This is the truth about "having it all"

Do you believe you can have it all?

I do.

The phrase “having it all” is so charged up these days.

I started my business because I believe you CAN have it all.

I looked around, and saw myself and many around me as living proof that it’s possible.

So, I created a business where I supported women going for their big dreams and not waiting for a health scare (like I did) to wake them up to their potential.

When I started my business, I set up a Google Alert to send me headlines about “Having it All”.

Each week, Google sends me emails about “Having it all”. And I have about 2.5 years worth of these emails.

I thought it would be inspiring.

I thought I would get ideas for tools, mindset strategies and stories I could share with you.

I thought it would be a weekly dose of happy in my inbox.

I was way-the-f*ck wrong.

Instead, here’s a sampling of recent headlines I had in my inbox:

I can’t “have it all” and it’s my husband’s fault.

I want a baby and career, but why does it feel unrealistic?

Cosmo editor says women can’t “have it all” after giving up on the idea of having kids.

“Having it all” is a lie for Australian women.

Many women don’t have an option when it comes to “having it all”.

This pastor believes having it all is total BS and you should too.

5 ways that trying to have it all in life can hurt your career.

Why do people who seem to have it all commit suicide?

No, working moms can’t have it all and that’s okay.

Can women have it all? Not in Silicon Valley.

As I write this, I am tearing up.

I can feel my face getting HOT and I physically want to vomit.

I’m sure you can see it.

You can see what all these headlines have in common:

They are disempowering AF.

They tell women like you and me to settle for mediocrity.

They tell us it’s “unrealistic” and we have to “give up” things that we want in our lives.

They tell us that there’s no point in even dreaming big so “just be ok with what you have”.

I call bullshit.

You can have it all.

Yes, there are some caveats. And here they are:

First, it has to be YOUR definition of having it all.

Not your mom’s. Or your husband’s. Or the definition of your boss/friend/tv hero’s mom growing up.

Only YOU get to define what having it all means to you.

Second, having it all does not mean doing it all. Yourself.

It takes a village. It takes asking for help. It takes creating real partnerships, and leading those in our organizations, families, and communities.

Third, it means you have know that it will be messy and take time.

It will be imperfect. It won’t be a beautiful, straight line to success (that, I believe, actually doesn’t exist but hey, feel free to prove me wrong!).

You might not “have it all” by the age of 30, or even 40.

But being the woman who WANTS and GOES FOR having it all, no matter how long it takes, will elevate you to become the woman who makes it possible.

Having it all takes courage, in a world that tells you it’s not possible.

It means saying no to a lot of things, most of all: other people’s expectations and your own self doubt.

You have to remember it’s a marathon and not a sprint.

But the power in having it all and knowing you can achieve it is deciding what that means for you.

See, these headlines we keep seeing everywhere?

They are stopping otherwise brilliant, smart, driven women like you from even trying.

It’s bullshit, bullshit, bullshit.

And this is why I am so passionate about what I do.

THIS is why I wake up and share these messages, deeply coach my clientsbare my soul, and work late into the night.

Because I want you to believe it’s possible for YOU to have it all.

I believe in YOU.

And I want YOU to believe in yourself, too.

If you’re reading this, stop listening to people who tell you that you can’t have it all.

Stop listening to those who tell you it’s not possible.

Most of the time, it’s because they don’t have it themselves.

Start listening and looking for people who have done it.

Start encouraging yourself to go for your dreams.

Because let me tell you: there are women – and men – who have it all.

It’s up to you to choose whether you will listen to those who have it.

Those who have been there. Those that can guide you.

Choose to listen to those that support you. That inspire you. That uplift you.

Choose to listen to the women who will lift you up on a hard day or a hard month: not the person who tells you to give up.

Choose not to listen to those who don’t have it all.

Choose to tune out those who tell you it’s not possible, because they have not achieved it themselves.

Friend, this world is noisy enough as it is.

Listen to yourself. Listen to what you desire in your heart, soul and mind.

Listen to the voices that empower you. That encourage you to create the life of your dreams.

Listen to the people who inspire you to go for your big goals – and cheer you on along the way.

Because I know it’s possible to have it all.

Come get it.

Lisa Michaud

Have-It-All Coach & Human

PS. I want you to come on a journey with me.

First, I want you to believe you, yes YOU, can have it all.

Second, I want you to declare it for yourself. To decide that you will go for it all.

My mission is to give you inspirationuplifting content, motivation, tools, strategies and mindset shifts so you can have it all.

I do this through creating weekly content: this newsletter, blog, and live videos. I do this by sharing insights almost daily on social media: Instagram and Facebook.

I do this by creating life-changing products, incredible services, and mind-blowing experiences for you to rise up and have it all.

If this is not for you, that is OK. My messages, my emails, my programs, products and experiences, are not for everyone.

If I am no longer serving you how you want, there are NO hard feelings, my friend. 

I wish you well on your journey, whether you’re coming with me or not.

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