Feeling scared? Make sure you never forget this

Confession: I haven’t been blogging in a few weeks since I’ve been on vacation and tried to unplug as much as possible. 


And if you haven’t done it lately, consider this your friendly reminder to schedule yourself a day off, a week off or a multi-month sabbatical if you need it! Trust me: if you think you're too busy for a vacation, you need it the most!


For this trip, Troy and I were in need of some sun and decided to visit family in beautiful Phoenix, Arizona.


We ventured off to Sedona, famous for its beautiful red rock mountains for a few days. The city is known for its spirituality and new-age practices – Sedona is full of psychics, aura photographers, healing rocks, UFO tours and more. 


Sedona is also known for its incredible hikes and while Troy and I certainly aren’t experienced hikers, we did hike every day for several hours to get into nature. 


On our last day in Sedona, we ended up on a trail that went from a well-marked, gentle incline, to full-on rock scrambling (basically a mix between hiking and climbing with your hands). 


Honestly, this climb was scary. 


I love rock-climbing, but I’m the kind of climber who wants to feel protected. I want to be harnessed in, and I want a belayer to spot me and keep me safe. 


This was not one of those climbs. This climb had no protection. I had no equipment. And embarrassingly, I was wearing a dress (surprisingly comfortable to climb in…)


To this day, I’m not even sure we were on any actual trail since we seemed to be carving our own path up the mountain. 


The climb was extremely arduous at times and at one point, I was ready to give up.


Troy had ascended a particularly slippery and steep section.  I tried twice, and fell within the first two feet of the climb (talk about a bruise to the ego). 


While I waited and watched others ascend (including fearless 6 year olds!), I was severely disappointed in myself.


I wanted to keep going so badly but I didn’t think I could do it. 


Then, Troy reappeared. He came down and I told him I wanted to go up but I was scared. 


In that moment, I asked myself what was going on… and I realized I probably just needed a little push at the bottom and a cheerleader with me. And I was right. 


He helped me get over the first few feet, and I made it to the top, with only minor heart palpitations. 


The lesson?  We all need a little support sometimes – someone to believe in us – and someone who pushes us to go the distance. 




While we loved the views from the top, soon came the realization we’d have to come down.The descent was full of loose, red sand – the kind I was terrified of slipping on and soaring right off the edge of a 50-foot cliff. 



To protect myself in this scary terrain, I sat down and decided to just glide down the mountain. 


But instead of being able to cautiously descend, I ended up sliding out-of-control. Sitting down meant I had no power over my speed or direction – and it was absolutely terrifying!


I quickly realized I had to brave up, stand up, and start walking. I gained the confidence to walk over the loose rocks – and made it down just fine. 


It turns out, in tough moments, when I tried to just stop and sit, things got worse. I lost control. It was actually more dangerous. 



The next lesson from my climb? In tough times, sometimes you have to get confident and fake-it-till-you-make-it. You have to stand up, get brave, find the best balance you can and keep moving.




This message is for you today. If you’re stuck. If you’re facing a challenge (or a climb) that feels impossible.


If you’re feeling scared or uneasy about what’s next in your career, in your relationship, in your life or in your business, this message is for you. 


  • Sometimes we all need someone to believe in us.  I believe in you. I believe that no matter how hard it is right now, imagine this as your little boost to keep you going and get you further (and higher) than you’ve ever been before. 

  • If you’re in a tough or uncomfortable place, keep moving.  Stand up, get confident and keep going. When you move, you’ll find your balance. You have it within you to keep going and when you do, you’ll define and reach your destination.


And never forget, if you keep your eyes, heart, and mind openlife will give you lessons at every turn… and climb. 


I believe in you. Keep moving. 




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