GOALden Girls Mastermind


THE Mastermind for the high-performing, modern woman ready to crush it in 2019!

Setting New Year’s Resolutions YET again without trying anything new is pointless.

You’ve got huge goals for 2019, but you’re not sure how to make this year any different.


You are driven, ambitious and you want to achieve all your goals.

You want to make 2019 your best year yet. You want it to be the year you scale your business, run that marathon or land that dream job.

More than anything, you want to live up to your full potential and live that dream life you know you can!

I get it. I’ve helped hundreds of driven women just like you identify what it is they truly want, and create a plan to get there.

I know how it goes.

You set out awesome New Year’s Resolutions.

You toasted to them on December 31st.

You started with great intentions. 

January 1st came and you were on fire! (Ok, that’s a lie.  You were probably tired and maybe hungover.)

 Let’s try this again.

January 2nd came and you felt amazing. 

You were inspired. You ate better food. You joined a gym. You started saving money. You made time for yoga and signed up for a “learn to meditate” course.

February was a bit harder. You didn’t quite have the same giddy-up in your step as you woke up to go to the gym. Booking a sunny vacation was more tempting than saving for a down payment. And you’ve given up on meditation (who has time for THAT?!).

By June, you almost forgot you even set resolutions.

Now, December is here. The new year is almost here. You’re disappointed you didn’t accomplish all you wanted.

And now, you’re looking back at 2018 wondering where the f*ck the year went! 

I hear you. You’re tired of setting empty goals, and making New Year's Resolutions you just don't keep. Don’t worry - you’re in the right place.


You’re not alone. As many as 80% of New Year’s Resolutions are given up by February. As an entrepreneur, mother and hustler, I understand.

Time goes fast. Other people’s priorities take precedence. You put your client’s, boss’s, family’s and friend’s needs all above your own.

You’re disappointed you haven't achieved all your goals.  And truth be told, you’re sick of underachieving on your goals.

It’s frustrating.

You feel unfocused and unmotivated.

You feel overwhelmed.

It’s annoying. 

You might even be embarrassed.

Because you’re smart, driven and generally awesome.

And you’re at the point where you’re ready to say “f*ck it” to goals – all-together. 

I’m Lisa and I work with entrepreneurs, leaders, moms and executives who, like you, are committed to achieving their goals and having it all.

You can have it all - the travel, the wealth, the happiness, the career, the family, and the love. And it starts with crushing your goals

You know that what you’re doing isn’t working. You know that if you just set New Year’s Resolutions again, next year, you’ll be disappointed. Again.

Because you know something has to change.

You’ve tried several things. You’ve tried to get up at 5 am and work out. You’ve said you’re going to save money. You’ve even asked friends to hold you accountable.

But despite your best intentions, you find yourself slipping back into your old routine, not getting any further ahead on your goals. And you can’t figure out why.

What’s missing?!

Accountability. Community. The right strategies. Someone asking you the right (and tough!) questions.

Inspiration and motivation when things get hard.

When you know you’re being held accountable, you do better and you show up.

When you have a community, you have a network (your net worth is your network).

With someone asking you the right questions (even when they’re hard), you break the patterns you keep repeating in your life and create new, successful paths forward.

When times are tough, you need to be inspired, motivated and re-energized.

Just imagine….

  • Creating strong goals that are meaningful to you

  • Sharing your big goals (the ones you’re too scared to say out loud) with an amazing community that gets it AND supports you

  • Being able to crush your to-do list, every day

  • Learning how to stay focused

  • Getting over your fear of what others are going to think or say

  • Handing in your letter of resignation to your boss because your side hustle is now your only hustle

  • Seeing your list of clients double and your bank account number go up-up-up

  • Hiring your first - or fifth - employee

  • Crossing the finish line of that race you’ve dreamed of

  • Feeling confident that you can achieve anything you want in life

But you know these results? They only come when you start investing in yourself and deciding that NOW is the time.


Welcome to the GoalDen Girls Mastermind

THE Goal-Getting Mastermind for the high-performing, driven woman ready to crush it in 2019!


In this 4-month online group program, you’ll be guided from setting the right goals, to achieving them - every step of the way.

