Without this belief, you're doomed.

Does it ever feel like your goals and dreams are so far away?

Do you ever wonder if you’re good enough to achieve your goals?

Or look at your goals and think you won’t be able to reach them because you don’t have as much money, time, or as many followers as someone else? 

Yup, me too.

I’m totally guilty of comparing myself to others. 

And if I let myself, my inner judge/critic/jerk will let me sit in that story all day.

My inner judge tells me that "I can’t be successful until this happens, or THAT happens… and to give up because I’m not good enough – period."

Obviously, I need to fire my inner jerk (and if you have one, you should fire yours too)

Instead of listening to that inner critic, I’ve been pulling on my BEST self and listening to what SHE has to say.

Recently, I decided to adopt a mindset I’ve heard in the past but didn’t truly understand:

“You have everything you need, right now.”

I have everything I need, right now.

Now, this is a quote that's in pretty much every personal development book.

It’s in all the spiritual guides.

Logically, it reminds us that wherever we are, we can get started, today.

And yet for a long time, I didn't always believe it.

But I’ve been converted… and I can say that this is true. 

Here’s my crazy story:

A few months ago, I had the idea to host a live webinar to share incredible strategies to make 2019 your best year ever. 

I thought about it, hummed and hawed, and then realized it wasn’t going to work out.

I didn’t have childcare available and if you’ve seen Sonoma on camera, you know I’m lucky if she stays still for one minute, let alone a one hour webinar.

So, I tossed aside the idea and decided it wasn’t going to work this time. 

Then, out-of-the-blue, a friend messaged me.

She asked “hey, would you like me to come over and watch Sonoma so you can do your webinar?”

I was so excited, and gratefully said “yes, please!”

We made plans for her to come over and watch Sonoma, and I started spreading the word about my webinar.

That’s when I realized something crazy:

I had NEVER mentioned anything to my friend about this webinar.

I had never spoken it out loud to anyone. I never announced that I was doing it… or not doing it.

The webinar idea was an idea that I killed before it could come to life.

Until my friend somehow knew… and offered to help.

Now, I don’t know what your personal, spiritual or religious beliefs are.

But this is a true story of what really happened. 

This beautiful friend was someone I adore, appreciate and admire but not someone I see on a regular basis. 

In fact, it’d been over a year since we’d even talked.

And yet, she knew. She knew what I needed.

She reached out, and gave me what I needed.

She reminded me that I have everything I need, right now.

You too, have everything you need right now.

I’m sharing this story to inspire you and to let you know that whatever your beliefs are – in God, in the Universe, or Life – you have got to believe in yourself.

Believe you have everything you need, right now. 

Somewhere in your life, there's a friend that wants to help. 

There's an opportunity about to open up for you.

And it starts with you believing, and taking action.

Beautiful friend, stop comparing yourself to her. Or him. 

Stop waiting for more money to go for it.

Stop telling yourself it’s not possible for you. 

Just stop.

Start believing that you have everything you need, right now.

Not a spiritual or religious person?

Remember: there are people who have started with less advantages than you and they made it happen. 

YOU can too!

Start taking some steps. 

Take action.

Have faith.

Believe. Deeply.


Know that you have everything you need.

I truly believe that you are meant to live an incredible life.

And that life starts with believing in yourself.

Believe and know that you have everything you need.

With love and trust,


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Do you ever find yourself comparing yourself to others?

(Who doesn’t?)

Does it ever feel like if you were just smarter/prettier/richer/skinnier/quicker/a ninja that THEN you’d be able to reach your goals?

Uh huh.

I get it.

But here’s a truth from every personal development and spiritual lesson that is REAL:

You have everything you need. Right now.

No matter what your goal or how big your dream, you have everything you need. 

It might not all happen today or even this year.

But you have what it takes to get started.

Join me live tonight and I’ll share the crazy thing that happened in my life that proved this to be true.

Join me live and let’s throw away the excuses.

The comparison.

And let's throw away the belief that you or I are not good enough.

See you tonight, Tuesday, March 12th at 8:30 pm PST (ish).

Does this get in the way of your goals?

Do you ever feel like you have no time for the big dreams you have?

If I asked you what is holding you back from achieving your goals, would your answer be “time”?

If your answers are “yes” and “heck yes”, keep reading.

I can relate.

In fact, when I ask myself why I’m not where I want to be in life, often the first answer that comes up is “I don’t have time”.

But through my work, my clients, and my experience, I’ve learned that “not having time” is not the final answer. It's not the truth.

Last October, I was ready to get back into working with clients, and couldn’t wait to share all the lessons I’d learned in motherhood with my community.

I set myself manageable goals.

Send out a blog.

Hop on and do a Facebook Live.

Create an invitation sales page for my program.

But then, week after week, nothing was getting done.


“I have no time.”

On the surface, this answer sounded good.

But I’m not a surface-kind-of-person. I love going deep - it's why I'm a great coach, for goodness' sake!

So I asked myself, “is it true that I don’t have time?”

“Of course it is”, said my slightly deeper brain.

I have a 9 month old baby.

We just bought and are renovating an apartment building.

I was training for and ran another half marathon.

I have a sick family member.

I am a solo-parent for 15 days at a time.

DUH… I. Don’t. Have. Time.

But I wasn’t done. It was clear my mind wasn’t helping me figure this out.

So I went to my calendar, and I looked at what I was “soooo busy” doing.

Yes, there was a lot of childcare in there.

Swim lessons. Baby sign language class. Gymnastics.

But there were also a lot of business activities in there.

For other people's businesses.

I spent two full days helping a friend with her business strategy and live events.

