you one the biggest reasons for my success:

Have you ever been told you should get a mentor?
I’m going to guess, like many other young professionals (or anyone, really!), you’ve heard you need a mentor. 
Getting a mentor sounds simpleLike going to the grocery store and picking up milk. 
Except it’s not that easy.  Nor should it be.  A great mentor will change your life. And nothing life-changing is ever easy. 
If you’ve ever thought about getting a mentor (or even wonder if you should get one), you need to read this.  
First, let me say this:
It’s true.  
You should have a mentor.  But only if you feel you would benefit one. 
You should have a mentor, but only if it’s the right mentor.
You should have a mentor, if you have time for another commitment and relationship. 
You should have a mentor, if what you’re looking for is wisdom, advice and experience.
In honour of January being National Mentoring Month, I’ve created a I’ve created a 3-part mini-series ALL about mentoring.

I believe in your right to have a meaningful career while having a life you love – and mentors have played a big part of creating both in my life.   I know they can have an incredible impact for you.
To best support you in navigating the mentorship waters, between now and January 31st, I’ll be sharing with you:


1.  Why you would want a mentor (keep reading!)


2.  How to connect with a mentor: what to do before you get one, where to look and how to ask someone to be your mentor


3.  What’s essential for mentorship success: How to structure your relationship, make the most of having a mentor & other tips and FAQ to rock it with your mentor.

Let’s start with why you might want a mentor.
I’ve had several mentors in my life – some formal, some informal. Each one of them brought something different to my life and career. Every mentor/mentee relationship is unique and comes with its own perks.  My first formal mentor was key to help me as I transitioned from my career in HR to one that was quickly evolving and expanding within my company.  My last formal mentor has helped me integrate into the Vancouver community AND grow my business with a fresh perspective.
Here are some reasons why you might want a mentor:

  • You’re looking for career advice from someone who’s in a role, company or industry you want to be in.  Why not learn from someone who’s been there and done that?


  • You’re going through a new experience, specific transition or challenging period and you want guidance through that time.  For example, you might want a mentor as you start a business, transition into/out of parental leave, or take on a new and challenging job or project.


  • You’re interested in expanding your network.  Maybe you’re new to a company, city or industry.  Or perhaps you want access to other companies and industries and are looking for some support and connections to help you do that.


  • You’d love extra encouragement, advice, support and guidance as you figure out your next career, business or life experience.  Should you go back to school?  If yes, for what?  What about expanding your business internationally?  Does it make sense to do it now and what do you need to know?  And starting a family while working – how?!

January is the perfect time of year to be talking about mentorship

You’ve reflected and closed off 2016

You’ve at least started thinking about what you want to achieve in 2017 and maybe you’ve already started working on your New Year’s Resolutions and goals!  (Full disclosure:  I haven’t – I’m strategically taking January to figure out what I want to achieve this year and am diving in February 1st!).
Stay tuned for next week and I’ll share how to connect with a mentor.  You’ll learn what you need to do before you get one, where to look for a mentor and how to ask someone to be your mentor.  It’s essential reading for anyone who thinks a mentor fits into their 2017 goals! 
Let’s create a conversation about mentoring this month.  If you already have a mentor, I’d love if you share why you got a mentor.  And of course, feel free to share your tips and tricks.

If you’ve had a mentor in the past that didn’t work out, share any lessons learned and what you would do differently. Feel free to shoot me an emailcomment on this post on my blog or social media, and share it with others you think would find it helpful! 

If you haven’t yet set out goals or New Year’s resolutions for the year, that’s ok.  Don’t stress!  I find January, after the holidays, to be an underutilized time to prioritize and re-energize.  Take the next few weeks to explore what you want out of 2017, set some goals and make a plan. 
Now, off to create my 2017 plan. 

 - Lisa
Success Coach

PS. Our support system is one of the MOST important parts of our life.  If you know someone in your circle who would love to read this too, please share it with him or her.  They will thank you for it (and so do I)!