Does this hold you back?

If you’ve ever been to my website or checked out my Instagram, you’ve probably seen some of the professional photos I’ve had done.


I get compliments on my photos ALL the time (credit to the amazing Kim James Photography for her talent).

Here’s the finished product:




But I have to share with you the truth about that photo shoot and how it almost didn’t happen.



It looks beautiful and relaxed, but it certainly didn’t start that way.



If you ever doubt yourself or wonder if you’re not good enough, this is for you.



If you’re ever ashamed of your body or the way you look and hide behind it, this is for you.



This is the truth behind-the-scenes of my very first photo shoot.



I scheduled, and rescheduled this photo shoot several times.



I cancelled it, repeatedly.



I had "reasons”.



I was “busy”. Traveling. The weather sucked.



I used every excuse I thought the photographer would accept.



Do you want the truth?

The truth I've NEVER spoken out loud?

I put it off because of how I looked.

I cancelled it because I wanted to lose weight before my photo shoot.

I wanted to be skinnier. Be more toned. Look better before I immortalized myself in photos.



I was SO nervous and afraid that I put off this major up level in my business, because of how I felt about myself.


And I almost didn’t show up for my dreams because of how I looked.



I cringe saying this but I'm sharing it because it's something I definitely struggle with.

And maybe you struggle with it too.

Looking at these photos today, I wonder:



Every day, how many things do women like me NOT do because we are afraid of how we look?

Even confident, badass women like you and I.

Every morning, I've woken up with my daughter Sonoma and told her she is "beautiful, worthy and wise."  

Together, we look in the mirror and say those words out loud.

I tell my daughter that she is beautiful on the inside and it shows on the outside.

I want her to hear my words. Believe my words. Embody my words.

And I also need that message too.



Maybe you do, too.

When I tell her, I also tell myself.

I am consciously working to not allow myself to get caught in this trap - ever again.



I want you to commit to never allowing the way you look to stop you from showing up for your dreams.

First off, I'm beautiful. And so are you.

I would never look at my daughter and think a single piece of her is flawed.  Now, I'm working to build the same love and compassion for myself, my face, my hair and my body.



You would never look at a child and think there’s anything that could possibly be improved.



They are perfect and whole just the way they are.



So are you. 



So am I.

I’m embracing the fact that I'm beautiful. And as India Arie says, "every freckle on my face is where it's supposed to be."

Second, what I look like is not all of who I am.  It is not my worth. And it's not yours either.

How we FEEL about how we look matters.

How we FEEL about ourselves matters.

How you talk to yourself, see yourself, and what you believe about yourself, is everything.

My beautiful friend - and I know YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL - if you're reading this, know you're not alone in these feelings.

And it's up to you to recognize where you are being held back and call in that confidence.

Give yourself love.

Be beautiful. Inside and out.

You are so loved.  



Have the honest conversation with yourself to find out if there’s somewhere in your life where you’re holding yourself back too.



And commit to showing up as you, exactly how you areAs your beautiful self.



Do that Facebook Live you’ve been saying you’ll do for months.



Start the Instagram account.



Share the photo of you on vacation in a bathing suit.



Wear a bikini to the pool because you want to.



Book the photo shoot for your headshot.



Apply to be a speaker at a local conference.



Put your hand up to do the presentation at work in front the leadership team.




Because you are beautiful, inside and out.



Because there is nothing that shines through more than confidence and authenticity.



You are so much more than how you look.



And it’s time to show the world ALL your value.




Most of all, it’s time to own every piece of you that is oh-so-amazing.




Show up and show yourself. For your goals. For your dreams.




Show up for your beautiful self.




Yours truly,



Lisa Michaud

Success Coach & Speaker




PS. Do people still sign off with “yours truly”?  I don’t know but I just did it. Here’s a behind-the-scenes photo from that photo-shoot. Now you know the story and can see the photos behind the photos.

Screen Shot 2019-03-10 at 12.58.52 PM.png


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