I spent another half day helping another friend promoting her business, and then 10 more hours in one of her programs, learning and supporting.

I spent time promoting and campaigning for a local politician (who I had researched and gotten to know and truly wanted to support).

I had spent over 50 hours working in other people’s businesses and campaigning other people's messages..

And I had spent ZERO hours on my business. ZERO hours on my goals and dreams.

I spent ZERO hours sharing the messages that I believed in.

I spent ZERO time connecting with and uplifting my community – YOU.

Now, let me start by saying this: I am always so happy to help and support a friend, and propel other women forward.

believe in community over competition.

I believe in collaboration over competition.

There is more than enough for you and for me, and for her.

I am so grateful because many others have helped me, and continue to support me, including 10 amazing women in this community who took time in the last two weeks to help me validate my next business idea.

This is NOT about deciding to stop helping others. Helping, uplifting and supporting others is an important part of success.

But I had swung the pendulum SO far, that I was doing NOTHING for myself and my dreams.

Can you relate?!

Do you always put everyone else first?

Does it feel like life always gets in the way of what you want to achieve?

You’re not alone.

When I had this realization, I had a choice.

And so do you.

I could continue down this path. It would mean that I would fully (and I mean FULLY!) support everyone around me.

And it would result in me doing nothing for my dreams.

It would mean that I’d look back in 6 months, 5 years, and 50 years... and not achieve what I truly feel I'm meant to.

And I'd know exactly why I hadn’t achieved my dreams:

Because I had put everyone else before me.

With THAT as the bottom-line, I knew I would regret that.

And I was not willing to live with that regret. I could not continue to constantly put everyone else ahead of me.

So I chose.

I decided to do my future self a favour and go big for my dreams.

I chose to create the right boundaries for myself.

I chose to get over my fears.

The fear of not being liked, or viewed as "helpful" or a "good girl."

The fear of going for my dreams and possibly failing miserably and publicly.

chose to put aside at least as much time for my business a week, as I did for other people’s.

decided to ask for and accept more help, in every aspect of my life from childcare, to cooking, cleaning and more.

And as soon as I made the decision to do my future self a favour, it became easy.

started saying “no” instead of allowing an automatic “I’ll do that!” come out of my mouth.

I shared my goals out loud and got support from those around me – because I knew they would do the same for me.

The last few months in my life and business have been some of the most challenging, but also, the MOST fulfilling.

I have worked with such inspiring women and am leading an unbelievable group through GOALden Girls Mastermind.

I’ve created new revenue streams in my business and set the biggest goals ever – the kind that both excites me and makes me want to puke.

I’ve learned so much about myself and how to continue to give back to the world through my business.

None of this would not happened if I hadn’t done my future self a favour and gotten started.

None of this would be possible if I hadn't taken action over my fears.

And started putting my dreams first. (Ok, maybe not first, but certainly not last, anymore).

I know this is just the beginning of what’s possible.

If you feel like you have “no time”, I challenge you to make time.

If you put everyone else first, it’s time to stop.

If fear is stopping you (whether you know it or not), it's time to get bold and do the scary things.

It’s time to start putting yourself in your calendar.

Ask yourself: What does my future self want from me?

This week, do HER a favour.

Whether this means training for that triathlon, signing up for that sexy dance class, or writing a piece of your book every day, it’s time.

Book a weekend retreat with your partner – or yourself.

Teach your children to do their own laundry so you can research your business idea. (Mama bonus points if they will do your laundry too!).

Before you say “yes” to the next person who asks you “can you do me a favour?”...

Say “yes” to doing a favour for your future self.

Because she has big dreams.

She has goals.

She knows she’s made for more.

She’s worth it.

And SHE is YOU.

With love,


PS. Join me LIVE tonight - and every Tuesday night - on Facebook and Instagram around 8:30 pm (ish) PST - or catch the replay.

Tonight, I'll be diving deeper into two important things that hold so many people back from their dreams: FEAR and TIME - and how they're often related.

So often, we give so much to all of those around us, and not to ourselves. 

I want you to ask yourself this question: What does my future self want from me?

This week, do HER a favour.

Put yourself in the calendar.

Do your future self a favour.

Because she has big dreams.

She's made for more.

Start creating the future she's meant for.

Start creating the life YOU'RE meant for.

Why achieving your goals doesn't make you happy

You might be a little surprised to see me, the goal-nerd herself, saying that achieving your goals doesn't make you happy.

After all, I encourage you to want it all and go for your big dreams and goals!

But the sad truth is that sometimes, if you achieve your goal, you still won't be satisfied.

People often come to me with goals to lose weight. Or earn a certain amount of money.

Maybe those are your goals too.

Now, I’m a driven person. I get the temptation to set targets that are super specific and take great pride in "achievement" (sometimes too much so - and that's a story for another day).

But here's the reality: metrics aren’t actually motivating.

Think about the SMART goals we were taught to set in high school career planning class, and in our corporate goal training.

Specific. Measurable. Achievable. Realistic. Time-based.

Boring. Uninspired. And ineffective, if we're being honest.

When we only set goals based on a number or target, it’s just not motivating. Worse, we risk putting in all the effort to achieve it only to find ourselves still unsatisfied and at that point, utterly confused.

Achieving goals means we need to change behaviour and to change behaviour, there needs to be motivation.

This comes down to the basic difference between the two types of motivators – extrinsic and intrinsic.

Extrinsic motivators are external rewards, or the drive to avoid punishment. Things like promotions, titles, dollars, and numbers on a scale. You might work to avoid getting in trouble with your boss, or a failing grade.

