The truth about my year so far (maybe you can relate?)

My year has not gone as expected, to say the least. 


Can you relate?


I started out the year with big goals; business goals, fitness goals, and personal development goals. And I started out strong.


In fact, I was on track and hitting all the milestones I set for myself. With motivation from the start of the year, I was making an impact in my business. I was traveling to amazing places, and being hired to speak at more events.


I was on a roll.


Does this sound like you, too?


I have a feeling you were on fire in January. And probably even still smokin’ in February.


March was probably when motivation waned


It was easier to sleep in than hit the gym (and so much warmer).


It was (way) more fun to book that winter vacation instead of save it up for a down payment.


I know this is how my year started.


Personally, my progress and my drive changed abruptly in May when I started to feel exhausted, and shortly after, found out I was pregnant. 





As excited as we are to be having a baby, truthfully, having a baby was a surprise (we like to say he/she chose us). 


And it’s thrown off everything in my carefully planned – and yet to be executed – year. 



(To all the mama’s out there, I know – this is just the beginning of my plans being thrown off). 



Maybe you can relate to this. But perhaps its not a baby that made your year go different than expected.


Maybe you had a busier summer with family commitments. 



Maybe your boss asked you to take on a new project you weren’t expecting (and that doesn’t align with your goals). 


Maybe you ended up moving when you weren’t planning it. Or got married. Or went through a break-up, or a natural disaster. 


Maybe you lost your job, or simply just got stuck in old habits (which is totally normal, btw). 


No matter what the reason, the point is that you aren’t where you wanted to be on your goals. 



And that’s ok. 


Here’s the thing: you can only control the present.


You can’t control what has happened (which might be a whole lot of nothing, and that’s alright). 


You can’t control what will happen next year. 


But you CAN control what you do today. 



And that’s what made me decide to host a FREE webinar this week just for you – “How to Rock the Rest of 2017.”


I want you to seize the opportunity in front of you.


Here's the opportunity:


As of today, there are 85 days until January 1st, 2018.


That’s 85 days to create new habits (you’ll learn on the webinar that it takes about 66 to make it happen). 


85 days to instil a success mindset, the foundation for your unlimited potential.


85 days to get more productive and effective than you’ve ever been before.


85 days to become focused on what really matters – and rally your energy and resources to making it happen. 



85 days is more than enough time to make massive progress on the goals and dreams you set for yourself. 


Just because you may have had a bad few weeks, few months, or even few years, the secret sauce is making a change today – and being consistent from here on out. 


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I know it can be tempting to write off the rest of the year. To assume it’s not the right time, or you’re too busy, or that it’s not worth it.



But I want to reinspire, re-energize, and set you up for the success you’re meant for.


Because your goals ARE worth it.

You are infinitely capable. You are brilliant. You are smart. You are hard-working. (And I haven't even touched on your fantastic taste in email subscriptions - thank you, by the way!)


Your goals – and your dreams – are worth the sacrifices you will make today.


Remember: The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.


You WANT those different results. You want a change.


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Let’s ROCK the rest of 2017!





PS.  Did your year go exactly as planned? Kudos to you. You can stop reading now. 



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