You're Ready For This Secret Now




Welcome to Day 3!



You’re almost there! You’ve done two of three steps and here's more of what you need to get you to your dream life!  



Today is all about the clarity of what’s been holding you back, what is working for you, and what you need to say “take a hike” to.   To create real, lasting change, and find your dreams, something old and something new need to change.



Nothing changes if you don’t.



And I know you won’t stand for status quo anymore.


  • Give yourself 15-20 to explore and be generous with yourself.
  • Design a quiet space.  Maybe even find a private place in the park, at the beach, or at your favourite coffee shop.  Remember, this is your time. 
  • Print your workbook out –  See, when it’s printed, it’s easy to bring with you wherever you go.  You'll find your workbook here.
  • Find an accountability partner.  Have you found one yet?  If not, that’s ok. It’s not too late!   Share what you’re up to in this workshop with your friend - you know they will be asking you about it!  (Yup, the pressure’s on!)  Share this link with them -  you’ll increase your chances of success AND support them with their own goals and dreams.



Now, open your workbook and watch today's video above!



As you work through the questions, pay specific attention to what you need to say “take a hike” to.   Often, we think about the things we need to ADD to our life:  green smoothies, morning runs, networking meetings, projects.  But to create the space (because we only have so many hours in a day), we need to say “goodbye” to other things.  Say goodbye to other behaviours.  Other beliefs.  And goodbye to the habits that are no longer helping us.



You're ready to fly!