Being motivated extrinsically means we change our behaviour not because we enjoy it or but in order to get something in return or avoid something we don't want.

Intrinsic motivators are things that come from inside – things like joy, happiness, love, security, connection. Being motivated intrinsically means that we engage in the behaviour because the behaviour itself is rewarding. We enjoy the activity or action for its own sake, not just for the outcome.

There are situations where extrinsic motivators are beneficial, and they are tools you can certainly use to increase your goal progress.

But generally speaking, psychology research shows that intrinsic motivation the motivation that comes from within - is much more effective.

Over the long-term, intrinsic motivators are more powerful - wanting to change our behaviour or take action for the sake of the action. In other words, thinking only about the straight dollars, grades, numbers and metric rewards isn't enough.

Here's an example.

Let me ask you this:

What inspires you to get out of bed at 5 am?

Does imagining numbers on a scale work to get you to the gym? Maybe. But probably not. And definitely not consistently.

What about imagining how good you feel after a workout? Or how fun it will be to meet your friend for a run? These are intrinsic motivators.

The potential for long-term motivation and success is SO much higher with those two intrinsic motivators.

How about waking up at 5am to catch a flight to your bucket-list destination? Heck YES! That's easy!

Or how about waking up early after only a few hours of sleep to see a much-loved friend for brunchNo problem.

But pushing through that 3 o clock energy dip to make those sales calls you've been avoiding all day? Pretty much impossible.

All this is on top of this fact: it's never about the money, the weight, the title. It's about how you want to FEEL and what you want to experience in the process of achieving your goal.

Wanting money for the sake of money won't make you happy. Money is never about money. Instead, it's about being able to be generous with money. It's about being able to buy convenience, flexibility, and stability - or whatever it is you value intrinsically.

Losing weight is not about a number on the scale. It's about finding and feeling your groove on the dance floor, or the pride and tears you feel when that race medal is placed around your neck.

It's about feeling confident in your favourite jeans, or hiking to the top of that mountain this summer without stopping every 5 minutes.

And if all you focus on are the numbers - weight, personal bests, dollars, titles, people managed - you'll miss the point entirely.

The worst part? Even if you DO achieve your goal, you will end up feeling empty - and extra confused as to why you still aren't happy when you achieved your goals.

The more you can connect your goals to something that’s motivated intrinsically instead of extrinsically, the better.

The more likely you are to achieve them. And the more likely you are to feel truly happy and fulfilled when you achieve your goal. 

Here’s a few examples of how to connect your goals to intrinsic motivators:

If you can make your workouts fun – say by meeting a friend, or going to a spin class that you love the soundtrack too, you’ll be WAY more motivated.

If you can add your love for learning to your ability to earn an income, that income is going to come way easier.

If you can visualize and imagine what it feels like to lead a team, and start being the one to solve problems for your colleagues today, your promotion is a lot more likely to happen.

Connect the intrinsic motivator first, and the result – the reward – will naturally come.

Here are some powerful questions you can ask yourself to help you add intrinsic motivation to your goals:

First, think of your goal. Then ask yourself:

  • This goal matters and is important to me because:

  • Working towards and accomplishing this goal will make me feel _____ (insert desired emotions/feelings)

Then, imagine you've achieved your goal. Ask yourself:

  • How long after I've achieved my goal will I be happy?

That last question is a zinger. You may discover that it will still take another step AFTER you achieve your goal in order to be truly satisfied. If that's the case, you need to do two things:

1) Figure out what you need in this moment, today, to bring satisfaction to that. There's always something small you can do in the day or week to bring you happiness and satisfaction, now.

2) Decide in which moment you WILL be truly happy and satisfied - and then change your goals to THAT!

You might find that you'll be satisfied after you see your mom cross the race finish line with you and that will help you recognize that your goal is not in fact a specific time milestone, but instead, what will motivate you and keep you going is imagining and working towards that moment that you see your MOM cross the finish line too.

Want to know what's ironic about this whole process? Don’t be surprised if the reward you thought you wanted isn’t what makes you happier.

Who you become and the experiences you gain through the process of achieving your goals is what gives the most joy and meaning in your life.

And don't let any number, metric, dollar value, grade, or punishment ever let you forget that.

Lisa Michaud

Success Coach

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This is the truth about "having it all"

Do you believe you can have it all?

I do.

The phrase “having it all” is so charged up these days.

I started my business because I believe you CAN have it all.

I looked around, and saw myself and many around me as living proof that it’s possible.

So, I created a business where I supported women going for their big dreams and not waiting for a health scare (like I did) to wake them up to their potential.

When I started my business, I set up a Google Alert to send me headlines about “Having it All”.

Each week, Google sends me emails about “Having it all”. And I have about 2.5 years worth of these emails.

I thought it would be inspiring.

I thought I would get ideas for tools, mindset strategies and stories I could share with you.

I thought it would be a weekly dose of happy in my inbox.

I was way-the-f*ck wrong.

Instead, here’s a sampling of recent headlines I had in my inbox:

I can’t “have it all” and it’s my husband’s fault.

I want a baby and career, but why does it feel unrealistic?

Cosmo editor says women can’t “have it all” after giving up on the idea of having kids.

“Having it all” is a lie for Australian women.

Many women don’t have an option when it comes to “having it all”.

This pastor believes having it all is total BS and you should too.

5 ways that trying to have it all in life can hurt your career.

Why do people who seem to have it all commit suicide?

No, working moms can’t have it all and that’s okay.

Can women have it all? Not in Silicon Valley.

As I write this, I am tearing up.

I can feel my face getting HOT and I physically want to vomit.