I will teach you how to use your head and your heart to create the results and achieve your goals. I’ll show you how to create a success mindset, build habits, manage your time, and be the most productive and efficient you can.

Your Mastermind sisters will support you, encourage you, offer their support, ideas and connections.

And we will all keep you accountable to your best life so you hustle your way to your goals and dreams.

In this incredible 4-month LIVE, online program, you'll be set up from momentum to implementation to success. 

No more starting off your goals on a high… and later wondering where the time has gone and why you haven’t accomplished what you wanted.

It’s time to start crushing the goals you set for yourself.

 You DO have enough time.  Start making the most of it.

Set big goals for 2019 – and actually achieve them! 

Here’s What’s Included:


  • 4 months of goal-setting training, support and in-depth learning.  It’s all about getting you clear on what you want and giving you the tools and support you need to get the life of your dreams!

  • A LIVE Orientation Call where you’ll get inspired and BONUS workbook to get you motivated to end 2018 with a bang!

  • 12 additional in-depth workbooks for each module. You’ll get incredible information, questions to make you breakthrough and tangible actions to change your life.  Every day.

  • 16 LIVE group learning and coaching calls.  These are an opportunity to learn more, ask questions, and even get live coaching from Lisa!

  • Surprise Guest Experts on all the hottest topics.  I’m dying to tell you but there just aren’t enough happy surprises in the world so I love creating them.  Past experts have included 6-figure Manifesting Mama Genicca Whitney and Financial Wealth Coaches from Finovo.

  • My hand-picked list of favourite audio, video and books that have changed my life… and the life of my clients

  • I love RESULTS so I'm including as many bonuses, tips, tricks, templates, exercises and practice opportunities as I can in our 4 months together!



  • Access to the private, intimate GOALden Girls Facebook group for you to share your wins, get inspiration, and find extra support for you to get your goals

  • Support and access to me for questions and support in our private, intimate Facebook group

  • Networking, collaboration and masterminding with other driven, ambitious women in our program

  • 16 total Live Calls with me for questions, coaching and more!  (If you're one of the first 5 people to sign up, you'll also get a FREE one-on-one coaching call worth over $600!)


GOALden Girls will show you how to:

  • Be ridiculously focused on what it is you want to achieve in your life

  • Take the inspiration you feel and turn it into action

  • Create the right connections and community to make your big dreams possible

  • Get motivated and bust through your fears and excuses

  • Stop feeling overwhelmed and instead, know exactly what you need to work on

Along with your fellow GOALden Girls, you'll be motivated and moving so fast on your dreams, you won’t even believe it.


If you’re reading this and thinking “YES! I’m ready to get to the next level!”, you’re in the right place.


 You, me and our GOALden Girls are going do this together.

I’m Lisa, the founder of GOALden Girls. As an entrepreneur, mother, and self-made millionaire by the time I turned 30, I know about goal-setting. 

Over the years, I’ve refined my process and instructed hundreds of people how to achieve the life of their dreams. 

Even better than just one coach? A group of them. That’s what GOALden Girls Mastermind is all about. 

Community. Supporting each other. Women uplifting women so we become more than ever before.

I created GOALden Girls for ambitious women like you, who know that to hit their goals and live their dream life, it’s time to do something different. Now.

Screen Shot 2018-12-14 at 11.12.02 PM.png

GOALden Girls started around my friend’s dining room table in Fort McMurray over a bottle of wine. I was ambitious but I knew I couldn’t do it alone, so I found 4 friends who also wanted to create change and achieve their goals.

When I moved to Vancouver, I moved GOALden Girls to my patio and invited my new friends who were also driven. The wine came too. This is an actual photo of one of our goal-setting sessions (Yup, Doritos and a bikini. Living the dream).

Really quickly, I discovered the power of setting goals with others. And working together to achieve them.

What started as wine and patio sessions, has now evolved to an incredible Mastermind that has helped incredible women achieve their goals including launching new businesses, scale businesses, land dream jobs, run marathons and so much more.

I’ve infused this program with my coaching expertise, obsession with personal development, good ol’ trial and error, and my passion (and previous career) in Continuous Improvement. (Yes, that’s a legit job title that I held).

