Does this get in the way of your goals?

Do you ever feel like you have no time for the big dreams you have?

If I asked you what is holding you back from achieving your goals, would your answer be “time”?

If your answers are “yes” and “heck yes”, keep reading.

I can relate.

In fact, when I ask myself why I’m not where I want to be in life, often the first answer that comes up is “I don’t have time”.

But through my work, my clients, and my experience, I’ve learned that “not having time” is not the final answer. It's not the truth.

Last October, I was ready to get back into working with clients, and couldn’t wait to share all the lessons I’d learned in motherhood with my community.

I set myself manageable goals.

Send out a blog.

Hop on and do a Facebook Live.

Create an invitation sales page for my program.

But then, week after week, nothing was getting done.


“I have no time.”

On the surface, this answer sounded good.

But I’m not a surface-kind-of-person. I love going deep - it's why I'm a great coach, for goodness' sake!

So I asked myself, “is it true that I don’t have time?”

“Of course it is”, said my slightly deeper brain.

I have a 9 month old baby.

We just bought and are renovating an apartment building.

I was training for and ran another half marathon.

I have a sick family member.

I am a solo-parent for 15 days at a time.

DUH… I. Don’t. Have. Time.

But I wasn’t done. It was clear my mind wasn’t helping me figure this out.

So I went to my calendar, and I looked at what I was “soooo busy” doing.

Yes, there was a lot of childcare in there.

Swim lessons. Baby sign language class. Gymnastics.

But there were also a lot of business activities in there.

For other people's businesses.

I spent two full days helping a friend with her business strategy and live events.

I spent another half day helping another friend promoting her business, and then 10 more hours in one of her programs, learning and supporting.

I spent time promoting and campaigning for a local politician (who I had researched and gotten to know and truly wanted to support).

I had spent over 50 hours working in other people’s businesses and campaigning other people's messages..

And I had spent ZERO hours on my business. ZERO hours on my goals and dreams.

I spent ZERO hours sharing the messages that I believed in.

I spent ZERO time connecting with and uplifting my community – YOU.

Now, let me start by saying this: I am always so happy to help and support a friend, and propel other women forward.

believe in community over competition.

I believe in collaboration over competition.

There is more than enough for you and for me, and for her.

I am so grateful because many others have helped me, and continue to support me, including 10 amazing women in this community who took time in the last two weeks to help me validate my next business idea.

This is NOT about deciding to stop helping others. Helping, uplifting and supporting others is an important part of success.

But I had swung the pendulum SO far, that I was doing NOTHING for myself and my dreams.

Can you relate?!

Do you always put everyone else first?

Does it feel like life always gets in the way of what you want to achieve?

You’re not alone.

When I had this realization, I had a choice.

And so do you.

I could continue down this path. It would mean that I would fully (and I mean FULLY!) support everyone around me.

And it would result in me doing nothing for my dreams.

It would mean that I’d look back in 6 months, 5 years, and 50 years... and not achieve what I truly feel I'm meant to.

And I'd know exactly why I hadn’t achieved my dreams:

Because I had put everyone else before me.

With THAT as the bottom-line, I knew I would regret that.

And I was not willing to live with that regret. I could not continue to constantly put everyone else ahead of me.

So I chose.

I decided to do my future self a favour and go big for my dreams.

I chose to create the right boundaries for myself.

I chose to get over my fears.

The fear of not being liked, or viewed as "helpful" or a "good girl."

The fear of going for my dreams and possibly failing miserably and publicly.

chose to put aside at least as much time for my business a week, as I did for other people’s.

decided to ask for and accept more help, in every aspect of my life from childcare, to cooking, cleaning and more.

And as soon as I made the decision to do my future self a favour, it became easy.

started saying “no” instead of allowing an automatic “I’ll do that!” come out of my mouth.

I shared my goals out loud and got support from those around me – because I knew they would do the same for me.

The last few months in my life and business have been some of the most challenging, but also, the MOST fulfilling.

I have worked with such inspiring women and am leading an unbelievable group through GOALden Girls Mastermind.

I’ve created new revenue streams in my business and set the biggest goals ever – the kind that both excites me and makes me want to puke.

I’ve learned so much about myself and how to continue to give back to the world through my business.

None of this would not happened if I hadn’t done my future self a favour and gotten started.

None of this would be possible if I hadn't taken action over my fears.

And started putting my dreams first. (Ok, maybe not first, but certainly not last, anymore).

I know this is just the beginning of what’s possible.

If you feel like you have “no time”, I challenge you to make time.

If you put everyone else first, it’s time to stop.

If fear is stopping you (whether you know it or not), it's time to get bold and do the scary things.

It’s time to start putting yourself in your calendar.

Ask yourself: What does my future self want from me?

This week, do HER a favour.

Whether this means training for that triathlon, signing up for that sexy dance class, or writing a piece of your book every day, it’s time.

Book a weekend retreat with your partner – or yourself.

Teach your children to do their own laundry so you can research your business idea. (Mama bonus points if they will do your laundry too!).

Before you say “yes” to the next person who asks you “can you do me a favour?”...

Say “yes” to doing a favour for your future self.

Because she has big dreams.

She has goals.

She knows she’s made for more.

She’s worth it.

And SHE is YOU.

With love,


PS. Join me LIVE tonight - and every Tuesday night - on Facebook and Instagram around 8:30 pm (ish) PST - or catch the replay.

Tonight, I'll be diving deeper into two important things that hold so many people back from their dreams: FEAR and TIME - and how they're often related.

So often, we give so much to all of those around us, and not to ourselves. 

I want you to ask yourself this question: What does my future self want from me?

This week, do HER a favour.

Put yourself in the calendar.

Do your future self a favour.

Because she has big dreams.

She's made for more.

Start creating the future she's meant for.

Start creating the life YOU'RE meant for.