I’m sure you can see it.

You can see what all these headlines have in common:

They are disempowering AF.

They tell women like you and me to settle for mediocrity.

They tell us it’s “unrealistic” and we have to “give up” things that we want in our lives.

They tell us that there’s no point in even dreaming big so “just be ok with what you have”.

I call bullshit.

You can have it all.

Yes, there are some caveats. And here they are:

First, it has to be YOUR definition of having it all.

Not your mom’s. Or your husband’s. Or the definition of your boss/friend/tv hero’s mom growing up.

Only YOU get to define what having it all means to you.

Second, having it all does not mean doing it all. Yourself.

It takes a village. It takes asking for help. It takes creating real partnerships, and leading those in our organizations, families, and communities.

Third, it means you have know that it will be messy and take time.

It will be imperfect. It won’t be a beautiful, straight line to success (that, I believe, actually doesn’t exist but hey, feel free to prove me wrong!).

You might not “have it all” by the age of 30, or even 40.

But being the woman who WANTS and GOES FOR having it all, no matter how long it takes, will elevate you to become the woman who makes it possible.

Having it all takes courage, in a world that tells you it’s not possible.

It means saying no to a lot of things, most of all: other people’s expectations and your own self doubt.

You have to remember it’s a marathon and not a sprint.

But the power in having it all and knowing you can achieve it is deciding what that means for you.

See, these headlines we keep seeing everywhere?

They are stopping otherwise brilliant, smart, driven women like you from even trying.

It’s bullshit, bullshit, bullshit.

And this is why I am so passionate about what I do.

THIS is why I wake up and share these messages, deeply coach my clientsbare my soul, and work late into the night.

Because I want you to believe it’s possible for YOU to have it all.

I believe in YOU.

And I want YOU to believe in yourself, too.

If you’re reading this, stop listening to people who tell you that you can’t have it all.

Stop listening to those who tell you it’s not possible.

Most of the time, it’s because they don’t have it themselves.

Start listening and looking for people who have done it.

Start encouraging yourself to go for your dreams.

Because let me tell you: there are women – and men – who have it all.

It’s up to you to choose whether you will listen to those who have it.

Those who have been there. Those that can guide you.

Choose to listen to those that support you. That inspire you. That uplift you.

Choose to listen to the women who will lift you up on a hard day or a hard month: not the person who tells you to give up.

Choose not to listen to those who don’t have it all.

Choose to tune out those who tell you it’s not possible, because they have not achieved it themselves.

Friend, this world is noisy enough as it is.

Listen to yourself. Listen to what you desire in your heart, soul and mind.

Listen to the voices that empower you. That encourage you to create the life of your dreams.

Listen to the people who inspire you to go for your big goals – and cheer you on along the way.

Because I know it’s possible to have it all.

Come get it.

Lisa Michaud

Have-It-All Coach & Human

PS. I want you to come on a journey with me.

First, I want you to believe you, yes YOU, can have it all.

Second, I want you to declare it for yourself. To decide that you will go for it all.

My mission is to give you inspirationuplifting content, motivation, tools, strategies and mindset shifts so you can have it all.

I do this through creating weekly content: this newsletter, blog, and live videos. I do this by sharing insights almost daily on social media: Instagram and Facebook.

I do this by creating life-changing products, incredible services, and mind-blowing experiences for you to rise up and have it all.

If this is not for you, that is OK. My messages, my emails, my programs, products and experiences, are not for everyone.

If I am no longer serving you how you want, there are NO hard feelings, my friend. 

I wish you well on your journey, whether you’re coming with me or not.

PPS. I'm going live tonight to go WAY more in depth on this topic on Facebook live HERE.

I'm sharing how to figure out what "having it all" means to you, how to declare it and go for it.

Most important, I'll tell you how to be sure your definition is truly yours, so you avoid burnout, exhaustion, and don't give up, even in the hard times.

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See you tonight!

This daily habit WILL change your life

You’ve probably heard of the power of habit.

As much of 40% of what we do in a day is just habit.

Truly, if you can create habits for success, success becomes EASY.

Now, there are many habits that can improve your life.

Daily exercise.

Consistent sleep.

8 glass of water.

Daily meditation.

Weekly meal prep.


I’m not here to talk about those. You already know about those.

Today, I’m sharing a daily habit I implemented 3 months ago that has fundamentally changed  the way I work and succeed, on a daily basis.

And it hasn’t just worked for me – it’s working wonders for my clients, too.

(If you were a part of the Get Sh*T Done Challenge, it will look familiar: many of you took it on and LOVED it so take this as a refresher and friendly reminder to pick the habit back up).

This daily habit has allowed me to be:

  • More focused

  • Way more productive

  • Less stressed

  • Happier

  • More intentional

This has led to greater success, both personally and professionally.

Here’s the daily habit:

Every day, I start by asking and writing down the answers to these three questions:

  • What are my top 3 priorities? What’s my “frog”? Star your frog*. (Aka – the one I know would make the biggest progress but I’m probably scared/dreading it).

  • situation that might trip me up today is…..and the way my best self will handle it is………

  • One bold action I could take today is:

That’s it. It’s THAT simple.

Here’s a bit more detail and a few tips for you:

1) What are my top 3 priorities? What’s my “frog”? Star your frog*. (Aka – the one I know would make the biggest progress but I’m probably scared/dreading it).

Decide on what’s most important for the day. Most days, you should have at least 1 or 2 priorities that align with your current goals.

If more-often-than-not, your priorities are not aligned with your goals, you need to shuffle and change some things in your life or you will not achieve your goals. It’s that simple.

