Top 5 Essential Oil Must-Haves for Moms and Babies

What essential oils are best for mamas and babies?!

Maybe you're wondering the same.

I get this question all the time, so I finally wrote a blog about it to help other moms and families out there.

There's a TON of different and amazing essential oils out there. So many that it can be overwhelming.

Where does one start?

Here are my top 5 oils for moms and babies:

- Purify: To get rid of the *ahem* crappy smells that sometimes happen. I researched “the best” diaper pail for hours, and it saddens me to admit my baby’s nursery still smells like poop sometimes. I use a few drops of Purify in there every few days and diffuse once a week and poof! The poo smell is gone. Until the next 3 days of poop festers. Thank god there’s always Purify.  

- On Guard: To keep those little immune systems working and healthy. I’m one of those parents who lets their kid put everything in her mouth. I’m also one of those parents who doesn’t love to be sick. So in our house, clearly building immunity is crucial. I diffuse On Guard, put some on her baby feet every night (diluted for babies!), and clean the house with it. 9 months in, despite a full social calendar and swapping spit with more girls than High Hefner, she’s only had one minor cold. There’s a reason hospitals and daycares are now using this product: it’s truly a must-have!

- Lavender.  Because sleep. For mom and baby. Motherhood has made me realize I’d do anything for sleep - mine and my baby’s. And I swear lavender helps. I put some on her feet at night too (diluted of course!) and diffuse some when she sleeps. Of course, I use this for my sleep too because after months of waking up multiple times a night, I need sleep training too.

- Copaiba. Since teething pain is heartbreaking and it's awesome to have a natural alternative. I use a drop diluted in a roller ball (seeing the diluted trend?!) on her cheeks and jawline every night. Since we’ve started using it, the midnight screaming in pain has stopped. Even my skeptical husband is a believer, especially after the one night he forgot to use it, she woke up in tears. Let’s just say, neither of us skips this step before bedtime anymore!

- Lemon. The all-purpose oil. For cleaning, energizing the room in the diffuser, and mom's water in the morning (since I no longer always have time for fresh-squeezed lemons...). Lemon is great for multi-purpose cleaning, and any citrus oils are lovely in the diffuser to feel refreshed and energized. I’m a sucker for lemon water all day and a drop in my glass is much easier than prepping and squeezing lemons these days. This one is for mom because you matter too!

These are the oils we use the most often and of course, you know I'm biased because I share doTERRA.

Why do I share their oils? I love doTERRA because they CPTG (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade) and I trust them for their incredible dedication to quality.

And I don’t just trust anyone with my family’s health.

Please share this blog with a friend you think would love this, and comment if you love natural solutions for your family too.

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