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My coaching sessions with Lisa are nothing short of amazing. She makes me feel so open and so comfortable, which allows me to truly open up and determine what I want, and how I can utilize my capabilities to get it. Thank you Lisa for being so supportive, for helping me discover what my path is, and for helping me create a plan that will allow me to achieve my goals and all of my wildest dreams! You rock! Can’t wait for our next session!
— Ashley Kay - Owner - White Willow Event Management

You're ready for a change. 


Maybe you don't know what that change is or why you need it. 

But you know you deserve to be happier, more in control and personally rewarded in your career. 

So let's get you there.

It's time to start living for you. All this time, you've been doing the right thing. You graduated high school with good grades. You went to University and picked the smart program. The one that all the adults nodded impressively at you when you told them what you were studying. 

You got your diploma, your degree and off to the real world you went.

You got a good job, you worked hard, and you moved up. 

You are a good person. You've volunteered, you work out, you learned to cook and maybe even speak another language.

You started earning some money, bought a car and maybe even a house. (Bonus points if it has a white picket fence!)


But all of this hasn't made you happy or as valued as you know you want to be.

You did the right thing but it's not the right thing for you.

And it's your turn to go back into the world and get what YOU want.


You're probably feeling a little scared (change is scary!) Maybe a little unsure of what's next. You might not have the confidence you think you need to create the life you want. 

But here's the truth:


There's no-one who should care more or invest more in your career and life than you.




So you need to stop waiting for someone to promote you, to give you permission to change jobs, or to start your business for you. 

If your career and your happiness is important to you (and I KNOW it is), make a commitment to create change for yourself.


This is where I come in. I know you can do it. Let's do it together!

I'm here to be your biggest cheerleader, the truth goddess and accountability champion.

We work together to figure out what IS next for you. What does your heart want? What's important to you?

Together, we figure out what the steps are you need to get you started in the direction of TRUE career JOY and life LOVE. 

We put together a plan.

And then, you take action. Because that's what awesome, earth-shaking women like you do. You make it happen.


Along the way, I'll be there to guide you through the process. Imagine me running beside you as you learn to ride a bike.  That's me!  Encouraging you, keeping you grounded and focused, and jumping up and down with excitement when you ride down the block with no training wheels for the first, fifth, and hundredth time.

I can't wait to see you fly!




When you're ready, apply below.  I would love to learn more about what you want and how I can support you.

It's not always easy. But I promise it will be worth it. Everything that's worth it always starts with a step - or a giant leap - in the direction of happiness.


         What IS Coaching?

To be honest, I didn’t know what to expect from coaching but Lisa put me at ease right away by setting the stage. Through the session, I was able to identify next steps for me to move forward towards my career goals and it provided me with a clarity that I don’t think I would have been able to achieve without coaching.
— Mariko Kerr

Coaching is the perfect blend between that warm hug of encouragement you need, the enthusiastic energy you need to stay motivated, and the accountability ass-kick you need to keep your actions moving and your dreams closer.


Coaching is for the woman who

  • Is ready to live success on her terms

  • Wants to love her career

  • Is willing to do the work to get her dream life

  • Wants to come home with a ton of energy to do the rest of the things she loves

  • Is sick of questioning her path in life


Coaching starts with uncovering what's most important to you.  

Who are you? No... but REALLY, who are you?  Why are you who you are?  

And most importantly - who do you want to be?


But coaching is more than just a deep conversation with a great friend.  It's about action.

You want to love your work. You want to be appreciated. 

You deserve to wake up every day knowing you're living your best life. 

Knowing who you want to be, we take ACTION to get you there.


Coaching is NOT for you if you

  • Are looking for an easy way out

  • Don't want to take responsibility for your career

  • Aren't willing to be open and ask yourself tough questions

  • Are perfectly happy in life and don't want to change anything

  • Don't believe in personal development

  • Are not ready to improve your life


You need a coach to tell you the truth and ask you the tough questions to help you breakthrough.

I will tell you the truth.

I will ask you the tough questions.

I can't wait for you to breakthrough.


You are awesome. You really are.  You probably have admirers at work, in your friends, and in your network. You're a leader in your life. People would trade spots with you in a heartbeat. 