Now – what the heck is a “frog”A frog is the thing on your list that will help you move the needle towards your goals the most – and it’s also likely the one you might be dreading/procrastinating on. It’s often the most important thing.

You will want to start your day with your frog. Start with the hard task before your motivation fades as the day goes on, before 100 emails come to your inbox and your baby pees on you (just me?!).

2)  A situation that might trip me up today is…..and the way my best self will handle it is………

THIS question has been a complete revelation for me.

Let’s be honest: when things don’t go as planned, or we get stressed, in the moment, we often don’t show up as our best selves.

In fact, in those moments, this is when we yell at our partner or kids, say "yes" when we mean "no", or just plain give up for the day.

The reason this question is SO powerful is two-fold:

  • You’re looking ahead at your day and anticipating what could potentially go wrong or trip you up – it’s a proactive approach.

  • When you identify a potentially stressful situation before it happens, you allow yourself to look at it from a calm, level-headed perspective. You bring your best self to it and prepare before it happens.

This one strategy has allowed me to avoid arguments with my husbandstop being late to important events, and release the excuse of “I’m tired” (when what I really mean is “I’m scared of doing this”).

3) One bold action I could take today is:

Real talk here:

If you want to create an amazing life, and achieve big goals, it’s going to mean taking bold action.

It’s going to mean taking a few risks. It is going to require you to step outside your comfort zone, and what’s familiar and instead, just f*cking GO for it.

So, every day, ask yourself what ONE bold action you could take. Today.

My bold action is not something crazy every day like “launch a new program” or “call up 10 potential community members.”

Some days, being bold means I allow myself to take a nap.

Other days, I push myself to learn something new.

To create something new to serve my community.

To take a day off from my phone completely.

No matter what that is for YOU, it’s about figuring out what bold means that day, for you.

You don’t have to do your bold action every single day, but you should take and do that bold action 90%+ of the days.

Just getting in the habit of thinking bold, and taking action will fundamentally change who you are – and as a result, the trajectory you’re on.

Your goals require bold action.

To get something you’ve never gotten, you have to do what you’ve never done.

If that’s not bold, I don’t know what is.

If you do these three things, every day, you will literally change the path of your life.

We’re just a few months in to trying this, and it’s changing my life, and the life of my clients.

It can change yours too.

Implement this daily habit and watch your success exponentially grow.

Go get it!

Lisa Michaud

Success Coach

PS. Here’s a quick summary for the skimmers (I see you!).

This daily habit has allowed me to be:

  • More focused

  • Way more productive

  • Less stressed

  • Happier

  • More intentional

This has led to greater success, both personally and professionally.

Here’s the daily habit:

Every day, I start by asking and writing down the answers to these three questions:

  • What are my top 3 priorities? What’s my “frog”? Star your frog*. (Aka – the one I know would make the biggest progress but I’m probably scared/dreading it).

  • A situation that might trip me up today is…..and the way my best self will handle it is………

  • One bold action I could take today is:

Answer these three questions daily and watch your life change.

PPS. Don't forget, tonight (and every Tuesday!), Tuesday, February 12th at approximately 8:30 pm PST, I will be going LIVE on my Facebook and Instagram communitiesJoin me live or catch the replay for more strategies like this one!

Tonight, I'll be expanding on this daily habit, and answering any questions you have.

See you there!

The two C's you need to amp up your success

It’s a fresh week and a fresh new month.

And if you’re in Canada or the United States, you’re getting blasted by the polar vortex and it’s extremely fresh outside. I won’t complain that Vancouver got snow when I know many of you are dealing with temperatures -40 and colder! Stay warm, my friend.

So, it’s fresh outside, and it’s a fresh start.

You are a part of my community because you have goals and dreams. And whether we ever get to work together through one of my programs, courses, or events or not, I’m here to help you get to those big dreams and goals.

I know there’s things you want to accomplish in 2019 and you want to make it your best year ever.

And, as I’ve said before, and will say until the day I die, if you want something different – a change, anything new or that you’ve never had before – you have to do something different.

This sounds really easy, doesn’t it?

Just do something different.


Well, it is that easy. And it isn’t.

Here’s the thing: there’s often something holding us back from creating change. It’s up to you to figure it out, and then move forward.

I want you to be aware that creating change can be hard for two reasons:

1) You are prepared with the right expectations so you don’t go too hard on yourself and give up the moment you first fail. Success sometimes looks a lot like failure.

2) You can dig deep and figure out what it’s going to take for YOU to achieve your goals

if you aren’t progressing on your goals, or you want to move faster, it’s up to you to figure out how and why.

There are two key, foundational things it takes to see results in any area of your life: Confidence and Consistency.

And the two are totally related: in a chicken-and-egg kind of way.

Confidence is what it takes to set solid boundaries with ourselves and those around us.

Confidence allows us to ask for the promotion, the leadership role on the project, or the raise.

Confidence makes being rejected from a sale easier to swallow and means we pick up the phone and call the next potential client right away.

Confidence helps us show up as the woman who ALREADY has it.

When you have confidence, it’s easier to be consistent.

On that note of consistency, now’s a good time to be honest with you:

I have not been as consistent with my content, serving you and growing my business as I want to be. I asked myself the questions below and I know consistency is a major way that I can support you and create my big dreams.

And it is my intention in 2019 to do better, for you.

Consistency is key. And if you’re confident, it makes consistency easier.

It’s easier to consistently tell your boss the successes you've had – not in a braggy “look-at-me” way - but in an “I’m awesome and valuable and don’t you forget it when it’s time for promos and bonuses” way.

