The intervention I needed

Do you ever dance for the purpose of getting to the grocery store?  Or with the intention to get to work?  Or to finish those tasks?
Didn’t think so.
When’s the last time you danced to achieve a goal
(And I’m not talking about dancing on the way to work because you’re so excited to get there… or dancing on the way to a fabulous concert or dinner…)
Duh.  Never.  We don’t dance with a goal.  Or with an outcome.
We dance to dance. We dance to feel joy.  Passion.  To move.  To feel amazing.  To feel free.  To feel the rhythm in our body.  And we dance to come alive.
When’s the last time you danced?  And what was it like?
When I think about dancingI smile. It’s truly one of my favourite things.  And while I do it in my belly-dance and burlesque classes, I haven’t done it, just-for-fun, in a long, long time.
But this isn’t just about dancing (although you better believe I’m infusing a little more cha-cha-cha in my morning these days).
This is about more than dancing.  
This is about focusing on the journey. And not just the destination.
I’m super guilty of this. 

I’m a huge destination seeker. (Hello, my goal was 30 countries before I turned 30!).

I’m an achiever.  It’s a strength.  And, like any strength, when there’s too much of it, it’s a weakness.

And I need an intervention.  

I often forget to be.
I’m often a human-doing, not a human-being. 
Do you know what I’m talking about?
I’m always rushing to write the next to-do list, or crush just one more item off itbefore bed.
I’m always wondering how I can make my lunch more productive.  Should I write that report, save world hunger or run a marathon while I chow down on some dumplings on my “break”?
I’m SO guilty as charged.
The last few weeks have been busy.  And next week has promise of the same.
The last few “vacations” I’ve taken, I’ve worked. And not just an hour here and there.  But I’ve worked, in many cases, full days, and then celebrated being in a fabulous location for dinner and sunsets. 
I’m grateful that this is my life. I’m grateful to travel. I’m grateful for an incredibly supportive husband who doesn’t mind.
But I’ve been so focused on the destinationI’m not always present to the journey.

For me, it's intervention time.  

My ambition is not the path to my best life because there is nothing at the end of the path. Only the memories of the steps takensights seen, and connections created.   

This week, I’m taking three (3!!) days off.  No to-do lists.  No working breakfast/lunch/dinners.  
I’m going to be.
I’m going to enjoy time with my husband.
I’m going to do what I feel like.

And I’m not sure what I’ll feel like, so truth be told, I have no idea what I’ll do.   Maybe I’ll read.  Maybe I will feel inspired to write.  Maybe I’ll yoga, swim, walk on the beach or sleep.
All that’s guaranteed is that I will be.
I will be me.
I will be present.  
If I take longer to reply this week to an email, social media post, text, or phone call, know that I appreciate your understanding. 
If I don’t make progress on my business plans this week, I have comfort knowing that there’s something more important at stake here – ME.
Whether you can take three days off, or thirty minutes, I want you to make time “to be” this week.
Maybe it’s deciding to stop multi-tasking when you walk your dogs this week. 
Maybe it’s having a bath before bed, just because you can. 
Maybe it’s waking up 10 minutes before everyone else in the house and savouring your tea in glorious peace.
Maybe it’s turning your cell phone off at your next dinner or happy hour.  And truly soaking in the presence of your date.
I invite you to be present.  To be you.  To be.

Create time this week to enjoy this precious journey we are all on.  Maybe, even take a moment to dance. 

Presently yours (and simultaneously absent from email), 
 - Lisa
Success Coach
PS.  I’m working on an exciting project for the do-er in you.  If you’re ready to make 2017 your year, this surprise is for you!  Keep your eyes in your inbox for more details in the coming weeks. But until the time comes, enjoy today and savour the moments in your journey.   Recharge, refresh and get ready to rock your goals!