But they won't tell you the truth and yet that's what you need. 


I know what it's like to be unfulfilled.  I was there.  

I can help you because I was there.  

And it took bold action, a giant leap of faith, a health scare, and my very own coach to get me to the happy and amazing place I'm in today!

You need the hard questions.

Because surrounding yourself with the average person (who might admire you) feels good but it will get you average advice, average praise, average goals and will produce an average life. 

And you are much more than average.


You are incredible, whirlwind, world-rocking YOU!


The most successful people take action.  That's what makes them successful.


One on One Coaching Packages



Private VIP One-on-One Coaching


You're ready to live your dream life.  You're tired of waiting for it.

You're excited to redefine success, make a plan and just go for it!

Your life WILL change because of this 6 month package.

What’s included:

  • Two private, one-on-one coaching calls a month (Twelve total calls) ($12,000 value)

  • Customized resources, tools, recommendations and strategies designed just for you ($5,000)

  • Unlimited email and phone access ($5,000 value)

  • Complimentary access to all digital courses released during coaching relationship ($1000)

  • Complimentary spot in the next upcoming GOALden Girls Mastermind ($2,000 value)

  • Surprises! (If I told you, it wouldn’t be a surprise)

$25,000 VALUE

6 month One-on-One Coaching - $15,000 USD Paid in Full or $3,000 monthly




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Through coaching, Lisa was able to help me identify my core values in life, my health and helping others. She kept me accountable to making my work and personal goals achievable while maintaining my values and recognizing if the tasks at hand were valuable to me or my business. Lisa is personable, and uses her leadership and coaching skills to help you grow and find purpose. I strongly recommend meeting Lisa and see your life change.
— Phil Birrer, CPA, CA - Partner - Birrer Sangret LLP
Phil Birrer Picture.jpg

I get it. It's scary.  But I know you're here for a reason.  Something's telling you there's more for you out there.

So take the first step.  Let's connect over the phone.  This is a chance for us to see how we fit together and what coaching can mean for you as you create your dream life.  Our chat is not about selling and there's no obligation.  I'm not in the business of pushing you to do something you don't want to do.  But if there's a spark, and you feel amazing things ahead for you, this will be the start of an incredible journey.

 You'll know when you're ready.  

My time is precious and so is yours.  I only work with the most motivated, excited-to-work-with-me clients.  If you can't wait for what's next for you, I can't wait to hear from you!



*Please note: All spaces for one-on-one coaching are currently filled. But, I still love hearing from you so if you get in touch, I'll put you on the waitlist to be the first to know when spaces open up again.*


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Workshops & Retreats


Get a year's worth of coaching and support in a week.  

This is for the woman who is ready for massive change.

This is for the woman who wants to go deeper.

This is for the woman who deserves time for herself.


This is for the woman who wants fun and relaxation with a (big) side of kick-ass coaching.


If you're looking for an intense, rejuvenating, unbelievably inspiring all-in experience, join me for customized intensives, workshops and retreats.  

You will get several months worth of coaching in a day.  You'll get to spend a weekend or even a week blissfully and soulfully setting intentions and reshaping the direction for your business and your life.  


Be the first to know about my next live event and get ready to have your life rocked!




You're in charge and you want the most engaging, energetic and motivating speaker you can get.  You want your event to be inspiring and so mind-blowing that people talk about it forever.  When your event needs energy and "buzz",


- I'm you're girl!


For those who know me, they'll agree - talking isn't a problem. 


In fact, it's a love for me.  


Whether it's an intimate group of 30 or a group of 1,000, I'm an experienced and engaging speaker.


Don't get me wrong - every stage I get onto, I'm nervous before I get on.  


That's because I truly care.


Your time is precious and I LOVE wow-ing you, the audience, with fabulous stories, innovative ideas and genuine inspiration. 


I have a rare ability to connect with a wide variety of people and you'll see the proof in the variety of different groups I've presented to.


 I know how to inspire, teach, and resonate with humans. If they're in your audience, count me in!

With a wide variety of experiences, both in the corporate professional and entrepreneurial world, (and in life), I'm uniquely able to share insights with your audience on several topics.  