It’s easy to consistently give and receive respect in our relationships.

When you’re consistent, there’s magic and power.

You can’t run a marathon without consistent training. (Well, maybe you can but it will HURT, not to mention the potential for nipple chaffing, which is a real thing).

To grow your impact and business, you need consistency. You need to consistently create content and engage with your community.

To have an exceptional marriage, it means consistently being an exceptional wife; not just on the days when you feel like it.

Consistency allows you to always be improving. Always be moving forward. Always be learning.

Always be delivering value and creating impact – in your life and the life of others.

Consistency is what it takes for true success.

And of course, consistently doing something will make it easier, which gives you more confidence.

See the momentum building? Can you feel it?

Chicken or the egg, confidence or consistency: the reality is there’s no point debating it and instead, it’s important to focus on both.

Confidence and consistency will allow you to charge full steam ahead into those goals as you make this your BEST year ever!

So if you’re ready to amp up your goal progresshere are two questions to ask yourself:

1) Do I have confidence in myself?

2) Am I being consistent?

Now, don’t just read this and move on.

Answer it truthfully, and honestly.

Ask your partner what their take is on. Do they see you having confidence and showing up consistently?

Meditate on it.

Journal it.

Ask a respected peer, mentor, coach or friend for their perspective. Or talk it out with them.

Confidence and consistency give you a solid runway for success.

Chances are, you can step it up in one of these two arenas (or maybe both).

And when you do, you will see results.

Real change takes time to create.

Remember: you can do it.

Be confident.

And stay consistent.

If you appreciated this opportunity to reflect and move forward, there’s even more of this in the monthly reflection exercise I use that you can find here.

You know my intention this year is to create much more impact and serve you.

To do that, I’m taking a lesson from this post and I’m going to be going live every Tuesday night on my Facebook page.

In my weekly LIVE video, I’ll be sharing inspiration, extra wisdom and answering any questions you might have.

Catch me here every Tuesday night between 8:30-9:30 pm PST. (Flexible time for allow for baby sleep surprises and I'm not letting it stop me from supporting you).

Confidence. Consistency.

Let's do this!

Lisa Michaud

Success Coach & Consistency Queen (I'm owning it!)

PS. If you aren’t progressing on your goals, or you want to move faster, it’s up to you to figure out how and why.

There are two key, foundational things it takes to see results in any area of your life: Confidence and Consistency.

And the two are totally related: in a chicken-and-egg kind of way.

Confidence is what it takes to set solid boundaries with ourselves and those around us.

When you have confidence, it’s easier to be consistent.

Consistency allows you to always be improving. Always be moving forward. Always be delivering value and creating impact – in your life and the life of others.

So if you’re ready to amp up your goal progresshere are two questions to ask yourself:

1) Do I have confidence in myself?

2) Am I being consistent?

Now, don’t just read this and move on.

Answer it truthfully, and honestly.

And take action.

PPS.  My action from doing this exercise myself?

I want and need to be more consistent.

Join me every Tuesday night between 8:30 pm and 9:30 pm PST on Facebook live HEREfor inspiration, wisdom, tools, insights and all your questions answered.

See you tonight!

Are your goals like an instant pot?

It's officially February 1st, 2019. January is gone. We are now 1/12th through the year.

Do you find this shocking and almost hard to believe?

Me too.

You may have heard the saying "the days are long but the years are short." And whether this refers to parenting (Ha!) or getting your goals, it is very true.

Time tends to fly, if we are not present with the moment and we don't remain focused on what we want.

This applies to your goals, hands-down.

Are you 1/12th of the way to achieving your 2019 Goals?

Are you on track for all of your goals? Or any of them?

And how do you know?!

Here's what most people do: Set goals, and then forget 'em.

Just like an Instant Pot. 

But you are not most people.

And neither am I.

That's why each month, at the start of a new one, I put aside 1 hour to review my goals.

I look at what I've achieved so far. I celebrate what I'm proud of. I make sure I'm failing because if I'm not failing, I'm not growing.

I realized that if this process helps MEit will help YOU too.

So, I put together my monthly goal-review process into a FREE beautiful, easy-to-use guide that you can grab here.

At some point, I will probably put this into a full planner you'll be able to buy along with my weekly planner, and daily habits. 

But until then, you can grab your GET YOUR GOALS Guide for FREE (limited time only).

No matter what you want to achieve, it will take focus.

Achieving goals takes dedication and consistency.

Living your dreams takes motivation.

Celebration. Failure. Reflection. Intention.

This monthly practice gives you all of these in one powerful guide.

Print your guide now and do it this weekend. And let me know how it works for you.

If it works for you like it does for me, do it every month. Schedule the time in your calendar and make it a habit. This GET YOUR GOALS ritual will keep you focused, realigning, and make sure you create the life of your dreams.

As always, I love hearing from youShare your a-ha's, what you learned, and what you'll do with me on social media or email.

Let's keep moving forward. It's time to keep achieving your goals.

Grab your GET YOUR GOALS Guide today and get ready to make the most of February.

2019 is about to be your BEST year ever.

Lisa Michaud

Success Coach

PS. You know what most people do when it comes to goals?

Most people set goals, and then forget 'em.

But you are not most people.

And neither am I.

That's why each month, at the start of a new one, I put aside 1 hour to review my goals. Every month.

I look at what I've achieved so far. I celebrate what I'm proud of. I make sure I'm failing because if I'm not failing, I'm not growing.

I realized that if this process helps MEit will help YOU too.

I've put together my monthly goal-review process into a FREE beautiful, easy-to-use guide that you can grab here.