In GOALden Girls, we’re going to hang out online. Support each other to breakthrough.  We’re going to get inspired. Get clarity.

We’re going to learn, get sh*t done, and HAVE FUN! 


I’m serious about making you ridiculously successful in 2019 and if you are too, the GOALden Girls Membership is for you!


Here’s what other GOALden Girls say:

Cindy Ellen testimonial picture.png
Before GOALden Girls, I had lots of wonderful ideas for my business but was getting overwhelmed. I couldn’t focus because I had of all the incredible ideas and directions I could go in.

Lisa’s leadership, ability to support and guide with ease and confidence made me want to be a part of the group.
During our time together in the GOALden Girls program, I felt like I had 1:1 support directly from Lisa each week. Often the questions that the other participants were asking were also directly related to what I was experiencing so the calls were incredibly valuable.
The content-rich modules were a critical piece as well. They provided the exact questions that I needed for self reflection including tools to help me understand where I was blocking myself from moving forward constructively.
By the end of the program, I knew exactly what I needed to do in order to move forward and make my goals a reality.
I am still actively working towards my goals for this year and I am on track to crush them!
— Cindy Ellen, Business Energy Coach & Healer
Lisa’s GOALden Girls are empowering, healing, uplifting, soul-rejuvenating, inspiring, and overall, life-changing.
— Gretchen Cruz, Canada

You can have it all. You can CRUSH the goals you set out for yourself.

You can make 2019 your BEST year ever.  

You’re determined. You’re passionate. You’re smart. 

You want to be inspired and motivated. You deserve more. And you’re willing to go for it!

You’re in the right place.  You found GOALden Girls for a reason.

Girl, you’ve got one life to live and you can’t live the same year 80 times and call it a “life”.

It’s time to make a change. It’s time to say yes to your big dreams and goals, and go get them.

It’s time to stop waiting for tomorrow. Stop waiting for someone else to decide.

It’s time to decide for yourself.

It’s your time.

You’re just getting started.

I’m so sure about GOALden Girls and the results this program creates that I’m willing to give you a 100% guarantee.

If you do all the modules, watch the videos, complete the content and show up to our calls and you’re not seeing a change after 60 days, I will give you all your money back AND you can stay in the program.

If you show up for yourself and do the work, you will make progress towards your goals. You will become the woman you need to be to make all your dreams come true.

That’s how much I believe in you.

It’s time you believe in yourself this much too.

 This program is for you if you are: 

  • A driven, ambitious women ready to rock 2019

  • Interested in creating a community to support each other

  • Ready to take action on your goals and dreams

  • A believer in collaboration over competition

  • Serious about creating change and massive results

  • Excited to put in the work to make your resolutions come true

In case you’re curious, we probably won’t get along if you:

  • Are not interested in trying new things

  • Don’t want to share your “secrets” or help other women out because they’re your “competition”

  • Hate actually doing the work it takes to achieve success

  • Don’t care about personal development/improvement

  • Are ok to stay exactly in the same place you are today



·      Accountability:  You know that accountability can make or break you when trying to do something new

·      Support:  We all need a little extra support when creating a change. You'll find it here.

·      Resources:  Every week, you’ll get a new module with information, amazing resources and strategies to continue reaching your goals

·      Tools:  With every module, you’ll get a new set of tools that you can start applying to your life right away

·      Fun:  If we can’t have fun while getting our dream life, it’s not worth it.  You’ll find some sass, humor and laughs sprinkled into our entire time together!

·      Surprises:  If I told you everything, it wouldn’t be a surprise, would it? 

Make this year INCREDIBLE.  Make 2019 the year you rock your goals!



Module 1: Welcome & Orientation- January 5th

  • Welcome & Overview of the next 4 months

  • Discover and make sure you’re setting the right goals for you

  • Clear out any limiting beliefs that are holding you back



Module 2:  Discover YOU!

  • Dig deep into what makes you, you.

  • Understand your values and how they help you with your goals

  • Define your "Why" so you stay motivated on the deepest level




Module 3: Set Goals - LET’S DO THIS! 

  • Learn how to make your goals super achievable and crunchy

  • Together, we release any fears that might get in the way

  • Set yourself up for massive success in the next 90 days… and beyond!