Every keynote and workshop is designed specifically for your event and your amazing attendees.  


Because I customize presentations, we can get creative together and create a new topic or angle that you know will wow your group!



Multidimensional Success

What's your definition of success?  Have ever really you thought about this?  Society has it's own definition it prescribes to us as we grow up - and it usually includes money and power.  But I disagree with that definition. 


Multidimensional success means finding purpose, joy and satisfaction in multiple aspects of life.  This success is about creating meaning and pleasure through a variety of activities, causes, and personal meaning markers. 


This presentation will challenge you to redefine success, learn the 8 ingredients of multidimensional success and inspire you to live life on YOUR terms and achieve SUCCESS!


You'll walk away with:

- A new perspective on the old definition of success

- A fresh and personal definition of success, defined by Y-O-U

- Insights, tips, tools and tricks to create success in your life, on your own terms

How to Set Goals You'll Actually Keep

Whether you squeal in excitement or groan at the thought of setting corporate goals or New Year's resolutions, this event is for you.  Let's be honest: goal-setting sounds simple enough but actually achieving them isn't so easy.


In this interactive keynote, you'll learn the 5 most common goal-setting mistakes - and how to avoid making them. And no, we're not just going to talk about "SMART" Goals (but we might just talk about DUMB Goals). 

You'll walk away with:

- A renewed energy to set and accomplish the goals you've always wanted to achieve

- A strategy to consistently meet and blow away your own targets

- Tips, tools and tricks to help you create a plan you'll actually stick to

Why Your Grades Don't Matter & You Can Throw Away Your Degree


Spoiler alert:  I finished 5.5 years of school (3 diplomas and a double major) and at the end, no-one asked me about my grades.  Ever.  Not even my mom (and believe me when I say she was much too involved in my high school grades).  

Even though I didn't get to brag about my grades on my resume or in interviews, I still landed a great job out of school and move my way up the corporate ladder. 

So if grades don't matter, what does?  Experience.  Leadership opportunities. Connections you've made. 

I'll share with you the secrets, strategies and mindset you need to get the most out of your University education, and set you up for a career and life of success.  Get ready to go beyond the classroom - and I'll show you what's possible when you expand your learning!

(*This keynote is a HIT with College & University students)

Why Your Job Title Doesn't Matter & You Can Throw Away Your Degree



In our parent's generation, people went to school, got a job, and stayed in it for life.   Their companies kept them employed for 20-30 years and not much changed.  

Fast-forward to 2017 and millennials are expected to have 15-20 jobs in a lifetime. Yet, most of us don't know how to change careers, jobs or industries.  Hint: it has nothing to do with your job title OR degree.

With job-changing as the new normal, you need to know how to navigate a modern career.  Learn what IS important in today's job and entrepreneurial market.  Walk away with the tools and strategies to have a lifetime of rewarding and happy careers (all 20 of them!).  

(This keynote is a favourite for young to mid-career professionals, entrepreneurs and side-hustlers)




I met Lisa for coffee and within the first 20 minutes I knew I wanted her to speak at one of my events. You can tell just by chatting with her that she is so genuine and really is passionate about what she does.

I had Lisa speak to my audience at one of our very first Morning Mingle events for @vancitybusinessbabes and she was amazing! Such incredible energy and the way she communicated was incredibly helpful in breaking down the barriers between her and the audience. She speaks very authentically about her story and challenges she has had in the past and how she has overcome them.

The feedback I got from the crowd was that they loved how honest she was and she had so many quotes and take-aways that really resonated with them.

I will absolutely recommend her to anyone looking for an engaging, inspiring speaker for their group or organization!
— Danielle Wiebe, CEO of Vancity Business Babes
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Networking Is Not A Dirty Word

Ask a group of people who likes networking and you're guaranteed to hear a bunch of crickets.  The term "networking" has been trashed and has a scary, disgusting and generally terrible reputation.  Until now.  

This interactive presentation challenges the traditional definition of "networking" and will convince you that it's not only critical, but it is fun and extremely rewarding.  

