Why I spent money I don’t have

I just made a huge investment in my business. 

And I’m f*cking terrified. 

I almost didn’t do it.

I spent 3 hours on a webinar this morning, learning from the person I want to learn more from. 

I spent 3 hours on the fence, desperately wanting to join her program but resisting signing up.

On the surface, I had all the typical excuses. 

Money is tight (we’re currently spending over $100,000 in renos for one of our properties). 

We should invest the money while the market is down. 

I realized that all of these thoughts were not rooted in logic: If I want the money, I can find the money (hint: so can you). 

And time? What the heck am I supposed to do?!

I solo-parent for 14 days at a time. 

Every diaper. Every meal. Every bath. Every nap, every bedtime story, every activity. Everything.

If anyone has an excuse that “I don’t have time”, it’s me.

But, in my work I’ve learned, that the “time excuse” is often not real and rooted in something else. 

So I journaled. 

I asked “what is my resistance?”

Boom. There it came. 

The stomach knots. The worries. 

My belief that I’m not good enough. My fear of failing, again. 

My fear that if I invest and it doesn’t work, I might have to get a 9-5 job. 

My fears turned to tears. 

What if I never become the entrepreneur I’m meant to be?

What if I never show my daughter it’s possible to have it all?

What if I never help the millions of others I want to serve and know I’m meant to show up for?

Then, I chose. 

I choose my story. I choose what I would do differently this time. 

I’m choosing to be the 7-figure entrepreneur. I’m choosing to free up my time, and learn from the best so my results come now (not in 123536+ days when I “figure it out on my own”.).

I am committing the time to this program. I am committing to blocking the time in my calendar. 

I am saying “no” to all the other shiny things (and you’re helping me get accountable). 

I am doing it right the first time. I am showing up for myself, my family and my community. 

So girl, if you’re reading this and ever thought “I don’t have the time or the money right now for _____”, I challenge you.

I challenge you to ask “what is my resistance?” and listen. 

Journal. Talk to a friend, coach, or mentor. Meditate on it.

Listen to your fears. Allow yourself to release your emotion.

And then choose. 

Consciously choose what you will believe. 

Consciously choose what you will create. 






Whatever that is, choose to believe it. And choose to make it happen for you.

I say this, not from an inspirational, I’ve-never-been-there-because-I’ve-got-all-my-sh*t-figured-out place. 

I share this because I KNOW. I feel the fear too. I feel the worry. I cry, too. 

And then, I choose and get over it.

There is no secret recipe to success or to your dream life. 

It’s not easy. But it’s worth it. 

So stop with the excuses. Stop with thinking you don’t have time or money (you can make more of both, anytime). 

You’ve got one life. You’ve got a blank slate of a year ahead of you. GO GET IT and make it your BEST year ever!