Why I don't feel successful

"The road to success is always under construction". I read this Lily Tomlin quote the other day and it hit me hard.


Success is a journeynot a destination.


To me, success is a very personal definition. Success is being happy and feeling like I'm making a meaningful contribution – at least to me.


It's funny. I used to believe that if I hit certain milestones: buy a house before age 25, make 6-figures before age 30, and become a millionaire - that I'd feel successful and I'd be "done".


But I've hit all of those - and I still don't feel satisfied. Or at least, I certainly don't feel like I've hit the end of the road.


Maybe you can relate.


Have you hit certain "milestones" in life like a stable job?  House? Started a business? Marriage? Kids? 6-figures? 7-figures?


Did those milestones fulfill you?


Do you feel "successful"?


For me, the answer is YES ---- and ----- NO. 


I’m guessing, if you’re still reading, you might feel the same way.


There are two parts to this: one-part healthy, one-part unhealthy.


The unhealthy part:

This is the side that some days has me feeling exhausted, and like I'm not good enough. No matter how "successful" I might look on the outside, I'm human and have doubts and challenges, every day.


But there's another side to this success journey: the healthy part.

The healthy part of my journey is the part of me with serious drive, a fire inside me that wants to create more, to be more, to be better and make a bigger impact.

It's the part of me that dreams, that inspires, and is so motivated. 

My healthy drive connects me to other like-minded, incredible people, each successful in their own way. We push, challenge, and inspire each other.


Do you know what I’m talking about?


So what do you do with this conflict?


Knowing that your road to success will always be under construction will either inspire you or crush you, if you let it.


Now that you recognize this eternal struggle - the hampster wheel, if you will - you can work with it, instead of against it.


Have you got big dreams? 


Heck yes, girl! Go for it. Let those dreams light your path and don't lose your vision of where you're going... and why!


Have you got more milestones you want to cross?


Own it. Work for it. And never forget to celebrate the milestones you've already achieved. Pop a bottle of bubbly. Treat yourself to a massageMeditate on it daily. 


Don't feel successful yet?


Change your definition of success. Create one that you can hit today. Maybe that definition can be "spend time laughing every day." Or "talk to someone I love every day." Make sure you hit that definition of success, every week. Soak up your current success and let it propel you to all your future successes. 


And remember, that hitting certain goals and targets won’t guarantee success or happiness. All of that starts with you and it starts today.


The road to success is always under constructionBuild it out of passion, joy, fulfillment and wonder.


And don’t forget to enjoy the ride.


Successfully yours,





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