The most powerful kind of love

Have you ever said something about yourself or to yourself that you would never say to anyone else?
Me too.
Often, we are hardest on ourselves. 
Not only are we often hardest on ourselves, sometimes we save the best we’ve got for othersinstead of ourselves. 
Have you ever said yes to doing something for someone else but you’d never do it for yourself?
If so, you’re not alone.
Maybe you baked a cake for someone else, even though you’d never take time to bake it for your own birthday.
Maybe you went to the spa for a girlfriend’s bachelorette party, but you’d never go to the spa yourself.
Or perhaps you’ve spent a ton of time researching, sourcing and finding the perfect gift for a loved one, even though you still haven’t made time to pick up your favorite lotion that’s run out.
Is any of this resonating for you?
Recently, I read Oprah’s beautiful little book full of wise words and wisdom from Oprah herself called “What I Know For Sure”.
One of the stories she shares is a perfect example of how we are kinder to others than we are to ourselves. 
Oprah was in Maui with her girlfriends, there to celebrate her birthday.  
The night before the celebration, she was chatting with her girlfriends and she started humming a song.
One of her friends immediately recognized the song. 
Even though the singer was relatively unknown, her friend Maria exclaimed “I love that song!” 
Oprah could hardly believe it.  “No way”, she said.  It was a very obscure song.  What are the chances?
It turns out her friend had been exposed to Snatum Kaur (the musician) a few years earlier from another friend of Oprah’s.
How had she not known two of her friends enjoyed Snatam Kaur too?! 
Stunned, Oprah said “well, if I’d known you liked themI would have invited them to come sing for my birthday!”
It turns out, Oprah had seriously considered inviting the musician for her birthday.  But then, she decided “nah, {it’s} too much trouble”.  
The evening ended shortly after that.
Oprah went to bed, wishing she had invited Snatam Kaur to sing. 
Oprah’s friends went to work.
They got in touch with the singer.  
As the universe would have it, Snatam Kaur and her musicians were also in Hawaii, in a town 30 minutes away
They were not only available to come sing at Oprah’s birthday, they were “honoured” (who wouldn’t be?!).
Snatam Kaur ended up surprising Oprah,  serenading her on her birthday.
As she asked her friends how this had happened, her friend Maria told her “you wouldn’t do it for yourself, so we did it for you.” 
Aside from this incredibly serendipitous story, there is a beautiful lesson in it.
Oprah offered to invite the musician for a friend – but not for herself. 
It was a wake-up call that she needed to value herself more and give love and effort towards herself.
Can you relate?
Sometimes we do things for others that we wouldn’t do for ourselves. 
It’s time to shake this up. 
You deserve your best. 
The most powerful love in the world is self-love.  
When you love yourself first, you fill yourself with love to give to others. 
When you have self-love, you have the capacity to give love to the world.
You deserve love. 
Kindness.  Patience.  Surprises. 
And it starts by giving the love you deserve to yourself.
After all, isn’t that what best friends do? 

It’s time to start loving yourself. 
Time for you to become your own best friend (bonus: you’ll never be lonely!) 


  • Book that massage


  • Say “no” to the event you don’t want to go to and say “yes” to the movie you’ve been dying to watch


  • Get boudoir photos taken


  • Take a moment every day to acknowledge the wonderful person you are


  • Buy yourself flowers


  • Dress up for no-one but yourself


Make time for you.  For self-love.
And you’ll always have fabulous company.

 - Lisa
Success Coach & Speaker
PS.  Don’t you just love Oprah’s story?  Her book “What I know for sure” is full of treasures like this and if you haven’t read it yet, it’s a beautiful, uplifting, and relatively quick read.  You can pick it up here.
You know self-love is important.  In fact, it’s the most powerful love in the world.
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I can reflect your words to yourself  - both the loving and unloving things – so you can truly see yourself.   And cultivate self-love.
A coach is one of the most powerful mirrors in the world.  I’m trained to hear what you say.  What you don’t say. 

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