  ————————————————————-Catch-up week with Live Support ———————————————————— 

Module 4:  Cultivating a Success Mindset

  • Discover the importance of a Success Mindset

  • Uncover the mindsets that are holding you back

  • Cultivate and create the mindsets you need to be successful 

Module 5: Creating Habits for Life

  • Find the secrets to creating lasting change through habits

  • Get clues about the habits that are standing in your way and find out how to get rid of them

  • Develop the right habits to make achieving your goals easy!

  ————————————————————-Catch-up week with Live Support ————————————————————

Modules 6 & 7:  I Need More Time!!!  (These module have got you covered)

  • Get back at least 10 hours a week (enough to accomplish everything you want and more!)

  • Reveal the time-sucks in your life… and eliminate them

  • Figure out how to create enough time to do everything you want

Module 8:  Productivity & Efficiency     

  • Get THE best tips on how to make your day more productive

  • Stop wasting your time on useless tasks

  • Never again look at the clock at 5:00 and wonder where the hell your day went?!


 Module 9:  ENERGIZER!

  • Check in to what’s working so far

  • Figure out what adjustments you need

  • Understand what’s holding you back

  • Get in the mindset and spirit to fail forward

  • Get energized and MOTIVATED!

 ————————————————————-Catch-up week with Live Support ————————————————————

Module 10:  Surprises!

  • You’ll have to wait to find out exactly what we’re doing this week but know that you WON’T want to miss it!

  • Imagine guest experts on all the biggest goals you’ve got – health, money, time, business, and more!



Module 11:  Balance & Multidimensional Success

  • Learn how YOU can have it all

  • Never chase work-life balance again

  • Gain access to the 8 Keys to Multidimensional Success 

———-Catch-up week with Live Support ————

Module 12:   Rock the REST of 2019 -- Sustainment & Setting up for Success!  - April 2019

  • Solidify the changes you made

  • Set yourself up for success in 2018

  • Learn all the tips for sustainment.  This program is just the beginning of your changes!

What your fellow GoalDen Girls are saying:

When I started, GOALden Girls, I was at the beginning stages of launching my sustainable clothing business - my e-commerce site, www.bellantoni.ca. I was working 2 other jobs, and struggling to make time for my business.

My experience in GOALden Girls was amazing.
I got so much out of GOALden Girls. I launched my business during the program and had several opportunities come out of it. Less than a year later, I have moved into a new studio in an awesome location, am selling with a company in Toronto and showcased at Eco Fashion Week (Vancouver). Lisa’s program taught me to prioritize my time for what matters most to me.

I definitely recommend GOALden Girls to others! If you are at a stage where you have all these goals you want to achieve, but need structure and a little encouragement to get you there, Lisa’s program is definitely worth it!
— Bianca Bellantoni - Founder/Fashion Designer
Screen Shot 2018-12-14 at 11.50.07 PM.png

The Investment 

 What would you pay to finally live the life you want to be living?

 What’s the price you put on having time to spend with family and friends?

What's it worth to you to finally have achieving goals be easy?

How incredible would it feel to have an amazing group of supportive, inspiring women to back you up and keep you motivated?

Imagine your life if you could finally get fit and lose the weight you've been trying to lose these last few years. 

Imagine what would be possible if you could earn more money.  Would you spend your extra money to travel, to buy a house, to start a family, or to go back to school?

Imagine if 2019 was the year you got organized.  The year you stopped losing important papers, forgetting appointments, and feeling overwhelmed every time you looked around your house.

Think of how incredible it will feel to turn your side hustle into your full time - and only - hustle.

GOALden Girls is what will take you from goal-setting to goal-getting.  You're ready!


Price: $1,999 USD

Price: $4,999 USD

Price: $2,999 USD


GOALden Girls

  • 4-Month, High-level Online Mastermind

  • The first 5 women to join will get a complimentary one-on-one private coaching session with Lisa Michaud (value: $600 USD)

  • This program is a MUST for a woman who knows she’s capable of achieving all her goals and dreams - and is ready to make this year her BEST ever!

