You're about to Get Your Goals






You did it! 


You've taken the first step toward finally achieving your goals.  I know you’re ready to fulfill the dreams you’ve been putting off and start living your life!



If you’re feeling overwhelmed and unfulfilled in your life and career, this is where I come in. I will show you how to create a life that brings you purpose, fulfillment and happiness so you LOVE your work and your life!


So let’s get started.



Here’s what you need to do:

  • Set aside 15-20 minutes for the next 3 days to go through each video and workbook.
  • Create a quiet space.  Turn off any distractions.  For the next 20 minutes, turn your ringer off, and don’t worry about anything else on your “to do” list.  Your job is just “to be” and explore yourself.
  • Print your workbook out –  Normally I believe in saving the planet and using your computer, but when it comes to setting goals and intentions, I HIGHLY recommend physically writing them out. (Your workbook is attached).
  • Find an accountability partner.  You are WAY more likely to actually create a change when you’ve told someone your intentions, and know they will be asking you about it.  So share this link with a friend and you will have a significantly better chance of succeeding! Plus, you never know what goals and dreams they have that you will help them achieve.


As soon as you have your workbook ready to go, you can watch the first video above.  I will guide you through today’s questions.  The best part of having your workbook on paper?  You can bring it anywhere… the beach, your bedroom, a bench in the park, or favourite patio (which is where I’m doing this today).  Fill out your favourite journal with the questions. Do whatever works for you. But be ready to DO! 


Start now!