HOW do you do it all?!

I'm here with an important question - and answer. 

Lately, I've had a lot of people asking me "how do you do it all?"  Is it REALLY possible to have it all?

They ask me some variation of how I have a baby on my own half the time, run a real estate company, run a coaching business, go on dates, run half marathons, read books, and hang out with friends?!

Here’s the truth: I don’t do it all.  

I’ve built my business around the belief that you can have it all.  And I still believe that 100%.

But that’s different than doing it all.

I don’t do it all and there are some balls I drop. Many, in fact.

I haven’t replied to my LinkedIn messages in almost a year.

My house isn’t always clean. There's always laundry to be done. And my recycling is usually overflowing.

The only person I reply to text or email or FB message in a timely manner is Troy.

I haven’t been as consistent in my business as I wish I had. And I haven’t hit my goal of breaking 6-figures, and then 7-figures in it... yet.

I’m still 10 pounds off my goal weight and the weight I feel best at.

But the truth is, I still do a lot. And these are some of the things I attribute my success to.  

I’m always learning. I listen to podcasts, read books and meet interesting people.

I ask for help. I can’t do it alone and I'm grateful for my partner, parents, in-laws, friends and mama-friends who help and support me all the time.

I throw money at some of my problems. I pay for convenience because I don’t always have time and I get my house cleaned for me.

I invest in myself. A lot. I hire great coaches, attend workshops and take personal development courses.

I plan the next day the night before. And I plan my week on Sundays. I focus both of those lists around what I’m working on in life and what my goals are.

I make as much multi-purpose as possible. I bring baby Sonoma to meetings. I am productive while hanging out with friends l, be it meal prep or co-working. And we often mix travel and business.

I share this for two reasons.

1) I believe in honesty and don’t want to give you false illusions that I’m superwoman. Social media makes comparison way too easy. I want to be real about where I’m not “succeeding” so you hopefully can have compassion with yourself as well.

2)  I believe it’s possible to have it all and there are some very strategic specific and deliberate things I do to maximize my time.  Having all I do have isn’t always easy but I want it and I’m willing to always be working towards the life I dream of.

Now, I'd love to hear from you... what does "having it all" mean to you? 

Feel free to send me a message and fill me in. I'd love to hear from you and will absolutely read every message I get.

If you're reading this and feeling like you can't do it all, you're right. But remember, just because you can't DO it all, doesn't mean you can't HAVE it all. 

So keep dreaming big. Be strategic with your energy and time. And know that you are always, truly worthy of success in every level. 

With grace AND hustle,

Lisa Michaud