It's Day 2!!!!




Welcome back to Get Your Goals!!!   


I'm so glad you're here for the next part.


Today, you will clarify how satisfied you are with each important part of your life, and prioritize what needs to change.


  • Give yourself 15-20 minutes to go through the video and workbook
  • Design a quiet space.  Turn off all distractions.  Give yourself the freedom to reflect and take time for yourself. 
  • Print your workbook out – You definitely need to print this one because it requires drawing some lines and taking notes that don’t fit into pretty boxes on your screen. Plus, it’s more powerful if it’s in front of you. (If you missed it in your email, you can find the workbook here).
  • Find an accountability partner.  Remember, you’re WAY more likely to actually create a change when you’ve told someone your intentions.  You know they will be asking you about it!  So find a friend - you’ll increase your chances of success AND support your friends with their goals and dreams.


Today’s exercise involves prioritization because if everything is important, nothing is important.  


Let's Go!