The best way to set goals and actually achieve them

Would you love to know the BEST way to set goals and actually achieve them?


Do you feel like if you knew the ONE way, that ONE trick, you would be so successful?


Well, you need to hear this.


I’ve got good news, and bad news.


Let’s start with the bad news first.


There is no “best way” or “one way” or any silver bullet to help you set and actually achieve your goals.


I’m going to say this again because it’s really important to understand. But please, keep reading because there is good news coming.


There is NO one way for you to set and achieve your goals. There’s no silver bullet or guaranteed process.


Alright, onto the good news.


There are many ways to set and actually achieve your goals. And the BEST one? The best one is the one that works for you.

See, one of the (many) reasons I hate SMART goals is because they make you think there’s only one process that works.


And that’s simply not true.


Goal setting is not a one-size-fits-all model. There is no one-size-fits-all goal either.


Goals are like chocolate chip cookies.


Some people like them chewy.


Some prefer them crunchy.


And others prefer to just eat the raw cookie dough (that’s me).


We all have different recipes, different temperatures we bake them at, and shapes we prefer.


Goals are as personal as chocolate chip cookies.


There are many ways that they can work for you.

There’s a million different strategies, suggestions, and tools that are out there online.


What matters is what is going to work for YOU.


Here’s an example of me finding my own goal recipe.   


I couldn't tell you the number of times I've said I was going to go to the gym, and then didn't go. ⠀

The number of times I've put "run" in my calendar and then just didn't put on my running shoes has got to be in the billions. ⠀

For a long time, I guilted myself about this.

"Come on Lisa. You're smart... why can't you do this?"

"If you can't keep a commitment to yourself, what's wrong with you?"

Ugh. Cue the nasty thoughts, the self-doubt and worthlessness that comes with THAT sh*t. ⠀

But I've since learned to stop guilting myself about that... and instead, start working with what's best for me. ⠀

And here's how I work:

I do best when I'm committing to others. It’s not the ideal we're taught in most personal development spaces, but it's true.

When I tell others I'll go for a run with them, I show up.

When I sign up for a class, I'm there.

You see, when there's a commitment made to others, I'm FAR more likely to do it. 

I’m a social human who enjoys connecting with others for a workout, so it feels like I’m crossing off both “fun” and “work out” off my to-do list. (And nothing feels better than checking things off my list to this Type-A chick).


And if I’ve paid to do something, you better believe I’ll be there. (Thanks, dad, for teaching me to be frugal).

So instead of beating myself up and my head against the imaginary wall, I've started working with what works for me.

That's how I've run 7 half marathons. How I've learned to downward dog. How I've found so much joy and strength in exercise over the years.

If this is you - whether it's exercise, or work or any other goal - look at what makes YOU successful.

Work WITH yourself, instead of AGAINST yourself.

Think about times when you do show up for your goals.


What is working now? What has worked in the past?


What isn’t working?


Then, pivot.

Work with what works for YOU.

Because all that really matters at the end of the day is that you've achieved what you set out to. ⠀

The how? If it's working for you, then there is no problem.


And if you don’t know the how? Keep searching.


Keep trying things.

There’s a million different recipes for chocolate chip cookies online.


There’s a million different ideas, tips and strategies for achieving your goals.


The key is to keep going.


Keep trying new ideas, new strategies, and new recipes.


Whether it works for you to keep your goals crunchy, or chewy or half-baked, doesn’t matter.


What matters is that you persist. That failure isn’t an option because you’re going to figure out a way.


You will achieve all your goals when you have the courage to go for them, the curiosity to keep discovering a way, the tenacity to keep going, and the passion to bring those dreams to life. 


Find your own way. Create your own recipe..


Go get it!



Lisa Michaud

Success Coach & Raw Cookie Dough aficionado

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