You need THIS to achieve your goals and resolutions in 2017

Well well well, we’re at the end of January, the first month of 2017. 
No doubt, you started the year with great intentions.
Eat healthy. Save money. Find a new career. Find love. Travel the world. 
No matter what your dreams and goals are, the first 30 days are the hardest. 
In fact, at this point over 40% of people have given up on their New Year’s Resolutions. 
How about you?
Whether you’re right on track to reach your goals, haven’t started them (on purpose or not), or are struggling to create new resolutions, I’ve created a reflection exercise just for you.
A critical piece of achieving goals is reflection and self-awareness.
Reflection and accountability is about empowering you to make the changes you want to make. 
Along the way, it’s powerful to celebrate your achievements and dig into any obstacles you come across. 
No matter how well or not-so-well your year is going, it’s not over yet.  (In fact, it’s barely just begun!). 
This reflection is not about feeling guilty, ashamed or embarrassed, no matter where you’re at. Shut down any negative thoughts and congratulate yourself for wanting to learn, grow and be the best you possible.
This exercise is an opportunity to reflect, refresh, re-energize, refocus – and renew - for the remainder of 2017:
Grab your favourite journal, or open a new word document.  Or,  if you prefer to do this with a someone else, call your best friend, or schedule a wine night with your partner and talk it out.  

Do this exercise.  Your goals and dreams are worth it!

Let’s start with reflecting on your progress so far:


  • What goals and resolutions have you progressed towards so far this year?  What progress have you made?


  • Where did you think you’d be by January 31st?  How does that compare to where you are?


  • What has worked well so far in 2017?  How can you celebrate them?


  • What (if anything) is holding you back from achieving your New Year’s Resolutions?


  • What do you need to change?  What can you do better?

Next, Refresh Re-Energize:


  • What do you want to do and achieve more than anything else in 2017?  How can you re-prioritize it?


  • Why is this important to you?


  • What will your life be like when you achieve your New Year’s Resolutions?

Time to Refocus:


  • What tools do you need to be successful?


  • What support system do you need in place to achieve your goals in 2017?  (Ie.  Boss, mentor, coach, accountability partner, friends, partner/spouse, all of the above!)


  • What habits & structures do you need to implement to make your goals easier?  (Ie. Put out clothes the night before a workout, meal-prepping on Sundays, sticky notes in key areas of your house).

How to Renew (or Restart):


  • Renew your commit to your goals/resolutions. Start tomorrow.  Our brains work well with any “firsts” so February 1st will work nicely. So will any given Monday.  Don’t use the “it’s not January 1st” excuse.  You can do it!


  • Every week, sit down and plan the week. State exactly what you’re doing towards your goals and block the time in your calendar to do it. Keep that time sacred.


  • Implement the habits & structures you need to set you up for success.  Maybe you need to automate your savings to come out of your account.  Or start your day with meditating before you get out of bed so you don’t forget about it later.


  • Find an accountability partner, mentor or coach to check in with at least weekly.


  • Share your goals with those around you and ask that they support you.  Having family, friends and colleagues on your side is invaluable and you never know what you can accomplish together.


  • Find a way to track your goals that works for you:
    • Use a wipe-board or chalkboard in your office to track priorities
    • Try Asana, a (free) project management tool. 
    • Buy a planner that will help you each week. I love Danielle Laporte’s Desire Map planners (check them out here: Weekly Planner Signature and Limited Edition)

So, what are you committing to?  
What will you do to renew and restart your goals?
Your year has just begun.  This is an exciting time full of possibilities, opportunities and prospects to create the life you want

I love supporting you and helping you have a meaningful career, AND a life full of fun!  Feel free to share your goals and New Year’s resolutions with me (contact me on my website or message me on social media!).  I personally read all my messages from you. 

Letting me know what you’re up to does two things:  1)  It gets you accountable because you’ve shared with someone and 2) It allows me to support you by creating the best content, tips, and tools for you to reach your 2017 goals!

Now, go enjoy the renewed energy and clarity – and make 2017 your best year!


- Lisa
Success Coach

PS.  Do this reflection.  Answer the questions in this email and re-energize for February!  And if you believe having extra support and accountability from a coach would be helpful, get in touch now.
Together, we’ll create a personalized plan for you for this year.  We’ll explore what’s next for you and assign specific actions to keep you moving forward.  You’ll have clarity on where you’re heading and see the steps that will get you there.  Along the way, I’ll be your cheerleaderalways in your corner as you work towards your goals and dreams.
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