This will either excite you... or terrify you

Monday is April 1st.


I don’t have a hilarious April Fool’s Joke because I’m not funny like that.


Instead, April 1st is significant to you – and me – for a different reason.


April 1st marks 90 days into 2019.


That’s right: the first quarter of 2019 is over.


25% of 2019 is behind you.


I can hardly believe it myself.


You started this year with intentions of making 2019 your BEST year ever.


I did too.


Today, I’m sharing one of the EASIEST ways to achieve your goals.


And of course, I’m giving you the exact steps to keep you focused and on track to achieve your goals and make this year your best ever.


Here’s one of the EASIEST ways to achieve your goals - and one most people don’t do:


Stay focused.


It’s simple, but let me tell you, if you are still working on goals you set at the beginning of the year, you’re in the minority, my friend.


In fact, recent research has shown only 8% of New Year’s Resolutions make it past the 6-week mark. 




So, if you’re still even thinking about your goals, you’re WAY ahead.


 Go ahead – do a happy dance, and pat yourself on the back.


One of the keys to making this your best year ever is staying focused.


Staying focused on your goals.


Staying focused on intentions.


Staying focused on who you’re becoming to create the most amazing year ever.


You know I’m a huge advocate of reviewing your goal progress monthly.


Well, a quarterly review is JUST as important.


Put aside 1 hour this weekend to check-in and plan for the quarter – the next 90 days.


Now, call me lazy, but I don’t have a downloadable special quarterly review: at least not yet.


Here’s my simple and POWERFUL three-step Quarterly Review process, for you to steal and use because it works:



Step 1:   Write yourself a letter pretending the next 90 days have passed.  Imagine it’s June 30th, 2019, and the last 3 months were just as you wanted them to be. 


Write it as if it’s ALL already happened. Here are a few prompts to get your wheels turning but PLEASE, make it your own.


Dear _________,

I’m so proud of you for __________.  I feel _________ and it’s __________.

You learned _______ and got better at _____________.

Your relationship is ___________ and family is ___________.  Career/Business?  You crushed your goal to ________________. 

You’re ___________ when it comes to your health and let’s talk about your wealth ____________.   

You feel _____ , every day.



Step 2:   Use my (FREE) Monthly Get-Your-Goals Guide.  Answer the questions based on the previous 90 days, and think ahead to the next 90 days.  You can grab it here -


Step 3:  Check in with an accountability partner. Take your goal simmer to a goal sizzle by sharing what you’re doing with someone else.


Your accountability partner can be a mentor, friend, boss or coach (more on that in a minute), but your results will be SIGNIFICANTLY better, just by sharing your goals and being accountable to someone else.



That’s it, that’s all.


Just 3 steps to change your trajectory.


To make your next 90 days even more incredible than the last – and get you READY for summer – now is your time.



Take 1 hour this weekend to set yourself up to make the next 90 days count.


If you take the time to do this, you will be a high-performer because you’re doing what not a lot of others are willing to do.


The next 90 days make a big difference.


Picture this:


You cruise through the next few months, thinking you have lots of time. Nothing big happens. It’s comfortable.


July hits. It’s summer, and let’s be honest, you’re heading to patios over prioritizing your side hustle (and so you should).


It’s beach time. Pool time. Vacation time.


Then, September hits, and you panic, because the year is almost over: and you haven’t achieved your goals.


Suddenly, you find yourself hoping 2020 will be different... and so the cycle of never achieving your goals - or your potential - continues.


I KNOW you don’t want this to be you.


That’s why the NEXT 90 DAYS are SO important!


Your dedication, your persistence and your focus on your goals will set you up for MASSIVE success for the rest of the year (and beyond).


Now, imagine sipping that G+T on the patio, having that promotion already under your belt.


How incredible will it feel to have created that side hustle income already so you don’t stress about money when you take vacation this summer.


Picture yourself running your first (or tenth) half marathon and taking pictures with your race medalsweaty and proud of what you accomplished.


No matter what your goal, if it’s important to you, these next 90 days matter.


That’s why I’ve decided to open up a very special and unique coaching program, solely for the woman (or man) who is ready to make 2019 their best year ever – and knows that the only time to do that is NOW.


The Next 90 Days is a private, VIP one-on-one coaching program to get you super-clear on what you want to achieve in the next 90 days and how you'll do it. You'll get all the support, breakthroughs, and accountability to get there.


We’ll connect once a month for a private session, and have weekly email check-ins. You will get unlimited support from me. And there’s a surprise bonus worth over $500 but I can’t tell you just yet.


Spots are extremely limited and by application only because a program like this is for the woman who is ready to level up and invest in herself at the highest level.


If this is you, apply here and I’ll be in touch. We’ll connect over the phone, make sure we’re a great fit to work together, and then, get started.


My 6-month One-on-One Intensives are $15,000 USD.


I know The Next 90 Days coaching program is worth at least $5,000.


But, I’ve decided to offer it at $1,999 USD + taxjust this one time.


If this is speaking to you at all, apply here.


Get in touch if you're ready to commit to yourself and your goals.


The Next 90 Days have the potential for you to be life-changing. You'll focus on what's most important to you, and make real progress.


The Next 90 Days are for you to prove to yourself how amazing you truly are. And to achieve more than you thought possible.


If you’re interested, apply today. I have a feeling these spots will go quickly – and I have an extra surprise bonus we’ll chat about to make sure you get everything you need to knock the Next 90 Days out of the park!


Friend, whether you decide to grab one of these limited Next 90 Days spots or not, make the next 90 days count.


Make the next 90 days matter.


Stay focused on what you want, because it’s yours for the taking.


Take the 3 steps I share above and set aside an hour this weekend to check-in on your goals so far.


And set intentions for the next 90 days.


Then, go crush them.


Excitedly yours,


Lisa Michaud

Success Coach and 90 Day Magic Maker