  • All Access to GOALden Girls 2019 Mastermind + VIP

  • Includes 6 private one-on-one sessions with Lisa Michaud

  • Intimate Live Celebration event for Platinum Members, hosted in Vancouver, BC at the end of the GOALden Girls program with guest speakers, networking opportunities and extra support to keep you thriving

  • Free access to all Lisa Michaud self-study products released in 2019

  • Already signed up for GOALden Girls? Add only $3000 for your GOALden Girls VIP membership (Value: over $5000+)

  • All Access to GOALden Girls 2019 Mastermind

  • Includes 3 private one-on-one sessions with Lisa Michaud

  • Extra VIP-only group coaching calls at the 6, 9 and 12-month mark to keep you on track

  • Direct email access to Lisa through the program (normally reserved for one-on-one clients only!)

  • The option to add additional coaching sessions a la carte, something I’ve never offered before!

  • Already signed up for GOALden Girls? Add only $1000 for your GOALden Girls VIP membership (Value: over $3000+)

Limited to 7 women

Limited to 10 women


Bonus: Next 3 women to join receive a free One-on-One coaching session with Lisa worth over $600 USD (There were 5 but they go fast!)

Bonus: First 3 women to join Platinum receive 3 additional One-on-One coaching sessions with Lisa (worth over $2,000)

Bonus: First 4 women to join VIP receive a free invite to an exclusive and intimate live event in Vancouver, BC (worth $1,000)


Payment Plans Available - Please contact team below for details



 Why will this be any different?  Isn't it proven that setting goals and New Year's Resolutions don't work?

Well, if you do what you've always done, you will get what you've always gotten.  That's why to create change, you have to try something new.  You have to do something different.  GOALDen Girls will make the difference.  By signing up, instantly, you send the message to yourself that your goals and resolutions are important.  

On top of that, we've got the tools for you to overcome the most common goal-setting mistakes.  You'll have three months of support, group coaching, templates, and inspiration to get you over the challenges of goal-setting. 

Look around the world - there are many, many successful people who DO set effective goals.  Every day, every year, people achieve incredible milestones and goals.  In GOALden Girls, you'll learn what successful people are doing and incorporate those tricks into your life. You'll be surrounded by other inspiring women who are rocking their goals and encouraging you to rock your goals too! 

 Why should I spend money to set goals?  Shouldn't I be able to do this on my own?

Maybe.  Some people can.  But every year, millions of people set out to start the new year with great intentions and New Year's resolutions. Millions more set goals through-out the year.  And most people don't achieve their resolutions on their own. 

Girl, you’ve got to stop “should-ing” all over yourself. Don’t worry about what you “should” be doing and make your life what you want it to be. If you're someone who has set goals and resolutions before and hasn't met them, it's time to do something different.  If you could have lost weight/earned more money/made more friends/stopped procrastinating on your own, you probably would have already.  

It's not too late. It starts with showing yourself that you're serious about crushing your goals and your New Year's resolutions.  It starts with an investment in you.  


Is there something similar that would cost me less?  


Great question! It's one my husband often asks me before I make purchases.  (Only half-kidding).  Here's the thing:  this program is unique. In fact, I haven't found anything like it, anywhere, which is why I created it.  I'm tired of seeing amazing, brilliant, driven women like you not be able to achieve the goals they wanted.  GOALden Girls is a unique place where you get not only fantastic tools, but group support and coaching to make sure you get the success and results you want!  

While I haven't found any group programs for goals, I've seen group programs for anything from creating your branding, to starting a business, to jump-starting your sex life (and I've only scratched the surface). Most courses start at $999 USD and go up from there.  Some of these programs have hundreds or thousands of people in them, so your opportunity to connect with the person running it doesn't exist. GOALden Girls is different.  It's an intimate group, only with space for the most dedicated and inspiring women.

Short answer:  No.  There's nothing similar.  There's nothing that will cost you less.

And most importantly, you and your goals are worth it!


Is this only for women?

No – if you’re a man and you’d like to join, we’d love to have you.  We are looking for real, genuine humans who want to create a community of people to support each other as they rock their goals!


Is this guaranteed to help me reach my goals?

 Like any other personal improvement initiative, there’s work on your end involved.  I can’t sugarcoat that.  Imagine this program like having a personal trainer – I’ll set you up with the tools, support and resources to make you successful.  You’ll spend time with me on our group coaching calls.  You’ll have access to the private Facebook group where you can ask questions to our community.  But what you accomplish depends entirely on you.  You’ve gotta do the work. You’ve gotta make the time.  Your goals deserve that.