My goals for 2019 include creating an ah-mazing planner you'll be able to buy that includes this monthly goal-review process, my weekly planner, and 3 game-changing daily habits. 

But until then, you can grab your GET YOUR GOALS Guide for FREE (limited time only).

2019 is YOUR year. Go get it!

Why I spent money I don’t have

I just made a huge investment in my business. 

And I’m f*cking terrified. 

I almost didn’t do it.

I spent 3 hours on a webinar this morning, learning from the person I want to learn more from. 

I spent 3 hours on the fence, desperately wanting to join her program but resisting signing up.

On the surface, I had all the typical excuses. 

Money is tight (we’re currently spending over $100,000 in renos for one of our properties). 

We should invest the money while the market is down. 

I realized that all of these thoughts were not rooted in logic: If I want the money, I can find the money (hint: so can you). 

And time? What the heck am I supposed to do?!

I solo-parent for 14 days at a time. 

Every diaper. Every meal. Every bath. Every nap, every bedtime story, every activity. Everything.

If anyone has an excuse that “I don’t have time”, it’s me.

But, in my work I’ve learned, that the “time excuse” is often not real and rooted in something else. 

So I journaled. 

I asked “what is my resistance?”

Boom. There it came. 

The stomach knots. The worries. 

My belief that I’m not good enough. My fear of failing, again. 

My fear that if I invest and it doesn’t work, I might have to get a 9-5 job. 

My fears turned to tears. 

What if I never become the entrepreneur I’m meant to be?

What if I never show my daughter it’s possible to have it all?

What if I never help the millions of others I want to serve and know I’m meant to show up for?

Then, I chose. 

I choose my story. I choose what I would do differently this time. 

I’m choosing to be the 7-figure entrepreneur. I’m choosing to free up my time, and learn from the best so my results come now (not in 123536+ days when I “figure it out on my own”.).

I am committing the time to this program. I am committing to blocking the time in my calendar. 

I am saying “no” to all the other shiny things (and you’re helping me get accountable). 

I am doing it right the first time. I am showing up for myself, my family and my community. 

So girl, if you’re reading this and ever thought “I don’t have the time or the money right now for _____”, I challenge you.

I challenge you to ask “what is my resistance?” and listen. 

Journal. Talk to a friend, coach, or mentor. Meditate on it.

Listen to your fears. Allow yourself to release your emotion.

And then choose. 

Consciously choose what you will believe. 

Consciously choose what you will create. 






Whatever that is, choose to believe it. And choose to make it happen for you.

I say this, not from an inspirational, I’ve-never-been-there-because-I’ve-got-all-my-sh*t-figured-out place. 

I share this because I KNOW. I feel the fear too. I feel the worry. I cry, too. 

And then, I choose and get over it.

There is no secret recipe to success or to your dream life. 

It’s not easy. But it’s worth it. 

So stop with the excuses. Stop with thinking you don’t have time or money (you can make more of both, anytime). 

You’ve got one life. You’ve got a blank slate of a year ahead of you. GO GET IT and make it your BEST year ever!

Calling myself "self-made" is bullsh*t

In the last few weeks, I've had some exciting stuff happening. I've been interviewed for a few major publications, and asked to collaborate with some inspiring brands (I can't share them yet but I will as soon as I can). 


For these collaborations, I shared a bio that read as follows:  "Lisa Michaud is an International Success Coach, Speaker, Entrepreneur and Real Estate Investor.  As an entrepreneur, mother, and self-made millionaire by the time she turned 30, she knows about goal-setting and creating a success mindset."


Sounds pretty good, right?


But since then, I've been reflecting. 


Last week, I shared with you that lately, I've been struggling. The last two weeks have been very hard and I've been digging deep and saying "yes" to all the help (something that doesn't come easy to me). 


It has made me question - am I really self-made?


Is anyone self-made?


I want to clarify:  what I meant by "self-made", is this:  no-one gave me a million dollars. 


My parents are not rich. I worked hard. I made a lot of mistakes. My husband and I have made sacrifices and continue to, to create wealth and financial freedom. We take calculated risks, and are constantly learning more about money and ourselves, to be better and wealthier. 


So in that sense, I'm "self-made".  Sure. 


But in a way, it's really just bullsh*t", isn't it?! 


Self-made millionaire.  Self-made entrepreneur.  Self-made success.


It feels good to hear and say. And I know, that's my ego talking, because "self-made" is something our culture glorifies and applauds.


The truth is, I'm not self-made.

And I highly doubt anyone else is either.

I don't do it alone.

I can't do it alone.

Because we weren't mean to do it alone.

Start businesses.

Raise children.

Change the world.


We don't do any of these things alone. 

I'm a beautiful creation of all those who have come in my life before me.

I'm a product of all the teachers who have influenced and taught me.

I've been made through every book I've read, podcast I've listened to, and leadership conference I've attended.


I've been encouraged and inspired by fellow entrepreneurs who show me the way, and encourage me every step.


I've been shaped as a leader through great bosses, and crappy ones.

I've evolved in friendships, family and relationships - the long-term ones, and the short-term ones. The good and the bad.


The truth is, to truly achieve greatness, and the success we dream of, we cannot do it alone. 


To get to the next level in our life - whether that's personal growth, business success or financial freedom - we move and get there so much faster when we have others running beside us. 


I know this. I've experienced the power of a community of inspiring, ambitious women. And wow, we are truly more powerful and stronger when we are together. 


That's why I created the GOALden Girls Mastermind.


I see you. I see you trying to do it alone, and wondering why you can't. 


