Can you answer this question?

I want to know… what is it you most want in your life?


When you make a wish on a star or a birthday candle, what are you wishing for?


When you cut out pictures and phrases for your vision board, what’s on it?


If you won the lottery, what would you spend your first year doing?


And, because the first year might involve vacations and Oprah-inspired “everybody-gets-a-car” family gatherings, what would you spend your second year doing?


Now, I don’t know for sure, but I can make some pretty good guesses.


I imagine you really want to have meaningful work. Maybe it’s working in a career where you’re contributing and feel valued. 


Maybe you work for an incredible non-profit that makes an impact.


Maybe you start the business of your dreams.


But you want to wake up and have a purpose, and feel appreciated.


I bet you want to travel and see the world.


I bet you want to treat your family and friends, whether it’s to dinner, a spa day, or an all-expenses paid vacation.


I know you want to feel financially free, like you have choices and freedom about where you work, where you live, who you spend time with and what you spend your time doing.


There’s probably more that you want. (And that’s ok).


But today, I want to ask you this:  when are you going to get it?


When are you going to go for it and make it happen?


By now, you probably know that the doors to my signature program GoalDen Girls are open – and they’re closing in just a few hours.


GoalDen Girls is for the ambitious woman who’s ready to make it happen. Today.


GoalDen Girls is for you if you’re ready to stop wishing on a star – or a cake – and make that wish come true.


If you’re not ready, that’s ok.


But I want to know – when will you be ready?


I know, all too well, that it’s easy to put off what you really want for a “better time”. A time when you are “less busy”, have more money, or more time.


For me, I waited until I was told I might have lung cancer – and a year or two left to live– before I finally decided to start living my life for today.


And that’s why I’m so passionate about this program and about my business.


Because I believe life is too short and your time is too precious to keep waiting for someday, and one day.


I truly hope you sign up for GoalDen Girls to get the support, accountability and personalized coaching to support you in your goals and dreams.


But even if you don’t, I hope that you decide, after reading this, to make today the dayyou decide to go after your goals.


Make today the day you take action.


Make today the day you take the first step.


Make today the day you have enough time, money, patience – but most of all, GUTS – to go for that life you really, really want.


There’s no better day than today to get going on your dreams. And I’d love to be a part of making that happen.


Join GoalDen Girls today, before 12:00 PST.


And know that your “someday”, starts today.


Lisa Michaud

Success Coach, Speaker & HuffPost Contributor



PS. I know that you’ve got big goals and dreams. There’s more out there that’s meant for you.


And I also know how it never feels like the right timeI remember this feeling.


It wasn’t until I faced the realization I might only have a year or two left to live, that I realized I would never have enough time or enough money to justify going for my dreams.


I just had to go for it.


And so do you.


No matter how big or small your goals, no matter how challenging it may seem, the best day to get started is today.


Make today the day you take action.


Make today the day you take the first step.


Make today the day you have enough GUTS to go for that life you really, really want.


Registration for GoalDen Girls ends at 12:00 noon PST today and I don’t want you to keep putting it off like you are your goals.


Join today – and let’s get you closer to that wish-upon-a-star than you ever imagined!