Why I took naked photos at my heaviest

I’m diving right into this juicy topic – naked photos. 


Having professional nude photos taken is something I wanted to do for years. It’s something I wanted to do for me, and my future self.


I told myself I’d do it when I was at my most fit, to have a keepsake and reminder of my strength, beauty and confidence forever. I figured it’d be fun, liberating and a positive experience.


And yet, last week, I found myself having nude photos taken at the heaviest weight I’ve ever been.


Full disclosure – I’m 38 weeks pregnant, so it’s perhaps not a surprise that the number on my scale is tipping higher than ever before.


But if you’d told me a year ago that I would be doing naked photos next year, I would have guessed that in January 2018, I must be at my most fit. 


(Side note: I can’t even imagine the negative self-talk that would have ensued if you’d toldme a year ago that I had professional nude photos taken at my heaviest weight ever). 


Yet, when the day came to take the photos, I felt beautifulregardless of the number on the scale.


I felt confident even though I hadn’t been training, dieting or fasting for the photos. 


I felt strong, even though I haven’t run the full marathon yet.


But, this isn’t a story about nudity. Instead, it’s about the limits we place on ourselvesoften arbitrarily.


Have you ever said any of these things?


  • I’ll buy those gorgeous jeans when I can fit into a size “X”
  • I’ll quit and find a job I enjoy when I have enough money saved up
  • When I get the promotion, then I’ll stop working so hard and go back to the gym
  • I’ll retire when I have “X” dollars in my account
  • I’ll go on a trip when I get a raise that lets me afford it
  • I’ll be happy when I fall in love
  • We’ll have date night again when the kids go to school
  • I’ll start my business when I’m ready
  • When I have my MBA, I’ll ask for a raise.



I’m guilty of saying and believing a lot of these things, too. 


With all of these beliefs, the problem is this:  the power is placed into the future


And often built on false assumptions. 


Sure, maybe having an MBA might convince your boss to give you a raise. But maybe it won’t. And instead, it’s possible that having the raise first makes it easier for you to get your MBA because you can hire extra help around the house or splurge for a monthly spa date in the middle of your crazy work/school schedule. 


Absolutely, if you’re falling in love, you’ll be happy. But have you ever been happy without being in love? Of course you have. It’s not something you have to wait for


Should you have a certain amount of money saved up before you quit your job, or start a business?  Maybe. But I know plenty of successful people who didn’t “have enough” saved up but took the leap anyway. 


And not knowing exactly how you’re going to pay for next month’s expenses could just be the motivator you need to get the dream job, or start the dream business. 


The truth is, the limits, boundaries, parameters within which you thought you needed to have in place before {insert dream here} happens, probably don’t actually exist. 



So take the boudoir photosSign up for the triathlon. Have a baby. Start the businessAsk for the raise. 


Because today is the best day you have to start. 


So today, look at your life and find the place where you’re “waiting for the right time” to do something. And just do it.  This week. 


The check-box you think you have to tick off first, probably isn’t real. 


The milestone you’re waiting to hit first can probably be crushed sooner than you think. OR it might not even exist. 


When you take real, powerful action, the doors open for you. Opportunities are created.


You realize you never needed to be “ready” or “worthy” – you always were.  And truly are.


Proudly clothed again, 




PS. I recently took maternity photos and decided to take some photos where I bare it all and get naked (on so many levels…). 


Nude photos had been on my list of things I’d love to do one day. And I figured I’d do it when I was at my most fit, toned and gorgeous. 


Turns out, I did it at my heaviest – 9 months pregnant. 


And you know what I realized?


The experience was as beautiful and empowering as I could have ever imagined it, no matter what number was on the scale, how many kilometers I could run, or how many squats I could do. 


Sometimes in life, we think we need to be “ready” for something. We wait for the perfect moment. 


But we’ve all heard stories of waiting too long, and opportunities missed.


I want you to start – and do - before you’re readyRelease expectations.


And live the life you want today. 


If you don’t seize the opportunity - someday, one day, that day “when” - may never come. 


I challenge you to look at your life and find where you’re “waiting for the right time” to do something. 


And just do it this week. 



It might not be perfect. 


It might not be exactly what you expected. 


But who knows? It could be magically more amazing than you could have predicted. 


And you’ll probably be surprised that the limits you placed on yourself weren’t as real as you once believed.



PPS.  Here's a (slightly clothed) photo from our photo shoot with the lovely Sugarlily PhotographyI'm proudly sharing because I do feel beautiful and hope it inspires you to just GO for it this week! 


Screen Shot 2018-01-18 at 7.48.18 PM.png