It's so easy in our culture to think it's your fault - that if you're not "self-made", if you can't figure it all out by yourself, there's something wrong with you. 


I know the feeling. I've been there. 


But I've learned that to truly expand, to go for my big-big-big dreams, I need help. I need support.


I need inspiration and motivation from those who inspire me, encourage me, teach me and show me how to expand. And if you want to achieve big things, you do too. 


GOALden Girls Mastermind is a 4-month, LIVE online program designed to take you from setting your big goals in 2019 to actually achieving them. With 16 weeks of live group calls, 12 modules to learn from, guest experts and an inspiring community of like-minded women, THIS program is all about what it really takes to be successful (whatever your definition is). 


In GOALden Girls, you're not doing it alone. You are surrounded by ambitious, driven women who are ready to make 2019 their BEST year yet. 


Ambitious, driven... and ready to make 2019 your best year ever. Does this sound like you?

There are three levels of the GOALden Girls Mastermind Membership, so you choose the level that works for what you need to be your best self in 2019. 


I believe in bold action and taking risks (see above about becoming a millionaire), and I want to help you take your own bold action to get you closer to achieving your goals.


From today until Sunday, December 23rd at 12 midnight PST, ALL levels of the Mastermind are $1,000 USD OFF (yup, that's a $1,000 USD discount). 


On top of that, each level has a special bonus. 


If you join at the GOALden Girls level, the next three women to sign up are going to also get a complimentary coaching session with me worth over $600 (I started with five spots and two are already gone so act fast). 


If you decide to go VIP, you receive an exclusive invite to a live, intimate event with me in Vancouver, BC and if you decide to go Platinum, you'll get three bonus one-on-one coaching calls (it ends up being over a year of support with me, which usually costs over $15,000 USD). 


I believe in you. I know you have big goals and big dreams. If you didn't, you wouldn't have read this far. 


Don't make yourself think you have to do it alone. Don't think that it always has to be hard, or slow, or that there's anything wrong with you because you thrive off learning and being around others. 


All that matters is that you go for your goals with this one life you have. And if you're ready to make 2019 your best year yet and achieve those goals, I would love if you joined GOALden Girls Mastermind so we can do it together!


Lisa Michaud

Success Coach & Self-Made Nothing.


PS. None of us do it alone. No matter what your goal is or what level of success you are going for, we need others to support and uplift us. 


That's why I created the GOALden Girls Mastermind


I believe we are stronger when we are together.  I believe we can achieve so much more when we do it together, and build off each other's success and inspiration. 


GOALden Girls is a 4-month, LIVE online program designed to take you from setting your big goals in 2019 to actually achieving them. With 16 weeks of live group calls, 12 modules to learn from, guest experts and an inspiring community of like-minded women, THIS program is all about what it really takes to be successful (whatever your definition is). 

From today until Sunday, December 23rd at 12 midnight PST, ALL levels of the Mastermind are $1,000 USD OFF (yup, that's a $1,000 USD discount).


And each level has a special bonus (but you have to act fast as the spots are filling up with driven, ambitious women like you!). 

See you in the Mastermind!



HOW do you do it all?!

I'm here with an important question - and answer. 

Lately, I've had a lot of people asking me "how do you do it all?"  Is it REALLY possible to have it all?

They ask me some variation of how I have a baby on my own half the time, run a real estate company, run a coaching business, go on dates, run half marathons, read books, and hang out with friends?!

Here’s the truth: I don’t do it all.  

I’ve built my business around the belief that you can have it all.  And I still believe that 100%.

But that’s different than doing it all.

I don’t do it all and there are some balls I drop. Many, in fact.

I haven’t replied to my LinkedIn messages in almost a year.

My house isn’t always clean. There's always laundry to be done. And my recycling is usually overflowing.

The only person I reply to text or email or FB message in a timely manner is Troy.

I haven’t been as consistent in my business as I wish I had. And I haven’t hit my goal of breaking 6-figures, and then 7-figures in it... yet.

I’m still 10 pounds off my goal weight and the weight I feel best at.

But the truth is, I still do a lot. And these are some of the things I attribute my success to.  

I’m always learning. I listen to podcasts, read books and meet interesting people.

I ask for help. I can’t do it alone and I'm grateful for my partner, parents, in-laws, friends and mama-friends who help and support me all the time.

I throw money at some of my problems. I pay for convenience because I don’t always have time and I get my house cleaned for me.

I invest in myself. A lot. I hire great coaches, attend workshops and take personal development courses.

I plan the next day the night before. And I plan my week on Sundays. I focus both of those lists around what I’m working on in life and what my goals are.

I make as much multi-purpose as possible. I bring baby Sonoma to meetings. I am productive while hanging out with friends l, be it meal prep or co-working. And we often mix travel and business.

I share this for two reasons.

1) I believe in honesty and don’t want to give you false illusions that I’m superwoman. Social media makes comparison way too easy. I want to be real about where I’m not “succeeding” so you hopefully can have compassion with yourself as well.

2)  I believe it’s possible to have it all and there are some very strategic specific and deliberate things I do to maximize my time.  Having all I do have isn’t always easy but I want it and I’m willing to always be working towards the life I dream of.

Now, I'd love to hear from you... what does "having it all" mean to you? 

Feel free to send me a message and fill me in. I'd love to hear from you and will absolutely read every message I get.

If you're reading this and feeling like you can't do it all, you're right. But remember, just because you can't DO it all, doesn't mean you can't HAVE it all. 

So keep dreaming big. Be strategic with your energy and time. And know that you are always, truly worthy of success in every level. 

With grace AND hustle,

Lisa Michaud