5 reasons you haven't achieved your New Year's Resolutions. And how to change that.

I know how it starts.  You set goals with great intentions.  You create New Year’s Resolutions and hope that this year will be different. 
But, let’s be honest - somewhere between January 1st and... well, today, you've run out of time.  

Often, those goals you set, those resolutions, those wonderful intentions fail.  They don’t come to fruition. 

It's ok.  It’s not just you.  It’s why a lot of people just plain give up on setting goals and new year’s resolutions. 
But, giving up isn’t the answer. 
If you're reading this, you're probably not one to bow out when the go-ing gets tough. Or when you might have “failed” at something.
Nope. Now’s the time to work a little harder.  The time to work a lot smarter.   
Here’s why you haven’t yet achieved goals you’ve set for yourself… and what to do about it.

1)  Your goals don’t matter to you.

Sometimes we set goals because everyone else is doing it.  Or we set goals we think we “should” be setting.  Are you sure you really want that promotion?  Or do you want a job where you feel valued and appreciated?   Is a house and white-picket fence really how you want to spend your money?  Or would you be happier starting a business and traveling the world?  
What do to about it:  Scratch the goals that don’t matter.  With less than two months left in the year, get realistic about what you can do in about 6 weeks.  Unless you seriously plan on working like a madperson over Christmas. Then you’re allowed 7 weeks.
To rock 2017:  Start reflecting on what you really, really want in your life.  Create a list today.  What’s important to you?  What would you want in your life if you could have anything (because you can!)?  

2) You haven’t prioritized.

I hate to sound like your mom (or mine) but life IS all about choices. To say “yes” to something new, you have to say “no” to something else.
What to do about it:  Decide what you will say “no” to in order to be able to say “hell yes” to the things that really matter (aka: your resolutions).  Maybe you need to say “no”to your 45 minutes morning Facebook scroll (something I certainly had to say no to).  Maybe you need to say “no” to volunteering to organize the Christmas Party for a third year in a row. 
To rock 2017:  Practice saying “no” this week.  Think about the big parts of your life that take a lot of time and energy and don’t give you the joy and happiness you deserve.  Before committing to anything in 2017, ask yourself if it gets you closer to your goals.  If not, hold out on committing until you’re sure you have the time to crush your goals first. 

3) You’re failing to plan, therefore planning to fail.  

Here’s the thing – if you don’t plan to make the time, it won’t happen.  Life has this funny way of happening to us if we aren’t protective about our time.  We need to be proactive to keep little time-sucks from creeping in.  I know you don’t want June to sneak up on you, and make you quit your goals until 2018.  Don't worry:  Plan and that won’t be you!  

What to do about it:  Start by envisioning where you want to be by the end of your goals. In this case, the date will be December 31st.  Now, work your way backwards.Where will you be on December 24th to meet your December 31st goal? (Hopefully eating, drinking and being merry no matter who or where you are!).  What are you doing by December 14th to make your goal come true?  What's happened by December 1st so you crush your goals?
To rock 2017:  Now that you’ve started saying “no”, start blocking out time in your calendar for next year’s goals.  Literally.   Create blocks of time in your calendar or day-planner for goal-crushing.  Depending on your goals, you’ll need anywhere from 2-4 hours a week, to 10+.  If you put it in nowit’ll be a lot easier to continue prioritizing your goals through the year.

4) You haven’t changed your mindsets. Or habits. 

You have to believe you can change. Your mindset has to know it's possible (hint: if it's possible in the world, it's possible for you).  On top of mindset, you have to be willing to change your habits.  Whether it's implementing a habit of exercising regularly, or a habit of saving a percentage of your paycheque before Friday night hits, our habits are what make or break us. 
What to do about it:  Identify any mindsets and standards that are holding you back.  Do you believe you are a smoker?  Do you believe you aren’t a runner?  Isyour standard always just “paying your bills”?  Guess what – you live and become who you believe you are. It’s time to change your mindset about who you are and raise your standard of what you’re willing to accept in your life.  Whether it’s a phrase you say to yourself in the mirror every morning, a mantra you record for yourself, or a sign you put up in your office – change your mindset and you will change your life.
To rock 2017:  Make a change this week.  Don’t wait until the new year.  By starting with a small step today, you’ll be in a much better position by January 1st.   As Jim Rohn says, “you cannot change your destination overnight, but you can change your direction overnight.”  Choose salad for lunch twice this week.  Start researchingstarting your business this week. Go to sleep 15 minutes earlier.  Start cultivating the habits for success today.

5) You don’t have the support and accountability you need.

We are social beings.  We do best when we have others around us.  To be successful, it’s best to have people to achieve our goals with AND those to keep us accountable.   You’re about 5% likely to do something if you tell yourself you will.  By telling someone else, you’re about 80% likely.  That’s a MASSIVE difference – the kind of difference that can work powerfully FOR you if you use an accountability partner.
What to do about it:  Find an accountability partner. Stat.  Whether it’s a friend, partner, mentor, coach, or boss, you need someone to share your goals and progress with.  For me, I email my partner every Monday morning with my objectives for the week.  If you’re super ambitious, I know some partnerships connect every day – once at 8am and once at 3pm to ensure they stay on track. Find something that works for you.
To rock 2017:  Join a group that fits with your goals.  Find a community and/or support network to achieve your goals together.  Look for meet-ups, put together a group of friends, or join my amazing GoalDen Girls Group Program
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