Everyone who goes through this workshop comes out PUMPED for the opportunity to get out there and build genuine relationships - and this energy usually means people come out of the workshops with new connections!


Take Back Your Time


Today, we are busier than ever.  Despite having access to every modern amenity, most of us are starved for the time to do the things we really want to do.  

What would you do with an extra 15 minutes a day?  An hour?  Three hours? Sounds like a dream, right?

Having extra time in our day is unimaginable, for most.  Lisa challenges you to create the time for what you want in your life in this bold, insightful workshop.  You'll walk away with new strategies, tools and perspectives on time so you never feel "too busy" and can never use the excuse "I don't have time" ever again. 


Personal Branding


Not long ago, people went to school, got a job and stayed in it for life.  They worked hard and companies kept them employed for 20-30 years. 

Fast-forward to today and the average person is expected to have 15-20 jobs in their lifetime!

This means that no matter how awesome your boss is, how much you love the company you work for or how important your industry is, it will probably change.  It's up to you to own your career and make sure you get the most out of it.

Just like companies, you are a brand. As you change jobs, careers, companies and industries, the only constant is YOU.  To get the right clients, jobs, promotions, raises and business connections - no matter your professional or entreprenurial journey - you need a personal brand. 

Learn how to build your own personal brand so that you can create a career and life that excites, challenges, and evolves as you do!



Audiences I've Wow-ed Include:


  • University/College Students
  • Women's Networking & Development Groups
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Professionals
  • Community Leaders
  • Corporate Leadership Training Programs 
  • Senior, Mid and Front Line Leaders
  • High School Students

Lisa was a keynote speaker in the 2015 Vancouver Island Leadership Conference (VILC). Her presentation was fantastic, motivating and high-energy. Lisa’s presentation stood out from others that I’ve listened to because she was enthusiastic and genuine; it would be impossible for anyone to be bored listening to her. She motivated me to believe in myself; that I didn’t have to limit myself or take the easy way out due to fear of failure. Thanks to her, I’m confident going forward in getting a double major and I’ve joined the VILC and the Business Students’ Association. She also provided the audience with a booklet with questions to answer for ourselves and a list of quotes that still hang on my wall today with my favourite one highlighted:
”He who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.”
Lisa was a fantastic keynote because she encouraged audience participation and listened carefully to the speaker before responding. Finally, she was warm and receptive when I went up to her after the presentation and even welcomed me to sit at her table at the dinner that followed. I’ve invited her to the 2016 VILC as a keynote speaker again and would highly recommend her as a motivational speaker at any other event.
Thank you, Lisa. You and the VILC made a huge impact on my first year at university and in turn, my career.
— Marie Little


Connect with Lisa today to make your event incredible!


Lisa delivered an inspirational keynote on “Multidimensional Success” at the 2015 Vancouver Island Leadership Conference. She drew from her own life experiences to help delegates expand their terms of success and encourage them to understand what success really meant to them. Lisa is incredibly interactive and even brings take-aways for the delegates.

As the creator of the Malaspina-University Leadership Conference (eventually becoming Vancouver Island Leadership Conference), it was only natural for our executive team to include Lisa in a major part of the conference. Not only did she help to inspire, connect and evolve with the delegates through her keynote session, she also mentored our board of directors on how to make this conference as SUCCESSFUL as possible.

Her keynote on “Multidimensional Success” could be described as an emotional rollercoaster. She shared her very early stages of success, and overcoming personal tragedy to rise above it. She had the audience shocked when she said she left her high-paying corporate job to pursue her love – Vancouver. Lisa concluded with the main message that success is really about happiness. One thing I took away from Lisa’s keynote is that if you are willing to put in the time and effort, a door will open for you. Hard work pays off.

If I could describe Lisa in one word it would be ‘inspiration.’ Asides from the VILC, I have had the opportunity to sit down with Lisa and discuss my roles which were similar to hers at one time. Lisa’s resume is quite incredible and for some, could be intimidating. But when Lisa walks into a keynote session and interacts with the delegates, she makes everyone feel equal and worthy enough to have any type of success. I believe that is what makes Lisa an inspiration and successful.
— Kathleen Byrne, BSA President & VP Internal Relations VILC