The Truth About Coaching

You don’t need a coach.


You are naturally creative. Brilliant. Whole. Intelligent.  Resourceful.  Wonderful.


You don’t need me or anyone else to rescue you.


You don't need a hero.


Because you are not a victim.


You don't need a coach.


In fact, nobody needs a coach.


As a business owner, it’s a scary thing telling you that you don’t need me.


Perhaps it’s business suicide.


Maybe you’re wondering why I don’t just close up my business and go back to my 9-5 since nobody needs a coach.



I’ll always be honest with you. I truly believe nobody needs a coach.  And I’m not in the business of pressuring someone to work with me. Ever.


Ok. So if nobody needs a coach, why is coaching one of the fastest growing industries in the world?


(And why, Lisa, are you so confident your business has a purpose and will survive?)


The answer lies here below.


It’s the same reason why top athletes have coaches.


It’s why 6 out of 10 companies offer coaching to their management and executives.


It’s why another 20% of companies plan to offer coaching in the next year.


It’s why kick-ass people doing incredible things in our world seem to have one thing in common – they all have coaches.  You can count Oprah Winfrey, Serena Williams and Bill Clinton in this category.



It’s because coaching is a shortcut to success. 



Don’t believe me?  Even the Harvard Business Review says “coaching is about developing the capabilities of high-potential performers”. 


Coaching isn’t for the mediocre.  The normal.  The average.


Coaching is for high performers who want more in their lives.


High-potential people like you who aren’t satisfied with the status quo.


They, like you, are after more.


More growth. More positivity.  More change.  More results.  More momentum. More confidence.  More time. Deeper happiness.


And coaching brings you more.


My clients are no exception.


My clients don't need me. 


They want to grow and become better humans.  They want to work with me.   They know a working with a coach shortens their timeline to success


Working with me, they increase confidence.  They gain clarity over their next steps.  They achieve goals and dreams they have had for years but never made time for.


Until we worked together.


Clients have lost weight during our time together.  Started blogs and businesses.  Expanded their businesses.  Made thousands of more dollars in their careers.   Taken a vacation for the first time in four years


None of this is because they needed it.


It’s because they wanted it.


And they were willing to take action to get what they wanted.


They want nothing but the best for their lives and they are getting it.


My clients aren't willing to sit back and wait for another year to go by before they realize they want to be happier. 


They don't have time to not make time for the important things in life. Like themselves.  Their family.   Their dreams of a business. Their dreams of travel.   Their goals of loving their career.



I only work with inspiring and committed clients. I work with those who are willing to invest in themselves to create the very best lives.  And invest to become their very best selves. 


If this is you and you think coaching might be what you need in your development and your life, request a complimentary discovery call. I only have a few spaces left this week for those who are committed to living a better life.




If you are ready for success on your terms, coaching might be right for you.



If you know there's more out there for you, let's connect and see if coaching is that next step in your wild, amazing life.



If you aren't interested in change, don't get in touch.


If you aren't willing to commit yourself to the process, close this window. 


If you aren’t ready to invest in yourself, keep the status quo.


If you aren't looking to grow, coaching isn't for you.



If you don't want to be your best self, stop reading.



If in three months, one year, five years you might still struggling with the same challenges, and you are ok with that, I know coaching isn't for you.



If you don't need a coach, you’re right.  No one does. 



If you want a coach, you know where to find me.




For the high-potential go-getter, I’m here for you.


For the high-performing doer, I’d love to hear from you.



Your best life is the one you’re willing to go get.




Success Coach



PS.  If you agree that you don’t need a coach, but you want a coach, I’d love to connectGet in touch here and let’s have a free Discovery Session to find out what you want in your life and how we can get you there!  Let’s chat to break down the barriers.  To inspire you to get more out of your life.  To show you what’s possible when you are willing to invest in yourself and your dreams.  I only have a few spaces left for this week and a space is yours if you want it (because I know you don’t need it).