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Are you wasting 70% of your time?

“Everybody’s working for the weekend...”


Ahhh…a great song. Nostaligic beats. Just hearing the song might take you back to your younger years.  Or maybe you’re younger than me and don’t know the song, in which case you should YouTube it. Now.

As great as the song is, I think “working for the weekend” is bullshit.

Utter, complete bullshit.



Your life is meant to be full.  Full of fun.  Full of life.  Full of memories and good times.


Too often I hear people telling me they “can’t do anything on week nights.” We frequently laugh and make jokes, calling those nights “school nights.”  As if our parents and school principal are still telling us what we can and can’t do.

It's time to never waste a week night again.

Let’s do some simple math.

There are seven days and nights in a week.

You work five days.

You get two nights a week that you don’t have to work the next day.

That means you only have fun 2/7 nights.

That’s only 28% of your nights. 


If you’re working for the weekend, you are wasting more than 70% of your evenings. Considering you spend 40+ hours at work in a week, wasting 70% of your evenings is just plain stupid.


So, I challenge you to make the most of your weeknights. In those evenings, you could be making time to:

  • Cook your favourite meal
  • Have a Skype date with a friend
  • Take a photography course you’ve been dying to take
  • Go to sleep early because sometimes sleep is just soooooo good
  • Schedule a hot date night with that special someone…or say yes to a weeknight date with someone new! 
  • Book that yoga class because even if you do fall asleep, at least you showed up

These nights are precious time. Your time is valuable. Don’t waste it in front of the TV.  Don’t waste it too exhausted to focus.  Don’t waste it on housework.


And guess what – if at the end of the day you are too tired and mentally exhausted from a job you don’t love?


Then you REALLY need to take my advice and make a change. 

  • Work on resumes you keep saying you will submit
  • Sign up for a new course
  • Commit to one networking event a week.  Hint: networking doesn’t have to be stuffy events with suits. It can be joining a hiking group, volunteering for a local non-profit, or a happy-hour with new friends
  • Start a side-business to test a career move before you leap


There’s time for wonderful indulgences every dayMovement towards our goalsSmall, simple pleasuresSweet memories.  Love. Laughter. 

There's time for Growth. Learning. Working for our goals. Reaching our dreams.  Celebration.  New connection.  Expanding ourselves and our life.


But it’s only yours if you stop wasting your time.

Go get what you want tonight! 

 - Lisa

Success Coach


PS - Here's proof that I DO live life and go out (yes, even on school nights).  One afternoon after work, some friends and I drove up to Whistler, just for the evening.  In just a few hours, we did a 5km run, relaxed at the world class Scandinave Spa and sampled beer and dinner at Howe Sound Brewing.


 I can't wait to hear what YOU do with all your extra time!