I don’t have time for something like this.  Should I still sign up?

 Look, I’d love to say “yes” but I won’t lie – getting your goals takes time. It takes commitment.

 My question for you is this:  If not now, when will you have time?  How long have you been saying “when I have time I’ll do _____” for?   What’s it costing you to never have time for the things you really want in your life?

My guess is that this isn’t the first time you’ve said you’re too busy. Or that you don’t have enough time. This probably isn’t the only thing you’re putting off. 

 When will you have time?  You’ll only have time when you decide to make time.  So, make that decision today. Sign up now for this amazing, one-time opportunity to join GOALden Girls and make today the day you stop being too busy for your own good!


What if I don't know my goals yet?

 That's A-OK! In fact, I'd rather you don't come in with non-negotiable goals.  See, effective goal-getting starts with effective goal-setting.  We'll start by figuring out what's really really important to you, what change you want to see, and craft goals from THAT place.  So come as you are and know that we'll take care of you!


How is this different from other programs?

 It's hard to compare but I'll try my best.  The content of this program has been developed from my experience, research and learning about success and how successful people achieve goals.  I haven't found a similar program - ever - which is why I created the GOALden Girls Collective.  This is an intimate group where you'll get more attention and support in our Facebook group and on our calls... and it's going to be a ton of fun!  Where else can you find a collective of a**-kicking women like this?!?!


What if I can't make it to all the calls live?  Will they be recorded?  

 Absolutely.  And don't fear, you can always send your question in 24 hours in advance of our calls and they will get answered. All calls will be recorded and you will get access to them so you can listen to our call whenever you DO have time and can truly pay attention. 


How can I get my training material?  

 All the modules will be sent out to you weekly.  You'll also receive information on calls via email and in the Facebook group.  We're here to set you up for success!

Will there be any chance to meet my fellow GOALden Girls in person?

The Mastermind is primarily online based for a few reasons. First, it allows us to get a variety of women with all backgrounds, strengths and locations. In the past, we’ve had members from all over Canada, the US and even Europe!

All our calls use Zoom Technology, which allows for video conferencing for all of us. This means that even though we’re not in person, we get to see each other’s faces, and hear voices. Whether you’re showing up dressed up, or dressed down in your PJs, we get to each other, despite any physical distance.

If you’re really interested in meeting in person, consider becoming a Platinum member. All Platinum Members will be invited to an Intimate Live Event at the end of the GOALden Girls program in Vancouver, BC designed to finish off the program with inspiring speakers, networking and community. You can learn more about Platinum Memberships here.

Who is Lisa Michaud?

Lisa Michaud is an International Success Coach, Speaker, Entrepreneur and Real Estate Investor.  At the age of 32, she’s created a multimillion-dollar net worth, a growing real estate empire, incredible network and beautiful family. As a coach and speaker, Lisa inspires, leads and motivates everyone she works with. Her clients include entrepreneurs, executives, parents, and leaders who are committed to creating fun, meaningful lives - proving you CAN have it all!

Before I joined GOALden Girls, I was struggling to find balance and direction in my business. I felt unmotivated, scrambled, unorganized, and unsure of myself.
GOALden Girls inspired me to jump right in!
I loved every minute of the GOALden Girls program. I broke through fears, set new goals, and got clearer on the direction of my life and business.
GOALden Girls kept me accountable to launch big goals that I had for my business.
GOALden Girls changed my life and I know it can change others too. It’s the perfect blend of learning, motivation, accountability, and goal rocking inspiration.
Everyone should do this program and see the incredible benefits in every aspect of their life!
— Danielle Daem, Owner: New Growth Wellness
Screen Shot 2017-10-12 at 12.54.23 PM.png
The GOALden Girls Program helped me realize the TRUE REASONS why I wanted to reach my goals. This was the motivation I was missing - thanks Lisa!
— Tia Miller, Canada

 Got a question?  Contact the team today and find out more!


If you’ve read this far, you know you want it. Seriously. My mom didn’t even read this far.